Possible New Name?

Immortal-Tears.ORG expires in october, so it’s best to start thinking about this now… what new domain name should I get?

Here are just a few suggestions that I have come up with:


Uh…I promise I WILL use one of these domain names that you provide or mine….fyi…if you do this, and I use your domain..I will host ya for free if yuo haven’t already:) So it’s like a contest…whoever has the best domain name and the one I’m gonna use to replace immortal-tears.org then you get free hosting!



I have a slight problem with the owner of wicked-dreams.org……the owner is a lier…that’s what it is…. one of my friend’s wrote her a letter, and she turned it into a bad letter with stuff that wasn’t originally in there. Read it here Crappy entry. I hate lyers…and that person is a fing lier…I wish people like that wouldn’t try to make themselves look better, when the truth would be found out. and here’s another fake conversation that NEVER happened, but apparently to the owner of wicked-dreams.org it did. Click Here.

I am no longer the co-owner of Silver Reviews..I quit for the last time…..Cassidy made me mad…so I quit..she was telling me what to do..so I told her I quit….and thank god too..and I removed my layout:) WOOT Woot!

Another Day

Sorri that i can’t blog regularly…I got maybe 10 minutes on the internet, and was working on my new site, that has been offically made:) Digital Matrix It’s really kewl, I go around and install scripts for people. Cause I love installing scripts…well…some scripts anyway..I had a little problem with b2, cause it didn’t want to work with me, but it’s fixed now:) And I just put up all the pages and fixed everything up, I think I’m gonna make a new layout for it soon, and a new layout for this one too..cause me hate his layout…it kind of sucks. Well… it does suck…. *sighs*

Finding Nemo…..one of the best movies…..lol. Vegi sharks….*cracks up laughing* My mom got another laptop, and we are trying to find a power cord that works, but no luck yet *shurgs*. Doesn’t really bother me that much. I could care less if we have a power cord….she said it’s only got like 1 gig on it…WTF?!?!?! How do u even know that if YOU CAN’T TURN IT ON!!!???? God…I swear my mom sometimes. Anyway… Here’s a little rant about message boards….

Message boards sucks…theives suck….(reasons behind those are down below). Message boards sucks, cause people accuse other people of stealing…Grrr…It makes me sooo mad. I hate message boards….mostly DDG MB….cause I can’t even go there to chill out anymore cause of the newbies and people asussing something…It kind of pisses me off. I’m glad I have this site to vent off, cause this is going to be a very long blog. What’s the point of a message board if people are going to abuse it? No point…it shouldn’t be there. The message board I own…no one’s abusing it..and if they start..I will ban them not just from the board…but from it.org all together, so they won’t be able to go to any it.org site. People who do that are just plain stupid.

Why spend my time and money making something that people in the future will abuse? I dun know…but a lot of people seem to do, and honestly I dun know why I do either. Every once in awhile, I just feel like deleting ALL of my sites and just saying the hell with it. I just get tried of people’s crap…Then they’re like, we dun have a problem..BS!!! You totally have a problem, and you suck it up, I do it all the times, but lately I feel like I’m about to burst.

Now for theives, some of them can’t even admit they are theives…remember that one from aisu designs, where they took one of my layouts and changed it, even though I said in the rules NOT to. They took it down adn put it up back..but I’m not gonna release the link…cause I’m finished with that bitch. They are the worst…Why do they steal? Their bored…very insecre, just dun plain care…and have low self-esteam….that’s what I think. It’s kind of bad when over 10 people point out that it’s wrong, and that someone’s a thief…and then when someone takes a layout from someone at DDG they all gang up on that person. WTF?!?!?! Then they sit there and flame the tagboard or the person’s email. Fucking leave them alone….you dun do it that way, you go to the origianl owner of the design AND TELL THEM! Then THEY send and email to the person asking them to remove it.

All the really old people at DDG (Almost ALL of the respected members) are gone and it sucks. Cause you can’t talk with someone without a newbie popping me..fucking back off…God! I hate newbies….If they tell me I was a newbie too, I’m gonna fucking blow up at them…you want to see a layout that I made when I was a newbie?!?!?! I’ll fucking upload it! Goddamn…it’s like 30times as better then the layouts some newbies make. Grrr….What ever happened to the world of web designing….at DDG all I do is post advertisments just about…and that’s it…then I’m off and come back every once in awhile and check on my thread….but I dun sit and chat…Grrr….It makes me mad.

Anyway, next topic please…uh… *straches head* Oooo I know what topic! LoL. I’ve been having this dreams… (really really really really really really really really really really really really really good dreams, hint hint). Yeah…I think that’s all I’ll say about it….cause it’s kind of embarassing to say to people, even over the internet…but yes..it was good…lol…

Yesterday I waited for like 6 hours to get on the internet, and when I finally could get on the internet…some freakin car decided to hit the telephone pole…grrr…crappy car..so I couldn’t call to indianapolis….but I coudl call to noblesville (which is long distance). Made me really kind of mad.

I heard something really sad last night. Someone I know’s father…died….Ashley…Misty…I’m sorry what happened…I know it must really hurt…expercially you Misty…since he was your father….I’m sorry….

Andy Hazlett

Whelp I wanted to go to Mcy D’s…but my dad woudln’t take me even if I had my own money…grr…and he can’t take me today….cause I dun have my money with me and if anything I would use it for the laptop my mom got….*gags* I really want to get on the internet… *cries* Noooo I have to do his for rest of the summer too… NOOOOOOOOo! I dun wanna… *Gags* my grandother comes back saturday *gags*. I wanna go see 2 fast 2 furious… *cries* I’m gonnan wait for my cuz to get back cause he wants to see it too…so I’ll wait….*shivers and stomach growls* it’s only 7:52 am…and my tummy is already hungry…it was hungry last night…but we didn’t adn still dun have any food..NOOOOOOo much have food! Anyway..brb….POTTY BREAK! LoL Back…lol…. TV BREAK….be back in like 6 hours… J/K Be back in like 2 hours really…back….it’s 9:19 am now…I’m gonna go byes.