[Edit] I know this is a late edit, but shut up ><. If you haven't noticed I added an banner rotation for Shinku Forums. Also, next week I will only be on Thursday and Friday, because i am taking drivers ed, and its 5 days a week, from 4-7, and that's usually the time i get on[/Edit]

For some reason I'm not in a cheerfull mood. Its probably cause I want to be left alone, but that's just me. But anyway…I got my report card

Japanese 2: B-
Astronomy: B+
Accounting: C
Algebra: F (not me, my teacher, class average 72)
Keyboarding: B
World Geo: C
Enrichment: No Grade for that class
English: D-

Yeah, so there are some problems, the freaking teacher doesn't explain anything. Like everyone I have talked to that is in his class says he sucks and can't teach. I told my mom I'd have a higher grade if I would be able to transfer out of his class…and she told me to transfer.

The counsler won't let us transfer out of classes now, cause its "too" far into school. What bs. Join Shinku Forums, and have lots and lots of fun. Janet has a new layout, I'm jealous like always…

Jeez, I'm recreating UAGT, and its going to become an active community, so I guess that's good. No offense to the members of provance, but I'd like it if you actually left a real comment. I guess there's nothing else to talk about.

I really want to write a good story, to "express" my opinions, and I need a good name. It's gonna be a romance, and I'd like something sweet or to the point like, White Lilly (but not exactually that). Thankies! Look at that! Right in a row -points to images-


I was buying a domain off of somebody, and told me I’d buy it, and that I could only spend 3 dollars now, and I’d give the guy rest of it when I got rest of my money. Well…HUGE problem, I also agreed to make him some layouts. Well, here’s problem #1.

#1. He’s selling the domain, crazy-sheep.com, with the layout that I made.

#2. THEN he is selling the domain I was trying to buy, punk-kitty.net.

Some nerve the guy has, to not give me credit, or to give the image place credit, and then he goes behind my back, and sells the domain WHICH I paid for! Grrr! Then he doesn’t get on for like 2 weeks, and wants to know where the hell his other crap is? Well check in the dumpster, because I got tried of waiting on your fucking ass.

Then, he tells me HE’s going to make ME wait one week to get my money back. WTF? That pisses me off! Jeez! I didn’t do anything to that jerk.


I’ve decided to make an page dedicated to the plugs, and the plug will be under every entry, I’m excited, anyway, I’ll explained what happened yesterday. First period I basically did nothing except study for a world geo test. Then I took a world geo test, which I think I spelled Indianapolis wrong >< How can I do that when I live in Indiana? Jeez, I’m such a moron.

Then Enrichment I just pretty much read, and our sub teacher, just would not shut up ><. Then in English, a lot of people weren’t really that loud for once, so I was kind of surprised. There was a prep rally, but I didn’t go, I stayed in the class room with the teacher, because I didn’t feel like going, and I finished my book report for that class, and all of my other homework!

So yep, then today I had to work, I had to help my mother clean out for her business, and then I had to sweep the body shop lot, and that was a lot of work…took about two hours to do that…well two and a half, but still. I’m really sad, only one person left a link yesterday to this image. SO yep, anyway, I guess its now time for the plugs! Go plugs!


Anna, Rachel and me were walking walking, and Justin came around the corner, hugged her, and told her that he loved her, and wanted her back, but Anna said no (thank god), and that she couldn’t deal with the heartbreak anymore so yep. A fun adventure, he also said that he’d never hurt her.

And he was like squeezing her hands, I wanted to punch that freak right there and then, what nerve does that guy have anyway? Jeez, I’m…grrr! It just makes me sooo mad, because if Justin didn’t want this to happen, he shouldn’t have told her that she had to quit guard, and lose her friends, and hurt her.

But I’m extermely happy they are not together. When Anna finally got done talking to Justin we stopped at Nyasha’s locker, and she was singing the lion king song, it means no worries, for the rest of your days…that one. And we told her about Justin, and she went to find him:) GO NYASHA! Woot Woot!

I’m extermely pleased with both of them. Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, brand new layout, I’m happy. I think it personally looks good, and its a simple layout to replace those other simple layouts that I’ve had….now to talk about my day.

Japanese we watched Kenshin (the real crap, not the fake dubbed crap on Cartoon Network), and we took a quiz for the days of the week, which was pretty easy, now we are learning hard crap, and it sucks, because I don’t understand this new way of counting, but oh well.

Then Astronomy, we basically did nothing, because we were an full day ahead of all the other classes, so that was kind of fun, but not really. Accounting, nothing happened, a lot of people got their names written down for talking…thank god he didn’t see me talking. Math…lets just say I’m not gonna be learning that any time soon..lol. Whelp, g2g! Shinku Forums.


[Edit] I have put up the new layout, but fyi, the colors don’t fully match yet, so please do not tell me about them, I already know. [/Edit]

I downloaded a song called Crystal Dreams by Trance Control, and I’m listening to it now, and it sounds kewl:) I’ve decided to give up the smilies because they don’t look that good, but anyway. Today was completely boring like usual. I have YET to make a layout for this site, as you can tell, I have yet to find a perfect image. Help?

This song is awsome, its like something you’d hear at a rave party:) Or techno..but still! Anyway, the PSAT’s are tomorrow, just a pratice thing, and you had to sign up, but I didn’t sign up, because if I would have signed up, then I would probably start failing, I can’t be distracted while doing 7 different subjects, by something that conbines most of them, but anyway.

So yep. I didn’t really go anything, Anna broke up with Justin, and I’m soooo happy! Because we were all saying that Justin was a jerk, and he told Anna that she had to quit Guard, and lose all her friends, and Anna told him no, and told him it was over. He said he’ll kill himself if he can’t have Anna.

She’s freaking terrified to DEATH, her dad was walking around with her until class started, and all the teachers knew that they weren’t suppose to let Justin near Anna. Then all my friends were like, thank god its all over..

I honestly don’t think it’s even going to start being over, because Justin sounded like he was going to hurt her and himself, and I told Anna that if he looked at her wrong, threatened her, or laid a hand on her to come to me, because I would hit that bastard, I don’t care if I would have gotten expelled.

I feel honestly like something really bad is going to happen, but I haven’t figured it out yet.


[Edit] I just realized this, but the most comments I’ve ever had is 24 on an entry! [/Edit]

Today completely sucked, last entry I mentioned that today was blue and gold, well, it didn’t turn out very good. This is how it started out, Japanese, I didn’t really feel like talking, but everyone was talking to me ! It made me kind of mad! Grrr you people! Grrr you!

Next, I went to Astronomy, and Trey flipped me off twice yesterday, because he was in a bad mood, and it was like a first for him, he called Laruen Fuller a bitch. One of the popular people! Well Trey is too, but still. Then Right afterwards, I went to Algebra, found out I have an F in here. I’m actually quite mad about it, because I believe its the teachers fault.

He gives us the homework, makes the homework super easy, doesn’t grade it, just checks to make sure its done, and expects us to know it, and gives us these hard tests that take like 3 days to finish! How do we know it if we aren’t taught it? Oh wait, we can’t. So yeah, I’m super mad about that, because I don’t think its fair, our class average is 72%, what does that tell you? That its us or him? I think its him. I’ve gone through this a lot of times with teachers that can’t teach worth shit and my mom wonders why I get low grades!

Anyway, then I went to Accounting, which completely sucked, again in there, I had no clue what to do, so I probably failed the test we just took, so yep. During lunch they had the cookout, well I had two hamburgers, and they were great…but afterwards, before the pep session, I was starting to get sick. I didn’t go, because I have pep sessions, screw them. I went to the lunch room, and did homework, cause I really need to bring my math grade up a LOT! So yep, I guess that’s it. So bye! BTW, Happy 15th B-Day cuz!


Jeez, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, well to me. Anyway, I have been trying to make a new layout, but it hasn’t gone well…I have been inspired…but I don’t know. I guess it really doesn’t matter. Anyway, nothing really happened today, except I finished my World Geo Project, and presented it today..and that really sucked, because Sunshine was late to class again, and didn’t have the crap she was suppose to bring. But luckily I remembered. Also remember, this smililes are not going to be prement..I’m just trying this copy and paste crap, because I would have to ask to install a plug-in, but anyway, its all good! I guess there’s really nothing else to talk about. TOmorrow is blue and gold day, we get out of class early to go to an cookout outside (I think), so yep, it’s all good! I better get going, and start making that layout!


[Edit] Just thought I’d post some questions/comments sitting in my inbox:)

Question: Do u know ur the best?!? [Guess who I am]
Answer: Do I wanna know? But thankies:)

Question: Since you’re so awesome, I’ll ask a question. If five
pigs were taken away from the farmer – would he cry? ^_^ Love
ya, girl.
Answer: The truth? I don’t think he would. He’d be mad, and go around with a pitch fork *snickers* and stabbing everyone…but he wouldn’t cry. [/Edit]

I’m like about to kill someone! *kills everyone around her* Some idiot yesterday on msn kept inviting a bunch of people to a convo, and I told them, if I found out who it was, it wasn’t going to be pretty. Oh yeah, you want to here the best thing that happened to be today?

Well, last week I was absent on a blue day, and it just so happens accounting was that day, so Mr. Pugh, decides to work on something different. Then he expected me to come back the next class period, being able to have learned everything (I wasn’t there the following day either).

So when I went back (on another blue day), we were going through what they had already done, so what do I do? I start copying down my friend’s paper (it was just practice). And then he assigns a different sheet, and tells what to have it done by next class period.

So I’m like okay, sure. I can do that. So, he ended up collecting it that day, and I asked him if I had to turn it in, because I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t there the blue day before, and he goes, no just turn it in later. So what do I do? I get it finished, then turned it in onto his desk.

Then today he gives it back to us, and its late. I would have gotten a 100%, but instead I got a 80%! He told me I could turn it in later! Jeez! So I was like okay, I just won’t do my homework, because I don’t know what the hell to do. I’m sitting here like the entire class period, not knowing what to do, until he FINALLY decides to explain to me! Jeez!

And that’s not the worst thing yet. Saturday, my mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother went out to eat without my aunt J.J. So they ALL told me to lock the docks and not to let anyone in, so I said I wouldn’t let anyone in or answer the door. So later that night (about a half hour later), my aunt comes over, knocks on the door (without even calling, cause I would have answered).

Then she goes around to the back door, and notices that its locked too, so I go into the living room. She goes to the side door (next to the back door), and the screen was open of screen, but locked. So what does my aunt do? She tears up the screen, and unlocks it, and comes in.

And she sees me, and she goes, why didn’t you answer the door? My excuse, I was upstairs (I was really in the living room…SHHHH). And I asked her, what she was doing here. And she goes nana wanted me to do something for her. Then I snapped back, and she said don’t raise that tone with me (but of course I did, because I hate her fucking guts and I wish I wasn’t even related to her).

I go, there’s a reason why nana locked the door, she doesn’t want anybody in here. And my aunt goes, FINE, I’ll just leave. But nana called and wanted me to do something for it, but I’ll just call her later, and tell her you yelled at me…

I was sitting there thinking whatever. Do whatever you want, no one likes you, or will believe you anyway. So my grandmother gets home, and I ask her about it, and she said she NEVER called Aunt J.J (Lie #1 caught). So a few minutes later my aunt calls, and starts to complaining to my grandmother and telling lies.

That she was letting boo (the dog) in (Lie #2 Caught). I was like whatever, that dog will be fine if its outside for an hour jeez….fun weekend huh? NOT!


Edit I also got Resident Evil Soundtrack, and a dvd ripper that copies dvd’s:) Edit

Err…the funeral sucked horribly…Forstarters, my cousin Dakota, was soooo rude it wasn’t even funny. During the ulegies, HE FELL ASLEEP! I mean, how RUDE is that?!?! Jeez, then it makes a pig of himself, then my aunt, says they will NOT sleep in the same house that Tiny lived in!WTF?!?!?!, so they slept over at Johnny’s house (relative), and Dakota was asking how much all his star wars crap cost! MY GOD! SO RUDE! Jeez… He also pigged out on food that wasn’t even his! MY GOD! He got at least 4 plates full of chicken…then later, I get pizza for myself, and what does he do? He gets himself a pizza without asking!

And so does his mom! Jeez! I had headaches all the way there, all the way back, it was THEE worst place I have ever been with my aunt and cousin!

Q: how to sign up
A: You cannot sign up on this blog, because it’s mine! And there are only two authors, me, and my friend’s dad (who installed mt).

Q: look i juss broke up w/ my girlfriend megan fell like i did somthing wrong what should i do?
A:All I can recommend, if you felt like you did something wrong, ponder about it, and if you feel like you did, then do something. Tell her, that you feel like you did something wrong, and ask her for her opinion. It’ll help you out a lot by talking to her.

Q: hey!my name is megan too and i alwaysgo on your website it is sooooo cool chating! i would like to say i love the layout but the other one was cool too!i cant choose!dont m,ake me choose!i sound like a poof dont i? only joking!anyway,i would like to ask-how do u get on to `tag me`like the old website?thanks for listening,megan,a big fan.xxxxxxxxxx
A: What do you mean? The tagboard? Thanks..I guess, I’d like it, if you didn’t use slang, and proof read your questions before you submit, because it’s extremely hard to read it.


t’s starting to heat up in this house…my grandfather just went on a mad rage…stay out of his way. I bought a domain, for me and thuy, shhhhh, we don’t tell till it’s up…anyway, my grandmother Tiny died in Tennessee (not the one here in indiana, another one) So, they are going to Tennessee (I don’t think I am), but the funeral’s monday…so I don’t know. They are leaving tomorrow.

I haven’t even put a small dent into my homework, Thuy and me have been dicussing domain names and we finally picked on:) It’s japanese! So yep! Nothing else has really happened. I missed part of Joan of Arcadia last night, and it made me kind of mad >< GRRR! Anyway, I was gonna watch The Handler, but I was tried, and didn’t bother.

As you can tell, my life is completely boring….so I’ll stop boring you, and tell ya all guys when Thuy and my domain is up:) Look forward for that! It’s gonna be awsome! Also, I’m opening a message board, and was wondering if anyone knows how to make invision skins??? Leave a comment.