I don’t understand this, why would you pay 53-60 dollars, for an .nu, then turn around and freakin’ sell it? That’s got to be like the dumbest thing ever, then they tell you they want 30 bucks for it, and then like an additional 30 for hosting. To some people that may sound like an deal, but sounds stupid to me.

I just don’t understand, why you’d pay that much money then turn around and sell it, somebody is selling two .nu on nova-boards.com. Their selling honey.nu, and lullabies.nu. Here’s something the owner said.

I have been known to change my mind about domains and buy them back. I will be doing an official change of registrant with nunames.com this time so that I can’t change my mind about these once they’ve been sold. We’ll have to wait for nunames to make the change of registrant for us, just thought I’d let you know.

Okay, QUESTION! If you have been known to buy back your domains, then why the hell are you even selling them? There is no freaking point, because you could sell it to someone, then end up paying more! COMMON SENSE! That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. “I’ve been known to buy them back” my ass.

And also, this goes for regular domains, why even BOTHER getting it, if your not going to use it, and only sell it? Huh? Huh? Huh? Geez, a waste of money, you can’t even sell it for the original price. I bought an domain, that was just purchased on December 14, 2003, and I bought it for FIVE dollars. Something seem wrong with that? I mean not on my part, but on their part? But whatever.

You even got people selling domains that have like 5 months left, and then tell you, you’re not going to be able to get it till the next month, and yet they want like twenty-five dollars for it! RIP OFF!

The domain expires in May, meaning it has a good 5 months left on it. I bought
c0mplicat3d.net at Star Twist, and that transferred all there hostees, so its at Netrillium now.
It has 100 MB space and 4 GB bandwith. You have the choice whether you want to keep
your hostees or not.

It has had around 20,000 hits since it opened.

It has 5 months left to it, and I bought it for $60 in total, so I’d like atleast $25 for it.

Twenty-five dollars? You’ll be lucky if you get ten, reconsider your prices!

My god, are people these days really THAT stupid? Its starting to make me wonder. That’s just completely and utterly stupid.

Anyway, my mom kept freaking calling over here for my sister, and I’m sitting there thinking, get your own phone! Geez! She called like five times, and it made me extremely mad, because I had to get up, and go and answer the phone.

Then my sister comes and kicks me off the phone (that I’m online), and calls two of friends, and spends like 30 freaking minutes talking to her boyfriend! My god! Then my mom and dad are mad, because my sister, is drawing away from horses (and that’s what she’s majoring in), because of her boyfriend. My mom and dad want her to stop seeing him. Then they said she’s got an attitude problem, because she got in an fight with my mom over our horses.

Why should she even care? She doesn’t pay for them! And then she goes and says, that if we didn’t have our horses, my dad wouldn’t have to work two jobs. BS, he’d still have to work, to send you to an twenty-eight thousand dollar freaking college, WHICH YOU DON’T FREAKING PAY AN DIME FOR! If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been stressed out for the past two freaking days, and I’m just ready to KILL somebody…. -takes a deep breath-


Whelp, Christmas is finally over, here’s what I got! Two pairs of jeans (which might I add, was like an hundred dollars, AE), An Disney watch, which the least my aunt could have done was put batteries in it, gee thanks for not. I got sixty dollars from my grandmother, which was quickly used up (I still have 45 dollars left), some pj’s and shirts from my sister, and last but not least, my parents’ gift, and Sony Digital Camera DSC-P13!

I was excited when I opened that box, it was like an dream come true, and good didigtal camera without an crappy one lol, I’m use to crappy camera’s. Anyway, I carry ait around with me every place I go, so just incase I went to take an picture of something. Did you know, that an memory stick for it costs’ around 80 dollars on ebay? That’s a LOT of money! But my camera came with one, and it can hold 47 pictures at its smallest resolution!

I haven’t been here for awhile…Tomorrow would have been an week since I last posted, I suppose I’m just getting bored. I got my portfolio site up! I guess there’s nothing else to talk about…

I’m thinking about getting some hosting, its 45 dollars an year, BUT it comes with 950 megs of space and 40 gigs of bandwidth! WITH unlimited addon domains:)


Edit – December 22, 2003 NEW LAYOUT! End Edit

Its been awhile since I’ve blogged, I suppose cause I don’t have anything to blog about…Anyway, I saw LOTR and it was awsome! I loved it! But finals are over, and Christmas break has offically began! Woot Woot! I’m excited! I took my Japanese final yesterday, I know I aced that, and then I took my Astronomy final, that took seriously like 5 minutes tops.

Then I finished up my accounting final, which I was stumped on an few things, but I got through them. But it kind of made me wonder…Then I took my Algebra final, and believe me, I’m not doing well in ther, I have an F, an 64.3 to be exact, and I’d have to get an 70 on my final to pass, and there were only 38 questions! EEK!

Then today, as I was walking, Shannon Oliver gave me my christmas present, which was an big bag of m&m’s, and then an cow stuffed animal, which I carried around all day, except at lunch…cause I didn’t want to get anything on it. Today was pretty much the same, just take finals, and leave as soon as possible. Which before I knew it, it was time to go.

Rachel gave me an wal-mart gift card:) YAY! Because I wanted the Final Fantasy: THe Spirits Within cd, but I can’t find it anyplace, so I have to see at wal-mart.com. Anyway, that was pretty much my entire day, I didn’t do much, but as I said…it was pretty boring.

My sister picked up myself, my cuz, and his girlfriend, well, we dropped his girlfriend off, and he didn’t have an attitude problem or nothing, but when we got back to his house, it was mad because he couldn’t ride four-wheelers. I’m sitting there thinking, ‘why would you even if its like 30 degrees outside?’. But he through this entire fit over it, my sister just wanted to hit him or something. And I also wrote my, Why I want to go to Kakuda, Japan essay.

Sister City Essay
Going to Kakuda, Japan gives me a chance, which I would never have ever dreamed of. A chance to learn, and to visit other cities to learn more about the culture, history, and the future, first handed. I also want to live with families from Kakuda (or surrounding areas) to see what they do, everyday of their lives, and what it takes for them to live in Japan. Kakuda would offer me that very goal, a goal to explore, and learn constantly, more than ever, while allowing me to fulfill my mind with more information that I could ever believe was even possible.

Japan is an influential country, from the religions and beliefs to the technology and history of today. Most of this technology has come from this small, ocean lying island, almost halfway around the world, bringing over slim cellular phones, and many other items. Though Japan appears to be small, the population, is unbelievable, from millions of people living in one city, or mostly in or outlying the capital, Tokyo. Being able to see Japan up close, and personal, would give me a change to learn more about the country than I ever could, from beginning to end, through a lifetime of books.

Japan holds many different beliefs and religions from how the two deities, Izanaji, and Izanami created Japan, to the Shrine of Ise, and the Shrines of the Kami. I wish to learn about the Shinto Shrines, the way a tea ceremony truly is conducted, the way marital arts are preformed, and the education system. Shinto Shrines are very important from any point of view, because people pray, express customs, and pray to holiest of gods, which were dated back before I was born, or even able to comprehend.

I also want to learn how to speak the language more to provide more accurate pronunciation, and keep myself from making little mistakes, which could give the sentence or word, an entirely different meaning. I wish to see the scenery, from the mountains to just the buildings of an amazing country, while being able to learn about sections of the country, the way they were meant to be seen, through the eyes of the people, not the textbooks. I wish to meet the people who run the city/town and learn how they make it all fit together like puzzle pieces. Being able to accomplish one of those goals would serve in an unimaginable way beyond any kind of doubt.

The food has been adapted around the world, including sushi. Though there is a risk you can get food positioning from Japanese food, I would be willing to take that risk and to try new food, that you may not get any place else. I also would like to try many different types of food, learn how they are made, and what they take to make them. Learn what type of food is acceptable at different types of events, from school gatherings, to weddings.

A couple of years ago, I could have said I wanted to go to Japan just for manga (comics) or anime, and that would have been true, but now I cannot say the same thing. Anime and Manga are great entertainment, but now it’s not the kind I want. Ever since I’ve started to learn the language and more about the history, I’ve wanted to visit and do more than managa and anime can give me. Japan isn’t an everyday portion of life, its every second, many different beliefs rely on Japan, which is why its one of the most known places in the history of the world.

I yearn for the experience of an every day Japanese person, to see what they see in their own eyes, or what someone in school might experience. Japan offers many opportunities that you cannot receive in an American classroom, but only through the experience itself. The incessant history of Japan is more magnificent than I could ever imagine, never ceasing to amaze anyone or myself.


I’m truely excited! An brand new layout, I just love the theme gray, it never gets old. I am seriously in dire need of help right now, all the teachers are putting more homework than they ever have on us. I have to remake up an test tomorrow in enrichment, I have to do well on my math final, I started my accounting final today, starting another final tomorrow.

Um…I’m going to go see lord of the rings tomorrow (and not the midnight showing), which I’m kind of bummed (that I can’t see the midnight one), but I get to go at 7 to see it. That’s the only time its playing here, and it makes me mad, but its like an 3 hour movie, so I guess its alright. Anyway, I have to finish my why I want to go to japan essay, because if I don’t finish it my Thursday then I probably won’t get to go…yep. I suppose that its…so byes.


Circle center was like extermely fun! We went to borders and I got two books from there, Critical Space, and The Origami Handbook:) So yep, I have to find some origami paper. Anyway, I also got from another book store, a book called Jokes to Go, its funny. Anyway, my aunt was like really extermely mad at my cuz, cause his girlfriend came along, and “supposably” they were suppose to be shopping for her family.

But like Tommy and Kelcy, they didn’t, so Tommy got into trouble. But I didn’t get home till like midnight, and we left at what…. 3:30, yeah. A long time if you ask me. That was basically it there, and my sister was just an major butthead. So yep, it all went well. Moving on.

I finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean:) Very good movie, I mean Johnny Depp was completely and utterly hot. But that’s my life….byes.