Edit I also got Resident Evil Soundtrack, and a dvd ripper that copies dvd’s:) Edit

Err…the funeral sucked horribly…Forstarters, my cousin Dakota, was soooo rude it wasn’t even funny. During the ulegies, HE FELL ASLEEP! I mean, how RUDE is that?!?! Jeez, then it makes a pig of himself, then my aunt, says they will NOT sleep in the same house that Tiny lived in!WTF?!?!?!, so they slept over at Johnny’s house (relative), and Dakota was asking how much all his star wars crap cost! MY GOD! SO RUDE! Jeez… He also pigged out on food that wasn’t even his! MY GOD! He got at least 4 plates full of chicken…then later, I get pizza for myself, and what does he do? He gets himself a pizza without asking!

And so does his mom! Jeez! I had headaches all the way there, all the way back, it was THEE worst place I have ever been with my aunt and cousin!

Q: how to sign up
A: You cannot sign up on this blog, because it’s mine! And there are only two authors, me, and my friend’s dad (who installed mt).

Q: look i juss broke up w/ my girlfriend megan fell like i did somthing wrong what should i do?
A:All I can recommend, if you felt like you did something wrong, ponder about it, and if you feel like you did, then do something. Tell her, that you feel like you did something wrong, and ask her for her opinion. It’ll help you out a lot by talking to her.

Q: hey!my name is megan too and i alwaysgo on your website it is sooooo cool chating! i would like to say i love the layout but the other one was cool too!i cant choose!dont m,ake me choose!i sound like a poof dont i? only joking!anyway,i would like to ask-how do u get on to `tag me`like the old website?thanks for listening,megan,a big fan.xxxxxxxxxx
A: What do you mean? The tagboard? Thanks..I guess, I’d like it, if you didn’t use slang, and proof read your questions before you submit, because it’s extremely hard to read it.

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  1. Im sorry the funeral was that horrible, family can be so rude at times funerals are always sucky and sad but it figures someone else has to come along and make it worse.

    Well hope you feel better! Love ya

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