t’s starting to heat up in this house…my grandfather just went on a mad rage…stay out of his way. I bought a domain, for me and thuy, shhhhh, we don’t tell till it’s up…anyway, my grandmother Tiny died in Tennessee (not the one here in indiana, another one) So, they are going to Tennessee (I don’t think I am), but the funeral’s monday…so I don’t know. They are leaving tomorrow.

I haven’t even put a small dent into my homework, Thuy and me have been dicussing domain names and we finally picked on:) It’s japanese! So yep! Nothing else has really happened. I missed part of Joan of Arcadia last night, and it made me kind of mad >< GRRR! Anyway, I was gonna watch The Handler, but I was tried, and didn’t bother.

As you can tell, my life is completely boring….so I’ll stop boring you, and tell ya all guys when Thuy and my domain is up:) Look forward for that! It’s gonna be awsome! Also, I’m opening a message board, and was wondering if anyone knows how to make invision skins??? Leave a comment.

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