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I downloaded a song called Crystal Dreams by Trance Control, and I’m listening to it now, and it sounds kewl:) I’ve decided to give up the smilies because they don’t look that good, but anyway. Today was completely boring like usual. I have YET to make a layout for this site, as you can tell, I have yet to find a perfect image. Help?

This song is awsome, its like something you’d hear at a rave party:) Or techno..but still! Anyway, the PSAT’s are tomorrow, just a pratice thing, and you had to sign up, but I didn’t sign up, because if I would have signed up, then I would probably start failing, I can’t be distracted while doing 7 different subjects, by something that conbines most of them, but anyway.

So yep. I didn’t really go anything, Anna broke up with Justin, and I’m soooo happy! Because we were all saying that Justin was a jerk, and he told Anna that she had to quit Guard, and lose all her friends, and Anna told him no, and told him it was over. He said he’ll kill himself if he can’t have Anna.

She’s freaking terrified to DEATH, her dad was walking around with her until class started, and all the teachers knew that they weren’t suppose to let Justin near Anna. Then all my friends were like, thank god its all over..

I honestly don’t think it’s even going to start being over, because Justin sounded like he was going to hurt her and himself, and I told Anna that if he looked at her wrong, threatened her, or laid a hand on her to come to me, because I would hit that bastard, I don’t care if I would have gotten expelled.

I feel honestly like something really bad is going to happen, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

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  1. Wow…that does sound freaky…with the Justin/Anna thingy…

    I’m glad that my boyfriend would kill himself if he even thought of hurting somebody…though he wouldn’t think of hurting himself, therefore defeating the purpose.

    But that would be freaky.

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