[Edit] Just thought I’d post some questions/comments sitting in my inbox:)

Question: Do u know ur the best?!? [Guess who I am]
Answer: Do I wanna know? But thankies:)

Question: Since you’re so awesome, I’ll ask a question. If five
pigs were taken away from the farmer – would he cry? ^_^ Love
ya, girl.
Answer: The truth? I don’t think he would. He’d be mad, and go around with a pitch fork *snickers* and stabbing everyone…but he wouldn’t cry. [/Edit]

I’m like about to kill someone! *kills everyone around her* Some idiot yesterday on msn kept inviting a bunch of people to a convo, and I told them, if I found out who it was, it wasn’t going to be pretty. Oh yeah, you want to here the best thing that happened to be today?

Well, last week I was absent on a blue day, and it just so happens accounting was that day, so Mr. Pugh, decides to work on something different. Then he expected me to come back the next class period, being able to have learned everything (I wasn’t there the following day either).

So when I went back (on another blue day), we were going through what they had already done, so what do I do? I start copying down my friend’s paper (it was just practice). And then he assigns a different sheet, and tells what to have it done by next class period.

So I’m like okay, sure. I can do that. So, he ended up collecting it that day, and I asked him if I had to turn it in, because I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t there the blue day before, and he goes, no just turn it in later. So what do I do? I get it finished, then turned it in onto his desk.

Then today he gives it back to us, and its late. I would have gotten a 100%, but instead I got a 80%! He told me I could turn it in later! Jeez! So I was like okay, I just won’t do my homework, because I don’t know what the hell to do. I’m sitting here like the entire class period, not knowing what to do, until he FINALLY decides to explain to me! Jeez!

And that’s not the worst thing yet. Saturday, my mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother went out to eat without my aunt J.J. So they ALL told me to lock the docks and not to let anyone in, so I said I wouldn’t let anyone in or answer the door. So later that night (about a half hour later), my aunt comes over, knocks on the door (without even calling, cause I would have answered).

Then she goes around to the back door, and notices that its locked too, so I go into the living room. She goes to the side door (next to the back door), and the screen was open of screen, but locked. So what does my aunt do? She tears up the screen, and unlocks it, and comes in.

And she sees me, and she goes, why didn’t you answer the door? My excuse, I was upstairs (I was really in the living room…SHHHH). And I asked her, what she was doing here. And she goes nana wanted me to do something for her. Then I snapped back, and she said don’t raise that tone with me (but of course I did, because I hate her fucking guts and I wish I wasn’t even related to her).

I go, there’s a reason why nana locked the door, she doesn’t want anybody in here. And my aunt goes, FINE, I’ll just leave. But nana called and wanted me to do something for it, but I’ll just call her later, and tell her you yelled at me…

I was sitting there thinking whatever. Do whatever you want, no one likes you, or will believe you anyway. So my grandmother gets home, and I ask her about it, and she said she NEVER called Aunt J.J (Lie #1 caught). So a few minutes later my aunt calls, and starts to complaining to my grandmother and telling lies.

That she was letting boo (the dog) in (Lie #2 Caught). I was like whatever, that dog will be fine if its outside for an hour jeez….fun weekend huh? NOT!

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