It continues to amaze me how immature some people act. We were playing Soccer in P.E. when Dusty Jones had the ball, before we know it, Trina Evans is down on her butt, because apparently Dusty “tripped” her, and Trina demanded an apology, but Dusty wouldn’t give it to her. Dusty’s exact words were:

“Welcome to Contact sports!”

That is right, because in soccer, that’s why they have a referee, to catch people tripping each other if at all possible, and it really made me mad, because Trina made a big deal about it, and was sitting there talking about Dusty, and Dusty finally told her to get away from her, and called her a bitch. What did Trina do? Told Mr. Hamilton, which pissed me off even more.

They sat there and made a freaking big deal out it, which who the hell cares? Its just a game, you know, Trina, I’m sorry we’re not as skinny or “well-liked” as you are, but I don’t give a damn, I think both Dusty and Trina were out of line. I kept telling them both just drop it, but neither of them would, so on the way back to change, they kept talking about each other, and Marie, was saying that she never liked Dusty.

What the hell? First you talk behind one of my friends’ back, then you decide to go talk behind another, BS! It really made me mad, because Marie sat there talking all this goddamn smack, about how she’s going to hit someone, and how she’s glad to have friends like Lynn (the person whom Marie talked about behind Lynn’s back) and myself, and then you go and dishing one of my other friends?

You fucking people need to get a life; I’m pretty much getting sick of Alison Green, Trina Evans, and “their” little group. I don’t care who the hell they think they are, but I couldn’t give a rats ass, I’m getting sick and tired of them crying and whining, they need to get a life. Even one of the popular people agreed with me, but then again, I’ve known Katie from since like Kindergarten.

Lynn saw a mouse on the soccer field, and Tommy stepped on it, trying to kill it, the jerk, but it didn’t die, I made Tommy get off of it.

Something happened last night too while I was at work. Ryan, my co-worker, whom I also go to school with (no classes together, only lunch), told the manager that I wasn’t getting carts, what the hell? How the hell would he know, I mean since he did get there an hour later than me? So I had to clean the bathrooms and take out the trash.

He kept offering to take out the trash, and I was telling him no that I could do it, I didn’t want this help anyway, god knows it’d only back fire into my face. All the little jerk had to do was ask if I could do carts for awhile, but I guess it was a little hard for that asshole to open this mouth to ask that, but not hard enough to tell the manger. I’m mad at everything.


*dies* You people better be grateful. My entire Saturday was spent trying to change akiraka’s dns name servers. I finally got it changed, and as you can tell, it’s obviously back up. January-girl.org is no more, all of the files are now on this account with akiraka, so all hostees, I have your files, but will need to make up your ftp info again. Sorry.

Not only that, I’ve spent about four hours working on one skin for senshi-hangout. Then during the middle of it, hostaffect decides they are going to move my stuff, so obviously I got a bit side tracked, stopped working on senshi-hangout and started to get akiraka back up.

BUT I DID IT! Thank god too. So many problems have been fixed on akiraka its not even funny. I had to switch vanilla-skies that was originally on january-girl.org to shinku.net because I couldn’t change the dns name servers on vanilla-skies because of that damn crappy pinchpenny, whom never had anything organized. Never buy a domain there.

Now, I have wasted about two hours on akiraka, when I could have finished the skin on senshi-hangout, but noooo, no one cares for little old me, who stops what she’s doing for otherpeople. I’ve gotten everyone else’s’ crap done except mine, leave me in peace.


May 14, 2004 Rupurt won last night! Go Rupurt!

A new layout!

Today has been a stressful day, Marie, whom nobody likes, is talking all this ghetto crap, well, first of all, she’s not black, and so she needs to stop it. She thinks she’s a bad ass, well she isn’t, and eventually she’ll just have to face the facts. It’s really embarrassing to be seen with her, because she’s always wearing dirty clothes, complaining all of the time.

Saying how she’s going to kick somebody’s ass, crap like that. Okay, if you say something like that, you should actually do it, instead of talking it. Talking doesn’t get you hardly anywhere these days, its action that has. Actions get you in jail; actions get you in trouble with your parents etc. She needs to understand that possibly there are people who are worse off than she is, and she needs to stop complaining. Its not going us any good. Half of us don’t even want to hear it.

Emily Bean is another wanna-be black ghetto person. She talks, walks, and acts like it, but she’s not. I honestly wish she would quit. Its extremely bugging me, she talks all of this trash about how she’s kicked people’s asses, where the hell is the evidence? I’m sorry, but unless I see the other girl with my own eyes, as far as I’m concerned, its just talk.

She talks behind everyone’s back, including her own “friends”, at least she could do was tell it to their faces instead of lying to it. Talk about a back-stabber. I just hate it when people do that though, talk a lot of smack, but won’t do anything they say. You say something, you should at least stick to what your going to do.

Back Away From the Car
Look at my wonderfly ‘77 Blue El Camino. The greatest car ever known to man (not really, but I can dream right?). Its a classic, it needs some fixing up, like the rust removed, and the engine cleaned. Its the car that keeps dying on me oo.

I’ve gotten emails from my host family in Japan, here are what I have so far, it doesn’t include the replies from me, on a couple of the emails, but you can pretty much get the just of it.

Hello Riffey family! This Mariko Hoshi.
Nice to meet you! We’re looking forward to meet you !!
I think you will have a good time in Kakuda.
See you at the station!
Please write back.
Hoshi family 🙂

Hi Mariko and rest of the Hoshi family! I’m extremely excited to be going to Kakuda too, and I can’t wait to me you! I was going to email you today, but looks like you beat me to it! I will have a bunch of photo’s to show you of Greenfield, but someone (you?) in your family has already come to Greenfield, I will have some pictures anyway. Please write back!
Megan Riffey

Hello Megan! This is Mariko!
We can’t wait to meet you, too. I am studyintg English. Because my English is not good. So I try to speak better when you come to my house. Can you speak Japanese? If you can speak Japanese, please use Jamanese in my house. I went to Greenfield two month ago. When I went to Greenfield Central High school, I published on newspaper! I had a very good time there!!
Please write back!

Hello Megan!
I surprised you can speak Japanese!! Good! When I went to Greenfield I joined Japanese class in Greenfield Central high school. I talked about animation( cartoon) to Japanese class student. When you stay our house, we have a wedding party. Do you want to go it? If you want togo wedding party, we’ll take you. Please write back.


I’m tired of pretending
To be something I’m not
Even when I try not to, its just very hard
I pray and pray, if there is a God
Why do these things happen to me?

I know I have friends, but they cannot share
The grief and dispair that I feel
No one will know, what I feel
Until its almost too late
I wish I could do something
To stop this pain
God knows, that I’ve tired before.

Talking doesn’t help
It just hurts even more.
Maybe I’m meant not to live, maybe I am.
People are so sure, that there is a God.
Where was God when I broke down unable to get back up?


Edit Rupert didn’t win. Amber won, Rob asked Amber to marry him. They are giving away an additional one million dollars to one of the other 17 survivor. And we get to vote and decide who’ll that will be!

Vote for Rupert

Tonight is the finale of Survivor. Rupert is in the final four can you believe it? He’s representing the Indiana Hoosiers! Woot Woot! In your face Boston Rob! I think Boston Rob, should be voted out, then Amber, and then Jenna. Big Tom was voted out last time, so I really wouldn’t know. Look at it this way, Boston Rob need Amber and Jenna to vote out Rupert which is their next target, but Jenna has an alliance with Rupert.

So its basically Amber who’s the swing vote. If Rupert or Jenna can get Amber to vote out Rob, he’ll be the next suvivor gone! GO RUPERT!


Edit May 9 – I got sick at work today, like I threw up, so they sent me home, and I still don’t feel good.

Edit A new snoopy layout, not my best, but I love it!

I got my host family information, and now I have to start taking pictures, which believe me, I already have like one hundred pictures. I’ll be staying with the Hoshi family. Here’s the information:

Shinichi Hoshi – Father – Company Employee – Hobbies: PC
Miyuki Hoshi – Mother – Staff for the handicapped – Hobbies: Handicraft
Mariko Hoshi – Daughter – 12th grader (Senior) – Hobbies: Calligraphy
Ryohei Hoshi – Son – 10 grader (Sophomore) – Hobbies: Games
Yukari Hoshi – Daughter – 7th grader – Hobbies: Piano
Minori Hoshi – Daughter – 1st grader – Hobbies: Piano
Fuyoko Hoshi – Grandmother – No Occupation – Hobbies: Gardening

I also have Mariko’s email address with this paper about the host families. I have their address, and their telephone number, its completely awesome. They also have one dog, and it gives all of their birth dates. It even tells me what my room will be, like I’ll be staying in a Japanese-style private room, Futon, Western-style toilet. I’ll have my own room! This is completely awesome!

Mariko stayed here in March of this year, so I probably saw her on the farewell party, but don’t remember her. I can’t wait though, the people who hosted her, want me to give her something when I go over there, I can completely do that! I can’t wait!

My friend and I agreed a few days ago, we’d go and get our hair done together, because she wanted hers highlighted too, and cut (same as me). Well, I told her I’d look around at some places that I know cuts hair. She said that Wal-Mart could do it, and I asked how much was it, and she said sixty dollars. My first impression was like, no way.

I told her I’d look at other possibilities. So I called PJ’s Beauty College, which is where I normally go, and they highlighted hair for anywhere from ten to twenty-seven dollars. Big improvement. I told Mary, and she’s like okay, we’ll go there. I called the College by the first name, so she didn’t know it was a beauty college. Once she found out, she said she didn’t want to go to some college.

That really makes sense (not really), because there are licensed instructors you can ask for instead of students to highlight your hair, but that didn’t make a difference. She wanted to go to Wal-Mart, and I told her sixty dollars is an awfully lot of money just for something that’s going to grow out and evenly not be in your hair anymore. Why pay 60 dollars, when you can pay up to twenty-seven dollars for the same quality if not better.

In the end I told her I’d think about it, even though I’m notgoing to do it. Why should I pay that much more to get the same thing done when I’ve been going to PJ’s for over five years? It just doesn’t make sense.

The Rules.

This is just something I thought was funny. Guys may find it offensive, so don’t take it seriously, its just something funny. (I made this list, except for Rule number 12). Next installment, Thursday, May 13, 2004.

Rule #1: Guys are wrong. Women are right.

Rule #2: Don’t piss women off. It’s a death wish.

Rule #3: If you have balls, you probably shouldn’t step within 10 ft of someone who doesn’t.

Rule #4: Never look at another woman. You do, your as good as dead.

Rule #5: You can never pay too much a dinner don’t be a cheap ass

Rule #6: God made you for one purpose, our personal sex slaves. Just don’t fight it.

Rule #7: Nasty thoughts are unwanted. Keep them out of your head, or you’ll find a 2×4 taking them out for you.

Rule #8: Do NOT touch the radio. Unless you want your fingers gnawed off.

Rule #9: When we say we want to watch TV, you should act like a robot, and automatically hand it over. Unless you want to sleep on the couch. Without the cushions, minus a remote. Try watching TV now.

Rule #10: Sleeping in the middle of the bed will result in a pillow over you face. Go towards the light (afterwards you will be rolled off the bed).

Rule #11: If you come home mad, refer to rule number 2, it just may save your life.

Rule #12: Don’t disrupt a women’s schedule. It may result in a fatal castrate by accident (accidental my ass).

Rule #13: A nice warm meal and clean dishes never hurt anyone. Well, except maybe you if you don’t do them. Remember that last part of rule number 12?

Rule #14: Women have arranged their possesions in a worldly fashion. Remember that TV show about the earthquake, 10.5. I’ll show YOU 10.5.

Rule #15: Throw women’s things away, and you’ll have a women’s night out including a bon fire, fired by YOUR things.

Rule #16: Interupping a woman refer to rule #1, rule #2, and rule #3

Rule #17: Insulting a woman results in immediate death, with no warning at all.

Rule #18: Insulting a woman behind her back is no different than rule 17, except you won’t die, just in a incredible amount of pain, while women dance, point, and laugh.

Rule #19: Listen to women. You may have just agreed to go to your mother-in-law.

Rule #20: Drinking results in yelling. Yelling results in anger. Anger results in pain. Stop while your ahead.