A Lot of Things

Lets start shall we? Fu.CK codes. What’s the point of them? The forum is a teeny boppers place anyway, honestly why would you want to go there? It just makes me mad, because why would you want to go to a forum, that you have to post so many posts’ in a week? Ask yourself, is it really worth it? I don’t think it is, but that’s just me.

My aunt was late picking me up, she didn’t pick me up till four o’clock. School ended at three-fifteen, and it made me extremely mad. Her ‘excuse’ was that my mom didn’t tell her to pick me up. Like I believe that lie. Then she got on the conversation about college, and told me that my cousin (Dakota) is going to graduate before his senior year (he’s in 8th grade right now). That’s kind of hard to believe that you could graduate before your senior year. Apparently he’s going to take summer school classes.

Even with summer school classes here, you still wouldn’t have enough credits. I’ll have enough credits to graduate at the end of the first semester of my senior year. Midterm baby! I haven’t even began to decide what college I’m going to go to, but all I know its going to be an technology college (because I’m going to be a computer programmer). It just makes me mad, because she thinks he’s going to graduate with my other cousin, Tommy. I don’t think he is, he’ll probably drop out.

I was commenting on sites for provance, and I came acrossSpoonerisms, and let me tell you something, they need to learn how to spell or type. It just bothers me when someone like that can’t type properly. Sure every once in awhile, I misspell a word.

I’m talking to the owner of Unity-Listings, and they are saying that there ‘was’ a hate listing about them, but they talked to the owner of thehatelistings.org, and got the owner not to accept any applications for themselves, or their sites. Doesn’t that sound wrong? I mean, its people’s opinion whether you don’t like you or not, not yours. If someone made a hate listing about me, I could honestly care less.

Avon Boards and that entire Nova Boards argument is quite ridiculous. It makes me kind of nervous, because they are both good boards, but can’t people just ever agree once in awhile? Is it really that hard?

Today people have just rubbed me wrong, I mean, my friend, Amanda is okay, but her laugh just kills me, it irritates me, and just makes me mad. I just want to stuff her with a sock in her mouth. Emily Bean is just a bad person, she got mad because everyone else got a good grade and she didn’t. I wonder why, maybe it was the part that she never did anything. She sits there and talks behind my back. Well, gee, thanks, at least tell it to my face. Can’t you at least have the decency to do that?

Mary Meek keeps skipping Gold says, and I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t been expelled yet. She’s always here on blue days, but never on gold. Her mother lets her stay home, and I promise her excuse will be she was sick, or she was moving into her new house (which FYI, isn’t even ready to be moved into yet). I wish my mother let me stay home (not). I don’t want to end up like Mary. And the worst thing is, she has better grades than me still! It really makes me mad. I guess that’s it. Bye, until later!

Long Days.

I’ve been very stressed out. Jessica and her ex-boyfriend have been at it lately, because her ex-boyfriend, Eric won’t leave her alone, and it forced us to go to the counselor and tell them. Eric is calling and hanging up on Jessica’s cell phone, and writing her notes. Yesterday at lunch he wrote her a note, and one of his friends gave her the note, and I just happened to be sitting there, and Jessica told him to stop talking to her, but he won’t.

So all this friends are listening into our conversations, and telling Eric what we were saying, I overheard them talking about us yesterday, and it made me extremely mad.

Health was boring yesterday, because all we did was play a game, and get on the computers to complete an project. Which I hate to break it to the teacher, we don’t’ have done. English was okay, I found out I have an F in there, and I’m really mad, because the teacher said that I didn’t turn something in, and I know I did, and she told me to bring the paper today (but I kind of forgot it), so I’m bringing it tomorrow.

Enrichment, I went to the counselors with Jessica to turn Eric in, which surprisingly the class period went by fast. Then GYM we played badmittion, which was pretty fun too, sense I’m like the queen of that

Last night, my aunt picked me up from school, and I just wanted to tell her to shut up, because she was hurting my ears. She gave me my late birthday money, because we haven’t seen each other since, and in my head, the only thing I really wished for was earplugs. I didn’t say that out loud of course, because I would have heard it

Today in Japanese we did nothing except watch this video, which we get completely no learning out of, and it is possibly outdated. I talked to Mary, and she finally gave back my Lord of the Rings Extended DVD’s. Then I went to Algebra which was pretty fun, because everyone was talking, but Miss Myerholtz got kind of mad at us, because we were talking. We took a test in there, and I know I aced it I probably got about 3-4 wrong, but that’s no big deal.

Earth Science, we did this lab, with hydrochloric acid. It was actually pretty cool. We had four test tubes, and in the first one we have iron, second one, copper, zinc, and something else. But Zinc was fizzing and it was really cool, it made a popping sound when you stuck fire down near it, it was awesome. Account we did nothing, we are a day and a half ahead of everyone, so no surprise there. We watched a biography on Hersey’s Chocolate. That’s about it. Visit John.