As many of you know, I haven’t been blogging that much obviously:) I’m been spending my time at my other domain, childish-desires.org, working on a new message board (my old one was xmb, and the new one is invision, and I don’t feel like going xmb>phpbb>invision, to get the invision message board..one too many converters to install.), Rocco, and of course I’ve been visiting the newly back SmackMB.

Uh, I’m currently getting some money for childish-desires.org, cause I know I’m gonna run out of bandwidth next month when it resets due to my message board opening soon, soooo…

Donate to Childish Desires to help keep this site alive! Your money will be put towards this site is every way possible:) You will also get a perment plug and a sign, saying you helped CD out! So Far: $0.00

Anyway, I offered to help snow with Collective Designs and she accepted:) Woot Woot! I just emailed her back a few ago:) I’m excited, anyway! I found my evanescence cd:) Woot Woot!

I’m glad I didn’t buy it again:) Anyway, school…I started school the 19th….shall I begin?

We NOW have four lunches (stupid freshman), and no breaks at lunch, which means we HAVE to stay in the cafe ALL during lunch, if we leave the cafe we have to take a pass. I pretty much hate that…but only one class will allow us to be late if we go to the bathroom or do something after lunch, Accounting.

So yep! On Blue days I have, Japanese 2, Astoromy, Accounting, and Algebra…. on gold days I have, Keyboarding, World Geo, Enrichment, and English…so yep…boring… ūüôā

Nothing else to talk about, DON’T FORGET TO DONATE TO CD!


Weee! School starts tomorrow! *dies* -_-…. I got Josie and the Pussycats yesterday….yep good cd…I also watched The Resturant..

3 people lied to Rocco >< He wasn’t really happy about that! That made me mad! How could you lie to Rocco? He told them they were never to set foot in his resturant again…they were also telling them he’ll only get 2 stars instead of 4 >< WTF?!?!?!?!?!

I’m glad he banned them! It was good…… I think on of the excutivie chefs was being too hard on Perry….DAMN he was fucking trying this best! He had to work the grill, and his regular statution…my god he’s not superman >< Jesus christ!

My domain still isn’t up..so hopefully it’ll be registered today..anyway…..I listened to the whole Hybrid Theory cd, and it’s kewl…anyway…better go!


My new domain is suppose to be registered either tonight or tomorrow!!! WOOT WOOT! I got approved by the fanlistings for the Rocco Dispirito fanlisting, with is one tonight:) Woot WOot! I’m happy. I’m excited!

Two more days still school starts:) Woot Woot! I look forward to school except I have to ride the bus home >< I hate the bus, I’ve had bad experiences with the bus. Bus + Me = Bad. Let’s just put it that way…

Uh….what else? I went to the flea market today, I got Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park for 1 dollar:) Then I got a ty and it’s a bear that’s like praying…it’s kewl.

I’m going to wolly world and I might either get evanesence again or Josie and the Pussycats (been waiting awhile for both, but I can only get one)…crappy cds >< You expect me to choose? Grrr You! Whelp…nothing else really going on…so byes! And I’ll post as soon as my new domain is up!


[Edit] I talked to b86 support…they said enom has been havig problems and it should be up soon:)[/edit]

Today’s my sister’s b-day…she turns 21…anyway…SWAT (the second time) is great:) It’s a really good movie you have to see:) Collin Farrell *drools* lol….anyway…b86 hasn’t set-up my domain, and today has been a week ><

I’m starting an online magazine called Online Zing, and on the site there is a portion of the site that is called Great Sites, where it focuses on a very good layout (of course) and some good content, or at least if it’s just a blog very organized. Example? [ www ] -Simple but great layout! And is very organized.

I am not accepting staff until the site is offically open. I do not know what kind of sections will be on the mag, so I cannot hire people if I do not know even what’s going into the site. This project is going to be done. The layout and content has been started, and just need some great sites. If you think you have what it takes! LEAVE YOUR URL!!!!


How do people do it? They sit there and are like, I’ll wait for cyberpixels to screw up my account before I leave…wtf?!?!?! When they screw up your account, they are gonna rip you off…

don’t wait till they screw you over…they tried to screw me over by not giving me the right ammount of money back when I canceled. And it took my friend over a month to get her money back, while cp is here in indiana, and she too lives in indiana.

Then we couldn’t get the support to answer any of the tickets, it took about 4 days before someone responed to my ticket to cancel my domain, THEN Rebecca said she wouldn’t charge me, adn what the fuck does she do? Charges me for the next month! Then..the Cpanel is NEVER update 2 date with cp, and yet they say it’s not there problem…

but yet it is, and I lost my site in NINE DAYS! And I had to go rest of the month without it…then when the next month hit, they didn’t get it up for about another 3 more days >< CP sucks.

Then after that, I’d get errors and wait all day for them to be fixed, but they were never fixed until a couple days later, I kept getting mysql connect errors, over and over. It did seem like a good deal at the time, but it’s not…it sucks…

They screwed up my account and gave me unlimited space (yes I left even after that, cause I was fed up). You’d try to talk to the support, and they’d be like ONLY REBECCA CAN DO THAT…my freakin god, get another admin to help out with Rebecca. Rebecca might I add is only there like once a month.

Cyberpixels is gay. they alwyas mess up everything! you should get sign up with Netrillium. everyone says it’s good but, yeah you should try it.


Better Mood
I’m in a better mood I guess…I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone to go with me…but it hasn’t happened…I might just call my cuz see if he wants to go 2 the movies. I just called him…he said he’d probably be able to go…:) At least I’d have someone to go with. Anyway….I’m totally bored…it’s only 12 noon, and this entry is already huge:)

Anyway, I can’t wait till we all go see SWAT! My sister is coming and her b/f, so might as well invite Tommy (my cuz). I’ll tell you about it later. I just gotta wait for him to call…anyway…my cuz called…..anyway…talk to ya all later if you’re not mad at me!
End Better Mood
Stupid computer and b86 >< Not only is it going to be a week tomorrow, but I am going to demand something from them (haven’t decided), it freaking doesn’t take this long. This name was registered and setup in less than 10 minutes! And it’s a personal server that my friend’s dad owns. So it should take less to register my domain >< I’m so fuckin pissed off it isn’t even funny. You think if anything they’d register your crap whenever they registered your cpanel! Oh wait that’s not all..MY CPANEL NO LONGER WORKS! Why? Cause I get a license error…. wtf?!?!?!?!?! Grrr…I’m so pissed.

Then might I add, my computer closed down on me, cause it gave me a warning…Windows must now restart because the remote procedure call service terminated unexpectedly! WTF does that mean?!!?!?!?!?!?! It didn’t even do anything until now…. It just closed down my entire system, and restarted it >< Damn it! Might I add, everytime I visit ONE folder, in order to view it, I have to wait for an ie error (saying it’s closing and an unexpected error), then I have to open the folder up and wait like 10 minutes for the damn thing to load!

Errrr…damn it! I’m so pissed it’s not even funny, Grrr…I’m mad! Might I also add, that I’m fixing up my Akasha Fanlisting, and most of the people don’t have me linked right, like hell I’ll go through their fucking site find their email address and tell them…it’s their job to keep the link up2date, it’s not mine to check it and email them when it’s not. They can fucking do that themselves. Grrr…I’m still pissed……

I submitted a layout to DDG, they said it was accepted, but was it added to the database? Nope…that pisses me off too…I’m just in the mood to get pissed off…. If fucking b86 doesn’t have my domain up by today I’ll goddamn flood their inbox till they set my goddamn domain up >< It’s not all about them. Then my nose started to bleed this morning (which need I remind you, this is the first time I’ve ever gotten a bloody nose). Then AIM didn’t save all of my conversation with someone the other day, but yet it saved all the other convos >< Damn fucking aim, b86, FUCK the world.

On a more merrier note, I get to go see S.W.A.T:) Woot WOot! Collin Farrell *drools*!

Back on to the cussing note, god…I honestly wouldn’t care if everyone fucking dropped off the face of the each…

I am closing Rainbow Reviews possibly letting someone adopt it, and letting some one adopt Akasha, cause I just can’t take care of it….so if you’d like to take care of Akasha just leave a note.

What do you guys think that? Am I sugar-coating? If you think I am…just let me know, and I’ll make my comments a little more controversial…And not to mention that I’m getting a cold…


Grrr…I’m sooo mad! B86 hasn’t registered my domain yet, and saturday will be a WEEK! Grrr! I’m mad >< They are wasting MY money for every day it is not up >< They should have had it up when they registered my cpanel and everything, they have set up the hosting, but not the domain and it’s making me mad ><


Guess what? Clifford created me a fanlisting dedicated to me:) I feel sooo special…here’s a huge plug!

Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan

Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan

Megan MeganMegan Megan Megan Megan Megan Megan

Megan Megan MeganMegan Megan Megan Megan Megan

Megan Megan Megan MeganMegan Megan Megan Megan

Megan Megan Megan Megan MeganMegan Megan Megan

Megan Megan Megan

Anyway, I watched Last Comic Standing last night! DAT PHAN WON:) Woot Woot! Hehehehe. I would have really like to see Rich win, but oh well…nothing happens like it’s suppose too, if you didn’t noticed I added a new layout!


I’m gonna start making some more themes for my message board:) Weeee…and possibliy have another contest for the board, that you have to change the images etc…it’s all good. Anyway, I’ve been completly bored lately. Thanks for all the wonderful comment:) DANG IT! I forgot to upload the new layout to add to this site…see what ya guys made me do? I got into installing something and uploadin something else, I totally forgot, and I told myself I’d upload it right before I got on the internet too. Oh well, I’ll upload it today.

Anyway, I’m been very bored:) Yes oh yes I have. Weeee….The suprise still isn’t up yet, i’m just waiting for the company to hurry up, but I’ll spill it…It’s a new domain (I’m still keeping this one btw). I have the layout done, b2 installed, allt he content uploaded, just waiting for the domain to be registered…cause b86 is backed-up in orders (only cause their mergering with StarNox Communications). And the B86 Support said that my domain should be up soon. Though I got my information for the domain on Aug 2. And have been waiting since:(

Thuy¬†– Thanks for the fansigns and the comment you left on your blog:) If you ever need me to install something that you don’t know, just ask me:)

Crystal¬†– That was a lot of plugs for me…thanks.

There we have it. Errr I really want my domain to be up >< I have the message board on it, the Rocco Dispirito Fanlisting, etc…. It’s kind of making me mad *cries*. I want it to be up! I have to edit some of the content anyway, I’m thinking about just adding the quizzes other there, and taking some content here and putting it over there…I don’t know why, but I think that’s what I’ll do. Anyway…

The layout for the new domain features avril lavigne:) Weeeeeee….I’m happy. Though yesterday I wasn’t, I was kind of in a bad mood, well not kind of, was in a bad mood. My aunt kept calling on my sister’s cell phone (which btw…she’s not a loud to talk on the cell phone, cause the last phone bill was about 300 dollars), so I finally got tried of it, answered, then I went up and told Amber, Aunt J.J called and wants her to call her back…

But yeah. Then she came over about 6, and I just sat and listened to her talk. She’s like ‘I know you love me megan’ I was like ‘No Comment’. But yeah, I was stressed out yesterday cause of her, and I had to help do the freakin damn dishes, and I don’t even eat OR live here…grrr…it makes me kind of mad. Errr…I had to get up early, and I’m tried. THE FINALE OF LAST COMIC STANDING IS ON TONIGHT:) Woot Woot! I hope Rich Voss wins:) He’s the second funniest…the first funniest got kicked off >< Damn Dat Phan! YOU COULD HAVE LEFT DAVE ON THERE! Grrrr….Anyway…

Yep, I haven’t been really blogging lately, cause yeah…I’ve been working on the new domain (which I will not release the name, only a selected amount of people know the domain and have access to the server url (so I can view my site without the domain, but I can’t release the url, sorry). Yeah…I also installed a quick reply hack and money hack for Thuy at her board:) I have to worry about my board now. I think I’m gonna delte all my themes are start over..though the only one I’m not going to delele it the Sarah Michelle Gellar one…cause I like that one…but oh well..

I have just made the second version of my new domain:) I just have to wait for the first version to be up…lol. Anyway, I’m completely bored like no other. I’ve been bored alllllll day. I’ve made and coded about 2 layouts, and edited one page since like ten.

Did I say I submitted that fanlisting Thuy and I are working on to theFanlistings.org:) Well we are:) And I know we will get approved:) Woot Woot! I’m happy! Excited, beyond excited, I can’t wait till we get an email back from them! Then we’ll be offical:) But it’ll still be good. I’m bored, and it’s only 12:35 pm *dies* Five more hours….Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t know if I can wait that long…Errr..well I’m on just about all Saturday and Sunday, even then I still don’t get waht I want to get done..I get distracted, by something or someone. I suppose it’s okay….

I’m just really bored….really really really bored. It’s only 4:13:) weeee…THe day has been going quick..:) *smiles* I feel speciall *sarcastic*. FKK!!!!! WOOOOOOOOT! FKK IS COMING AFTER YOU! OR BETTER YET KKKK I’ll let ya what that means later…anyway..I’m totally bored…about another hour and half. I wish someone would create a fanlisting about me….Someone created a fanlisting for Thuy ūüôĀ And I feel sad…but oh well….nothing i can do, except create good layouts.

Whelp, I’m still bored and it’s only 5:04 now….any time they should close, I guess that’s what sucks. I don’t know…anyway…I’m completely bored. I just might Remove all the content from here, and move it over. Cause I had planned to make my new domain my blog, but I’m gonna keep hyw. Anyway, I’ll probably just have it maybe as like a group blog (not sure), or I don’t know. If you haveANY¬†suggestions, leave a comment there! Thankies! Whelp, better go! So I guess I’ll talk to everyone later:) Byes!


I’m sooo happy! GO CARAOLINE:) BTw..if you don’t know who that is, that’s just about the only person who’s actually told Rocco how she feels:) Woot Woot! It was good last night, Gidieon fractured this elbow, and the only thing Rocco said to that was nothing, he basically ignored Gidieon. It was really good:) The staff started a meeting about Rocco, and their gonna sit down with him next episode, and he also reads something some lady from the post said about his restaurant:) It’s alll good…

Yesterday, I was very hyper:) Very hyper in deed.

cows4moooing (4:03:56 PM): *falls over and dies while eyes are still wide open*
cows4moooing (4:04:06 PM): *snickers*
x3 janet (4:04:14 PM): loll
cows4moooing (4:04:39 PM):¬†*whispers* I’m not dead…I’im gonna get Janet really good..Shhhh
x3 janet (4:04:50 PM): oh yes
cows4moooing (4:04:54 PM): lol
cows4moooing (4:05:04 PM): *Cracks up laughing* my eyes are watering
cows4moooing (4:05:05 PM): lol
x3 janet (4:05:14 PM): lolol
cows4moooing (4:05:21 PM):¬†that’s funny…
cows4moooing (4:05:26 PM):¬†omg…I’m gonna die laughing
cows4moooing (4:05:36 PM):¬†when I’m 83…I’ll still be laughing
x3 janet (4:05:38 PM): oh dear.
x3 janet (4:05:39 PM): rofl
cows4moooing (4:05:45 PM): rofl?
x3 janet (4:05:59 PM): lmao same thing
cows4moooing (4:06:13 PM):¬†And when I die I’ll be smiliing, but only laughing inside
cows4moooing (4:06:14 PM): lol
cows4moooing (4:06:23 PM):¬†that’s actually kind of creep
cows4moooing (4:06:25 PM): creepy
x3 janet (4:06:32 PM): lol yes very
cows4moooing (4:06:42 PM): weeee
cows4moooing (4:06:44 PM):¬†I’m hyper
x3 janet (4:06:56 PM): i see that
cows4moooing (4:07:10 PM):¬†I’m surly getting nothing done…
x3 janet (4:07:26 PM): nope. now get to doing what you were doing
cows4moooing (4:07:44 PM):¬†I sent the part about the joke on you…and I was whispering to you to my friend this is what she said

Meg Crys Death (4:05:42 PM):¬†…
Meg Crys Death (4:05:44 PM): o.o
cows4moooing (4:06:47 PM): *snickers*
cows4moooing (4:07:00 PM):¬†*Whispiers* I played a trick on janet…she doesn’t know it..
cows4moooing (4:07:01 PM): lol
Meg Crys Death (4:07:05 PM): 
cows4moooing (4:07:14 PM): o.o
Meg Crys Death (4:07:18 PM):¬†*whispers back* I don’t understand *stares*
Meg Crys Death (4:07:19 PM): o.o
cows4moooing (4:08:17 PM): cows4moooing (4:08:04 PM):*whispers* you will later
cows4moooing (4:08:12 PM):¬†when I’m dead
x3 janet (4:08:24 PM): lmaoo

I was a tad bit hyper yesterday:) LoL….. btw…..the suprise is still not up, and I contacted the support… grrrr..