have finally updated the content, added some layouts, new tutorial (quizzes, and downloads coming soon), I also added some new lyrics (stories coming soon). Kind of a big update for me…well I think so…anyway…don’t forget to suggest some crap to me:)


My computer sucks! grrr! The freakin a drive won’t work! I was deleting some of the fonts that I never used, and it deleted Courier New! I was like WTF?!?!?! Cause the font on my ftp and some sites looked funny. Grrr…Crappy computer. So, I spent my entire time yesterday trying to look for it on the internet, and it costs’ so that rules that out. Then I thought of something this morning and it was to get the font off of another computer, so that’s what I decided to do. Well, I tried burning it to one of my data cd’s, and for some weird reason it wouldn’t burn right, so I put it on a disk, and my computer doesn’t read 3.5’s that was a given after I tried using it. Then I thought, well I have another data cd that has like nothing on it, so I might as well burn from the a:/ drive to the d:/. So that’s what I did. And it worked:) And now my computer’s back to normal:) Woot WOot!

errr…is your computer suppose to freeze everytime you go to one folder? I hope not, cause my computer is…anyway…grrr..I hate this shirt! I’ve got to change into a t-shirt or something, at least something that’s a little more comfortable. My computer’s freezing again…due to that one crappy goddamn folder! It’s now 11:07 am…and I feel really crappy, I’ve got this HUGE headache, and it hurts to look at the computer screen, so I’m looking looking at the keyboard, which doesn’t work very well…..anyway.

Yep, it’s now 4:09 pm….eeh…it’s been a lont time since I was on. I’m currently trying to get rainbow review’s fully back-up, but hopfully I can do part of that tonight:) Weee:) Anywa, it’s all good. I think I may have found a host for the message board, if they reply back. Anyway, there’s nothing really else to talk about, so I guess I’m gonna go and hope for the best of things:) Anyway, I am adding a new lyric page, entitled ‘My Lyrics’…yeah…my lyrics made by me…whelp nothing really else to do. So byes.


You know what. I thought I had the scanner totally together, and come to find out, I have everythign but the cords, and I need the cords of course to run it. This is what I get for my grandmother having all these scanners, I found like 50 different cords for her hp scanner, all in different places. That really does suck, but I have the scanner program installed on my computer, so thank god if she goes to lose the scanner disk…matter of fact, I think I will hide it so she wouldn’t be able to get a hold of it.

Ugg….it’s only 1:04 pm, I’ve been searching for the past hour for the cords, and I’ve been going upstairs and downstairs trying to figure out which cord goes with which! My god, I’m gonna find all the cords, and stick them up my grandmother’s butt. I’m getting sick of all this. I mention somethign that I want (ie Scanner), and what does she do, goes out and buys one. Then whe I ask to use it, she lost the disk, and then she goes out and buys a new one. Asked to use that one too, and she lost the disk, then she got the hp one, and lost the disk, that’s about 200 dollars worth of scanners.

Then I mention how I want a nice digital camera, something like sony, what does she do? Yep, that’s right. She goes out and buys a 1000 dollar sony digital camera ><. It pisses me off, I'm getting sick of mentioning somethign and she goes out and buys. I think she's trying to rub it in my face, but that's just what I think. Oh, btw, my forums should hopefully be up soon:) brb…I'm gonna go look for somethign, on a different computer (means I have to hook it up).

I'm back…Its now 1:45 and I've been trying to access my a drive, but my stupid computer keeps freezing, I swear to god, I'mg onna kill this thing:) Woot Woot! KILL THE COMPUTERS! My computer just froze again…..well jus the a drive. Grrr damn you motherfer! Oh well, I guess three files is all I can get from the disk….anyway….

I watched The Resturant last night. And Rocco is hot, but he needs to pay more attention to his staff than the customers at this point. And then Gidieon hurt himself, that really had to hurt, anyway, Rocco is getting sued for using this name as the title of the resturant. That's pretty stupid, Rocco's his name, it has nothing to do with that other resturant. Anyway, I can't wait for next week's episode.

*yawns* As far as I know, I'm still currently looking for a host for my forums:) You'd get a perment link on here, and on the forums:) I really want to get it back up, cause it's an awsome forums, I have to admit, the best that I have:) Not only that, but the most successful forums I've ever owned:) So it's all good. I just hope I can get it hosted soon. Or at least up here.

Yep, nothing to do, and it's only 2:55 pm…so again there's really nothing left to do…except work on some graphics, but that's about it…so I'll be back later! I'm back…and it's now 4:51 and still nothing to do….uggg…I'm completly bored it's not even funny. errr..I have to clean out hyw directories again, I just cleaned them out awhile ago…and cleaned a lot of crap out too…lol.. I just cleaned by computer so it's all good. I cleaned out over 1/2 of my fonts:) That's really good. I'm just waiting for the body shop to close now so I can post this entry:) Woot Woot.

I know have my own cell phone:) I just have to get it activated. It's a cheap 30 dollar cell phone, but it's better than none at all:) LoL…anyway….I'm gonna get it activated when I get on the internet, if I ever do today. *sigh* I'm just rambling on and on. Yep, my sister has a turtle…yep that's right a turtle. I told her to take it to a pet shop so someone who knows how to care for it will actually care for it right, but of course she said no. It keeps running from her, she put it in a box, and it climbs out of the box, it's part of the TURTLE club! LoL. Turtle club…lol….I got that from the master of disguise. Weeee:)

I also added some layouts under the you section:) Cause I felt like I didn't have enough visitor content, which more is still to come:) I can't wait, don't forget to suggest some stuff that you'd like to add:) It would make my day to know people would actually suggest some things:) I'm thinking about adding some contests' or something, but I haven't decided the prizes yet, b/c I don't want to buy anything or give away free hosting….so…yeah…I think that's about it! Byes! See ya later:)


[Edit] I have added two new affiliates! Click on domain and affiliates to view them;) Welcome to the hyw.org network!

I NEED HOSTING FOR MY FORUMS! MUST HAVE MYSQL AND PHP and at least 2 gigs of bandwidth![/Edit]

[Rant . Rant of the Day]I hate message boards, you wanna know why? Because newbies get on there and start posting and asking all these questions. I wasn’t even that annoying. I didn’t suck when I was a newbie, sure I made a few layouts that sucked everyonce in awhile, everyone does. But I’m just getting sick and tried of all these people trying to show off.

What about the people who really deserve the attention. I have been part of DDG MB for about 3 years, and no old members are there anymore except for Snow and Obi, everyone else is new. All the old members got tried of people and left. I’m getting sick and tried. I only go to like two forums at DDG MB…crappy people. You people need to get a life, and move on.

I can’t stand newbies! I know I was a newbie once, but who cares? At least I didn’t suck![/End . Rant of the Day]

I watched the resturant last night:) Woot WOot! That show is awsome. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s just this guy named Rocco *who’s host btw, and this personal assisent too*who’s starting a restruant. It airs tonight, the second episode, I watched the first one last night cause they showed it, but it’s kewl.

Now a lot of people agree with me when I say Tomb Raider was good. Some of it was okay, but it’s still good. If I had to choose from this one or the first tomb raider movie, I would put the first, cause I like that one better. So it’s all good.

Last night I added a new layout, I didn’t get to blog about it much but Janet coded and did the css for me, even though she didn’t have to do the css, she did anyway. It features Osama and a couple wordings. I need to make a new layout for Rainbow Reviews. I’m gonna open a contest for it.

Anyway, our yard sale yesterday was a bummer. I GOT A SCANNER:) WOOT WOOT! My grandmother actually found her hp scanner disk and a disk to another scanner and she’s giving me the other scanner to me:) I want to set it up soon. Then I can scan some crap that i want to share. Anyway, I’m thinking about opening a little mini shop, but I don’t know yet.

Anyway, I still haven’t gotten an email back from Den:( Joz is moving from aiyaz.net and it makes me sad. Anyway….That’s about it I guess. Except, don’t forget the rant!


Weee! My sister’s boyfriend , Byron (Buy-REN) came over yesterday, and it was funny. I was like, jaimie is reason number one not to join this family. Then like an hour later. I was like Reason number 2, Dakota. Then Byron was like Reason number 3 you. It was funny. He was number 4 lol, it was this whole inside joke:) It was funny. NOthing really happened, except I went and saw Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider was good. Terry died at the end though, cause Croft killed him! NOOOOOOO!

There’s nothign really to blog about, today was our last day of our yard sale…we didn’t sale that much. BTW…new layout! And plugs to Janet! Visit her site! SHE CODED THE OSAMA LAYOUT!


Woot Woot! I watched the season finale of Fame last night! HARLEM WON:) WOOt Woot! Then Johnny Wright, asked Shanon to be on his record label! So it was good, but I like Harlem’s new single:) It’s awsome:) I’m gonna download it! Weeeeee! Anyway, today was the offical opening of our yard sale, yeah. So far we have made about 125 dollars:) Woot Woot! So it’s all good. I get like half and my sister gets half:) I’m saving up for an scanner. Hehehe! Weeee! Anyway, it’s good.

Uh, nothing really happened today, though this guy was suppose to come back out, for all of our horse tack, and it would only cost him 123 dollars (which believe me, is pretty cheap for thousands of dollars worth of horse tack). So I’m very happy, even though he didn’t show up! Weeeee:) My last entry was very long! Sorry for it being so long, I was just really bored. My mom said she would see if I could go to the movies tomorrow night and see Tomb Raider, though I would probably have to get their about 40 minutes early.

The last time I went to see a movie that I knew was going to be a hit, I got there about 25 minutes, and there wasn’t a long line (it was the first showing). Then after the movie, I started to leave, and there was a HUGE line all the way outside for the second showing. So it’s always first to go and see the first possible showing of the movie, cause it just makes it easier.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten any pictures for tomb raider yet to make a layout, but I’m pretty lazy. So it’ll be awhile. Oh, and I’m thinking about opening a shop to sell somethings, like cd’s (without the original cd covering, b/c I got these cd’s for free, and never listen to them). And some videos and books:) So, it’s all good. Anyway, I tried getting the content up yesterday, but it didn’t agree and I didn’t have time to finish. But it’s kewl.

I have nothing to rant about today, I was thinking about ranting about RIAA, but it would be no use, cause I could care less. Right now, they are only going after the people who are downloading a lot of songs, and not just one or two here and there. So it’s all good. I have only downloaded, 2 songs, Shake Ya Tailfeathers, and Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. So it’s all good.

My sister’s out again! Grrr! It makes me so mad, she’s spending money she could be using towards her education, but yet she decides to go out! WTF?!?!?!?!?! You’d rather go out then go to college, get a good paying job, and then go out? WTF?!?!?! That’s exactlly what I’m going to do. I’m going to become a computer programmer, and make good money, and then go out. I mean, I hardly go out as it now.

I’ve maybe gone out about three times this summer with friends. That’s it. Like once every month. That’s not a lot. I mean, during the school year, yes I go out with friends a little more, but still. I don’t go out almost every freakin night…..grrr….

I have to back up my aim logs, it’s starting to get big…ugg….I have to bring my cd that has my first logs and add it to that. So it’s all good. Whelp, g2g! Byes! btw… I’m thinking about having an aim log online, so like everyone can view all my conversations. But I’m honestly not really sure about that. Maybe harmless conversations, that don’t cuss.


[Edit . Rant/]Your sitting there, thinking, what makes this review site different from any other? Well, I’ll be glad to answer that. WPR’s are web page reviewers, and yes we are one. But we are unlike other review sites… I wrote that in one of my articles that I have to put up for Rainbow Reviews. I hate it.

Godang it! I hate wpr’s, well most of them. Most of them suck. They truly do. And they have crappy layouts, crappy reviews, but yet they get a lot of people submitting to them. WTF?!?!?! What about the honest, good layouts, good reviews wpr’s? What then? Are we just supose to sit there and watch all this happen? Hell no! I can’t stand friggin wpr’s that try to pass off as good wpr’s even if they haven’t done one single review. Or don’t give screencaps to tell what they are reviewing.

Not a lot of wpr’s give screencaps to show the layout. I’m getting sick of it. People want to become my affiliate/sister and their site sucks. They give crappy reviews, one-liners, and etc… I cant’ freakin stand it anymore. I swear to god, the next wpr that comes to Rainbow Reviews and submits their site, I will have a hay day. I will find EVERY little thing wrong with the site. I will even hand pick through html if I have too. I’m sick of bad wpr’s thinking their good.

I’ve been reviewing for over 2 years, and I know quality sites when I see one, and one’s that worth visiting again. Err. I just wish all the bad wpr’s would close down. What do you think I go through so many staff members so quickly? Because I don’t like sugar-coaters. I like good, long, honest detailed reviews. Or short, to the point, but giving suggestions. I’m just getting sick of all the WPR’S that pass off as good.

Then they submit their site to another WPR and get a good grade, yet the goddamn layout looks so freakin crappy it’s not in fuckin funny! I’m sick of it! I am going to put up strict guidelines for becoming my affiliates/sister site that are harsh rules. And if you honestly think you pass it then you’ll be able to submit. And trust me if I think you’re not good enough, I will not sugar-coat my wordings to why exactlly why I don’t want to become your affiliate/sister. I just can’t take it anymore. If you honestly want to know what I think of your site, submit to Princess Hope @ Rainbow Reviews. I will tell you what I truly think. Err…I guess I’m done ranting for the moment.[/Edit . Rant]

Ugg….I had to help set up for our yard sale today….It totally sucked. We didn’t start till like eleven o’clock anyway. Yeah, Byron (Buy-Ren) came over today, for those of you who don’t know who Byron is, my sister’s boyfriend. Well, Byron’s black, no one in my family really has a problem with it, though my Aunt J.J keeps bringing it up in someway or another. She would make little comments about him and it made me mad! He’s a nice guy, whipped, but nice. She would sit there and make little comments, and you’d have to seriously be dumb not to get, and I mean come on. Byron’s got a 4.0 GPA, I think he would get it. And I thought it was a little rude.

Anyway, like 1000, well not a 1000, but you know what I mean, people showed up for our yard sale which doesn’t open still tomorrow o.o My mom was like ‘It doesnt’ open till tomorrow.’ And like after the 100th person, she’s like, who cares. So yeah. Anyway, Amber took Byron and me up to see Mary, eh, I honestly don’t like Mary that much, so it wasn’t too great. Anyway, Amber found a whip, and since I keep calling Byron whipped (yes, in front of him) my sister would hit him on the butt. It was funny. Then Byron would get the whip and do the same thing. It was funny. Moving on.

I’m thinking about making a tomb raider layout for this site:) Since I like tomb raider! The movie…not the games. I can’t stand the games. I’m hoping my mom let’s me go to see the new tomb raider when it comes out:) Anyway. I’ve been working on some more content for hwy.org. I’ve added a little more on a movie summary that I’ve been working on since the 8th, which is really long, and not even half way through the movie, I might as well just copied the movie word for word, I’m sure I got most of the lines down. “Fly, You Fools, Fly!” *snickers* Poor old old old Gandalf.


If you read like two entries ago, I posted a lord of the rings link to an article. If you read it, you’d know what that meant. Cassidy….lol! So funny. Anyway. I’ve been completly bored lately, if you’ve been wondering I have been working on Rainbow Reviews, I’ve been trying to install a system, where people can submit their links, and all I have to do is approve it and it’ll appear on the queue. *Shurgs* I started by installing megabook, but then I though….nah…too complicated. I also wrote two articles for it:) Woot Woot!

I think I added a few new pages for my hyw.org content. I’m currently trying to get it up, but you know it’s not going to well. It’s gonna be pop-up navigation. Since I like pop-up navigation:) Anyway. It’s kewl. So it’s kewl. It’s 3:02……anyway. I think I know what my problem is. I’m too lazy to play around with adobe and psp. Anyway, how do I resize just one layer on adobe photoshop? If anyone has some great tutorials, I’d be really glad.

Btw…Cassidy, I’d love it if you sent me my Orlando Bloom Icon. I can’t believe I deleted it after I uploaded it. That was the best icon I made *cries*. Not really. I have an alias icon, that i use a lot you can view it here. Might I add, I got my microphone to work:) Woot Woot! That’s really kewl! I can hear myself on my computer, though I won’t post my voice or anything, cause…yeah…Though I am posting a little picture of myself. Which I hardly do.

So your all lucky…I look kind of ugly! LoL. The content might be put off for a little bit longer, I want to get the review for SimplyComplicatedMe done. So I have to do that, anyway, thanks for everyone who’s been patient and waiting for us to finish the reviews at Rainbow Reviews. I’m thinking about doing a new layout, but I’m gonna wait for a little bit. The first layout sucked completly. The second, not so good. The third, looked good. But I like the current layout better:) I wish I have saved the tumbs of the other layouts *shurgs* I have the second layout someplace, but not on this computer.

Yep, anyway, I’ve been completly bored, and I’m just randomly talking. Ooo btw..above before any of this is the rant of the day. I kind of wrote an article about it for Rainbow Reviews, but I’ll rant about it just a little here, and you can read the full article once I get it up.

Ear Candy: Marcy Playground – Sex and Candy.mp3


Weee….I am sooo tried! This morning I got up at 4:30…am…yeah…am….and I came down here, and my dad was lectoring me about the storm that was coming (it was suppose to be intense and a lot of lightening). I said okay dad I know. Well, I got inside. Then about 5:30 my computer started acting funny. Like the ws_ftp wouldn’t connect, so I thought that I got knocked of the internet, but yet I coudl still go to sites. So I decided it was time to get off. I started to log off….then the power went off, heard this big boom, and the light flickered then went back off.

So everyone was up at 5:30 in the house and that’s four other people. So I had to sit in the darkness, hoping my computer didn’t get fried. My sister had to go to Kentuky to take her friend’s neice home, cause they’ve been having money problems, and we took in Kelly’s neice for awhile. Well, just for the summer. And she was going back today. Well, the power didn’t come back up till about 8:40 am. Of course I was the only one here by that time, so I decided to watch mtv (btw. It was a transformer that blew, you know the huge gray boxes on the poles).

Well, the power went out again…and I decided okay, I’ll lay down since I’m tried. So I went and laid down, and about feel asleep when the power came back on. So I said screw it, turned off the tv, and the kitchen light, and went upstairs to my sister’s room and took a nap. Went to bed, woke up at 11. Went back to bed, got up at 1, then got up at 3. And now here I am. 4:28 pm and being bored. About 28 more days still school starts:) Yay:) Then we can continue watching Kenshin in Japanese:) Woot Woot! I don’t remember what happened last, but I’m sure when I get to class I’ll remember.

Anyway, So that’s how my day’s been. I got my digital camera to work (it’s a cheap 20 dollar one). And I got my microphone to work, and of course, my video camera (cheap too, 20 dollars). Anyway, I wish my grandmother would let me use hers, it’s a sony and it’s nice. It seems like whenever I mention how i want something, she goes out an buys it! SHE’S GOT 4 SCANNERS AND NOT ONE OF THEM WORKS! She keeps losing the cd’s, and we’ve looked everyplace. I’m gonna get on the web today and see if I can get a disk to it for free.

Cause I wait to scan things on, but I can’t if I don’t have a scanner right? Anyway, my sister should be back home about 6, with some food for me cause I’m starving and told her to get me something on her way back. Anyway, Saturday, my sister’s b/f came and helped my dad and her with the roof we’ve adding on to the horse stalls. And they came back here about five. Cause my sister’s friend, Kelly’s, neice had a b-day party, cause she’s turning eleven and wanted one before she left to go back home.

So, we were sitting here. Byron (my sister’s b/f) on one side, my sister on the oppisate side, my grandmother on one end, and my mom on the other. My aunt J.J. was sitting next to the doorway, and she was saying that if she were ever to die, that she wanted Uncle David (David to her) to find some one bigger than her. And my cuz Tommy whispers to me (he was standing right next to me) ‘I don’t think that’s possible’. And somehow everyone else heard, and thought I said it, but I was like ‘Hold up, Tommy said that.’ It was funny.

Anyway…Anyway, has anyone heard Black Eyed Pea’s new song? Where is the Love? That’s a good song:) I like that song. And they say the n word, and don’t blank it out o.o. Anyway. nothing good has really happened lately. I decided not to get childish-desires, but I have to get b86 to send the check back, cause yeah….it costs’ 25 dollars to put a stop payment on it, and the check it writen for 24 dollars. So it makes no since ot put a stop payment on it. Anyway.

I am expecting my dvd, Animatrix soon:) I can’t wait. The guy is taking forever to get the dvd. I sent it out like July 2, and he got it July 15, and said he’d ship it out. So it should be here anytime now:) Weeeeeee. Anyway. I’m completely bored! Oooo! Wanna donate a skin to hyw.org? Look for a form coming soon to do that. I have it someplace, but I’m lazy…so screw it. Anyway.

Sorry if the tagboard’s a little messed up, I’ve been trying to fix it, but the stupid script quits working, I asked for help over at DDG anyway, so hopefully someone here will have a solution. I hope so.

I got Christina Aguliara’s new cd, Stripped, I must admit. I’m not a real big fan of her or pop, but this cd is freakin awsome:) You HAVE to buy it! I mean, it’s got this really cool lyrics, which I’ll post later, well actually direct you to the christina site, cause the lyrics are copyrighted. Anyway. That’s about it. Nothing else really going on. So I’m just completly bored, sitting here. Wow, this is a long entry. BTW…I like the second skin better:)

Ooo, and I’m in the process of adding the content. There isn’t much right now, but once I’m done there will be:) Anyway, always look for new content! Whelp, I guess this is my good bye! BYES! Weee…it’s now 6:27 pm and the body shop still hasnt’ closed! Hurry up! I want on the internet! Crappy power! Ok…now it’s 7 pm and they still haven’t closed, adn they were suppose to close at 5:30….errr..


Woot! I’m working on a new layout for Rainbow Reviews:) Hehehe it looks great:) It’s made up of brushes and the rainbow effect:). Anyway, I sent my money off to my new domain:) Woot Woot! It should be up just before the end of this month if I’m lucky.

Anyway, I have to review the sites I haven’t reviewed in the queue. Anyway, so it’s kewl. I have to make a layout for this site and make it permenant. That’s what I’m doing for all of my sites, except Rainbow Reviews. They will have permenant layouts.

I just have to make a layout I like. I need to make a new layout for HyW, cause the space content for this one is too small. Anyway, it’s all good. I got to sleep in today:) Except I was up for most of the morning and it sucked. Cause my sister’s friend was staying at my house and she couldn’t sleep and “had” to turn on the tv…so I didn’t get much sleep.

My sister busted her hearing aid today. Actually my dad did. Long story short, my dad accidently hit my sister in the head with a board, and it hit her ear which busted the hearing aid…so that’s about another two thousand dollars. It kind of sucks, but *shurgs*. It’s the way it is I guess. Anyway…The guy is sending me my animatrix dvd so I should get it anytime:) Woot Woot! I can’t wait to watch it!

Anyway…errr…I watched Shanghai Knights last night…even though I’ve already seen it. I saw some of the deleted scenes! Some of them were funny, some of them just kept going on and on and on with no point at all. Anyway, Cosmos @ Night Frost has a new layout! It looks awsome, anyway. I think I have some inspiration back into my old grungy lifeless soul.

Yep, I am completly bored, I have to wait to review all the sites I have in queue. I’m going to close the queue down at RR for a while, at least until I can get mine cleared. I have to tell Lucifel that he has some reviews to do. Yika hasn’t been doing her reviews lately, though she also just got her domain fully up too. So that could be why.

Anyway, that’s about it. I haven’t done much really, though I might go see Lara Croft Tomb Raider next week:) Woot Woot! I liked the first one, though the ride at Kings Island sucks. Don’t ride it….Anyway, I think that’s about it.

Tomb Raider is the BEST! Ah.. and I’m getting the hang of knitting. xD


Nothing happened, I emailed a guy that I knew like 2 years ago on the internet….:) I really do hope he replies back, it’s been such a freakin long time since I last talked to him. Anyway, I haven’t talked to that many of my school friends on the internet. I talked to Rachel…and I would have talked to Jesse, but he hasnt’ been on for awhile. Anyway, there’s nothing really going on. I have decided to make hyw.org a graphic site once I get my new domain. My mom’s finally gonna cash my cyberpixels check tomorrow!

Then I can FINALLY send off for my new domain:) Woot Woot! I’m sooo happy! Hehehehe. Anyway, I’m really bored. I’ve made some tutorials for my new domain, and added some lyrics etc. And I really want to get my message board back up, but I’m not really sure if I want to do that and put it back on my new domain. I mean I want a message board, but I’d rather have more bandwidth and wait… I’ll wait for like a month to see how much my bandwidth will run.

Some of my friend’s im me and it bugs me to death. It’s like every day, and I dun feel like talking to them every day, not Icy, or Cassidy, but rather Rachel and Heather…not trying to brag on ya guys, but it just makes me a little mad, cause I’d rather talk to you Rachel when school starts back up.

*yawns* I’m tried. I went to bed about 11 last night and I’m still tried….*shurgs* I got up around 10 anyway… I’m not really in a hyper mood and it sucks….errr…there’s an error over at Rainbow Reviews, OOOoo BTW Rainbow Reviews has moved! That’s about it! Commenty!