I can’t believe awhile ago I received my first ever speeding ticket. It’s amazing how much time passes, I received it in February, and I am going to court to fight it tomorrow, hoping the judge will give me a break. This is along the line’s of what I’m going to say:

Your Honor,
Yes I was speeding, and I completely admit it, but it was my first time getting a ticket, & pulled over. I never even got a warning, and I’ve been driving since APril 06, 2004. If I was speeding all the time, I would have gotten pulled over & given a ticket(s) a long time ago.There was no one one the road on February 2, 2005 except the cop and myself; not only that, but when he turned around he was tailgating me all the way from Greenfield Dr. through the round-a-bout until he pulled me over.

I’m just asking for a break this one time, never again, just this once! If I have to pay this ticket my insurance will raise, meaning I will have to work more hours to pay for the difference, taking away from time that I need for school. I’ve already ha to cute back to raise my grades, and if I have to pick up more hours to pay for insurance, I might as well take F’s for most of my classes.

I pay for most of my school lunches, and gas for my truck. I’ll even write an 3-4 page essay why I shouldn’t speed, or why speeding is dangerous. Just this once! This ticket has been hanging over my head since I got it, and I can’t have this ticket now….

That’s all I have so far, what do you think? Johanna told me I’d probably get Judge Caldwell, and that he’s really nice and understanding. Wish me good luck?


Edit New layout!!!!

Edit Alex and Janet have a new layout!

I don’t think I’ll change my name after all, what would honestly be the point? I’m tired of Scott’s friends. Its pretty pathetic, but I won’t say anymore on that, but Alex made some good points about site names. And well, Kelly is defending me, thanks! I also found out that I’m the daily read list at Janet’s site.

My cousin got 22 inch rims for his Yukon, which might I add, is purple (the Yukon). The first thing I had to say about that, was, how long before they get stolen? Why in gods name, does he need 22 inch rims, plus he’s going to get a stereo, and some spinners. It really makes me sick, why go through all that trouble to look “cool?” The only thing I’m getting is an good sound system, and the old truck my sister use to have.

I got in Josh’s’ face about telling Cassidy what to do. He said that he probably shouldn’t have told Cassidy to stop talking to Rachel, but the fact that Rachel may be bi, he can’t accept it. What does that have to do with anything? Who cares? Rachel is just another person in this 70+% water-filled world. He is definitely against gays.

A plug for Jenni, she has a new layout! I’m not fond of the background, but everything else looks good! Also, a plug forJanet’s new portfolio!

I finally have the domain senshi-hangout.net! I can’t wait to get started, but first I’m going to make a new layout for this site, because it really needs a new one, but I love this one, so it’ll say up longer. Tomorrow, I have to go to the Kakuda Farewell party at JB Stevens Elementary from six-to-eight.

Sunday, I have to go to the library, and check out some books on Walt Disney, because that’s who I’m doing my term paper on, plus get note cards! Yesterday I got really mad, because I couldn’t figure out how to do the accounting stuff we were doing, until Mike showed me, then it was a breeze! That’s it!


Edit I may change my site name, what do you think it should be? Something unique please! Just leave a comment!

It amazes me, that some people just have no lives, but that’s alright. I’ll let them think what they want, some people don’t understand the definition of opinion, so let me just post it here.

A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof

Maybe that’s a little hard to understand. Everyone’s sitting there and talking about this matter behind my back, well, let me tell you something, if you can’t or don’t have the nerve to say it to my face, then you shouldn’t say it at all.

Another problem came up, Scott at Remixx.net is accusing me of stealing his name. Really? Lets sort out the facts, it was inspired. What if someone bought remixx.com and remixx.org, or bought hateyourway.com, and hateyourway.net, is that stealing? Thank heaven’s no. Scott is a complete ass, he didn’t even have the nerve to post for himself, and talk to me about it, instead he sent one of his “little” friends to help him. If Scott can’t fight his own battles, he doesn’t need to be starting them.

Next, my friend Rachel is a bi, well, her other friend found out, and now he told Cassidy, not to see Rachel anymore, because it was her fault that Rachel believed she was a bi. That extremely made me mad, first off, Josh has no right telling Cassidy what she can and cannot do, when they don’t even know each other very well.

Next, Josh turns his back, and says being bi is against the bible. Well that’s confusing, since when did he come so religious? If bi’s were against the bible, then why didn’t any of this information or problems come up before, instead of now? Bi’s are just people, who have a right to do anything, anybody else wants, if you think its sick and disgusting, leave now, because you are not welcomed here.

Well, Josh decided to tell Anna, another one of Rachel’s friends, and wait, Rachel’s afraid, that Anna will tell her parents about her being bi, and that she will no longer be able to talk to Cassidy. Why should have honestly matter? It doesn’t matter what sex you are, as long as you are comfortable with yourself. I just want to deck Josh, and I’m seriously thinking about it. He better hope that someone’s there to stop me tomorrow, if I don’t reach him first.

The Kakuda, Japan students arrived Friday, and they were here at my school today. I had first lunch with them, and then have second right after. Well, I’m sitting in second lunch, and there’s this girl, who sits a table away, she’s got a Kakuda student with her, and all her friends are there. Well, before that she was talking to the Japanese girl, then all of the sudden she just stopped. It made me extremely mad, because she didn’t even glance towards the Japanese girl the entire lunch while her friends were there.

You made a commitment of hosting them, then maybe you should actually interact with them like you were meant too. It really made me mad, because no one should be ignored like that, like she was just nobody.


Edit What did he just do? Oh wait, he just started a topic in the rant section on avon, about why people didn’t like Shaz. SOME people need to get a life.

What are your opinions on fu.CK? FU.CK, lets start shall we? Why would anyone even like it, because first, its only got like 100 members, you have to have a code, and wait, the MOST important reason! Teeny-bopper forum, which might I add, hate with a passion.

This moron decided to post on Avon, about what our opinions of fu.CK are, and let me tell you something, it was not pretty. He kept asking why I didn’t/don’t like fu.CK.


So, its not a contest on who has the most members online. They may have more people on now, but avon may have more members on later, so just leave that out, because it isn’t a contest. Then he kept asking me why I hated it. I don’t nessacarily have to have a reason to hate it, I just do, because everywhere I go, I always here the named mention, and I honestly don’t see what’s so great about it, its just a place for childish things to go on, but I’m not going to say anything else on Fu.CK, because it’ll end up in a fight, and I dont’ feel like fighting.

Then the guy started to get on the topic of Shaz (she’s a designer, very talented). He asked why people didn’t like Shaz, just because one or two people said they didn’t like her; You’ve got to be kidding me, just drop the Shaz thing, not everyone likes her, I won’t say if I like her or not, because I’m not going to sterotype, we can’t all be like you astro with your why questions. A lot of people here don’t like Fu.CK so there really is no point in this thread.

Then he asked:

WHY DON’T PEOPLE LIKE SHAZZY WAZZY? shazzy is not mean to me yet. i just wondering why nobody like her.

Your statement is actually very untrue. Shaz is very talented. Just because one or two people say they don’t like her, doesn’t mean that’s everyone’s opinion. Open your mind a little. (I sort of condradicted myself, but I was trying to say something else).

It was just a completely useless arugment that got no where on the board. Pirater’s…jeez


Now the meaning behind this place, is to house my opinions.MY opinions! You cannot flame me because I have a different opinion, its mine and not yours, so get a freaking life.

Welcome to Remixxed88, the idea behind it was the fact that I admired the name remixx.net. I didn’t want to get a domain named that, so I went to livejournal, and tried a few remixx names, and I thought about remixxed and the year I was born, 88. Well I had a livejournal with that name for about, oh, roughly ten minutes, before I decided it wasn’t customizable enough, so I switched, and took the name with me.

About the layout, the layout wasn’t inspired by anything, I was just looking for some lyrics that sounded kind of depressing, I immediately thought of evanescence lyrics, and went there. Found a song named goodnight, wrote out the lyrics on psp, and changed the colors, sizes, and moved them around.

I’m completely bored. I’ve decided to trade soul-echo.comfor senshi-hangout.net. Believe me, I believe its a fair trade, I’ve always wanted senshi-hangout. Now I can house two of my projects there, without trying to find a name close enough to the subject.

Fake people are really starting to get on my nerves, example, Emily Bean. She sits there and talks behind my back, and then is all nice to me upfront. Well, lets see, if you can’t say it to my face, then you have no reason to say it at all. That really makes me mad, because she’s judging me and we don’t even know either other.



Abortions: Why exactly do people get them? Are they afraid all of their baby problems will go away? They will never go away, I mean, I’m pro-life, and to me, killing an innocent baby is not the way to go. I, myself, would have the baby, and give it up for adoption, but I wouldn’t consider abortion, unless I knew it was going to have a hard life.

Whelp, I guess that’s it, enjoy my site, and don’t forget to leave a comment!