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Today completely sucked, last entry I mentioned that today was blue and gold, well, it didn’t turn out very good. This is how it started out, Japanese, I didn’t really feel like talking, but everyone was talking to me ! It made me kind of mad! Grrr you people! Grrr you!

Next, I went to Astronomy, and Trey flipped me off twice yesterday, because he was in a bad mood, and it was like a first for him, he called Laruen Fuller a bitch. One of the popular people! Well Trey is too, but still. Then Right afterwards, I went to Algebra, found out I have an F in here. I’m actually quite mad about it, because I believe its the teachers fault.

He gives us the homework, makes the homework super easy, doesn’t grade it, just checks to make sure its done, and expects us to know it, and gives us these hard tests that take like 3 days to finish! How do we know it if we aren’t taught it? Oh wait, we can’t. So yeah, I’m super mad about that, because I don’t think its fair, our class average is 72%, what does that tell you? That its us or him? I think its him. I’ve gone through this a lot of times with teachers that can’t teach worth shit and my mom wonders why I get low grades!

Anyway, then I went to Accounting, which completely sucked, again in there, I had no clue what to do, so I probably failed the test we just took, so yep. During lunch they had the cookout, well I had two hamburgers, and they were great…but afterwards, before the pep session, I was starting to get sick. I didn’t go, because I have pep sessions, screw them. I went to the lunch room, and did homework, cause I really need to bring my math grade up a LOT! So yep, I guess that’s it. So bye! BTW, Happy 15th B-Day cuz!

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  1. I prefer the “don’t check the homework” thing, since at the end, it gives you that bigger challange. But that’s just me. But yeah, teachers have the lowest motivation to teach in classes, since they probably want more money for what they do. Ehh, whatever, I Dunno what I said. XP

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