Pretty new shinny layout! Bow down before me! Mwahahaha! I have no life; just ignore the pathetic one that I do have. Cursed people.
I have a rough draft of a research paper due tomorrow and we just got the assignment yesterday, very hectic. I’ve decided not to do it tomorrow, because we don’t have enough time especially with it wanting to be three-to-four pages long, along with a works cited, and works consulted page; it just isn’t happening.
Something interesting happened yesterday in Psychology, we took this test and it told us whether we used our left or right brain. I use my left brain with is the more practical, lets think everything through plan, which I believe that’s why I’ve matured and when people yell at me or get mad at me (on the internet), I act cool, and it really annoys them.
It also said I’m good with languages, and I can understand and use big words. There’s really not much to talk about. I went and saw Resident Evil, and then last Sunday (the 26th), I went to the Colts Vs. Packers game at the RCA dome, and it was packed. I didn’t really go and see the game, we just went to the tailgating party, but it was still good. I got an extra-point Colts monkey.
I can’t wait for Ladder 49 to come out! It comes out Friday everyone should go see it! It looks really awesome, and I can’t wait, but since I no longer have a job, I have to bum money off my mother in order to go. Nothing really to talk about.


I am really mad at hostaffect for my website still being down, I’ve gotten to the point where I am no longer nice, and am insulting them. This is my email to them (the bottom one is from hostaffect after I’ve emailed them before):

It seems that you and your staff are very incompetent about getting my site back up. I paid 45 dollars for my site to be up, UP not down. I thought I was done with the worst hosting companies, but obviously I was dead wrong; because of course, you went and proved me right. I am sick and tired of complaining to you and nothing ever getting done, it took me over two weeks the first time to get my site back up. My site has been down quite a while, and I think even a day is too long.

You have lost a customer for your incompetence. I want my site back up, and I want it up by tomorrow night. No more excuses about being out of town, if you were unable to get it back up, then you should not be an Admin of a hosting company. I have had enough of dancing around about getting my site back up. I want it UP and I better as hell have it up soon.

I have not broken the terms of agreement, but you have, you promised 99% uptime, and obviously you are unable to give that.

Megan Riffey

From: “Host Affection” <(email deleted)>
To: “Megan Riffey” <(email deleted0>
Subject: Re: New Changes, New Support, and More!
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 14:45:12 -0400
Sorry, I was out of town and I’m the only one that has access to this e-mail address. I will get it back up when I get home today. I’m extremetly sorry…


New Layout, I’d just thought I’d point that out, I’ll probably be back later on today to officially blog, I have to go to work in about a 15-30 minutes, so I don’t really have that much time left! Plus I can’t skip it, because it’s my last day at Marsh! I’ll talk to everyone in a little bit, and don’t forget to comment on the layout!

Back! Friday I had Psych, and we had fun, we played Simon Says twice, and then we did Speed dating, which was fun. The guys switched sits and there were two girls setting at a table, and we got to ask questions and they asked questions, I voted for Trent and Corey! My favorites in the end! Trent won the best speed date!

Today was my last day of work, and it sucked, we had four baggers, when we originally were only suppose to have two. Wednesday I was suppose to work, but I didn’t even bother showing up, because I went to Hisago, a Japanese restaurant in Indianapolis, and it was from four-thirty to eight-thirty, and I was suppose to work 5-10 so yeah. Obviously I said before I didn’t show up, but it was really fun, Bringerud Sensei forgot his camera but I remembered mine!



I am so crammed for time right now, I just forgot that I’m going to a Japanese restaurant Wednesday, and they have me working (at Marsh) Wednesday, so I have to go in tomorrow and see if one of the baggers will take my Wednesday and I’ll take this Thursday. Then Wednesday I have thirty-eight research note cards, and nineteen bib cards due, and I only have seventeen note cards, and five bib cards, huge difference.

I have a Psychology project that I have to continue working on with my partner, then I have to read Physics, then I have to have my Geometry homework done by Wednesday, if not, my parents are going to get a call from my teacher, Mr. Fortuna. I have a Geometry test that I have to study for, and I’m just lacking the time.

I just got back from the library today, I was there from three-thirty to six o’ clock. That’s quite a long time, and that was just working on my research paper, which hasn’t progressed (obviously) very much, even though I’ve spent a great deal of time on it.

English was extremely boring we went over plagiarism, which is obvious to me, but we still went over it, so it was kind of boring. Then we began to go over the outline for our research paper, but didn’t go into great depth explaining it, which is fine by me, it’s boring anyway. Then Geometry we got our midterms and I’ve got I believe a D in there so far, and its really tiresome, because of my job, and other school homework already.

Then in Psychics we did some activity then we have an in-class assignment, and then Mr. Thackery gave us a reading assignment, which isn’t really hard, considering the chapters are like five pages long. We took a test in there the other day, and he said the highest was an 86(out of 100), and I’m very proud of myself, I got an 84! Go me!

I think I’m actually starting to enjoy school. Shh, don’t let my parents here that, they might ask me if I’m all right or not.

Afterwards I went to Psychology, and I had a blast in there, we were doing these stages, and if you have give a presentation and tell the class a little about the stage, and we have to do an activity. We played Freeze Tag, which our teacher, Mr. Leswing, was it. Then we played Truth of Dare, which was extremely fun because someone in my class dared Mr. Leswing to put on lipstick (and he did), it was so funny.

Then Lauren was dared to lick Corey’s foot (the top), and she did that, Corey was dared to go into another classroom, and scream, ‘I love school and my mommy’, then someone else went and had to lick the board, it was so funny. Then for Margo’s activity we went and got candy and ate (it had to do with peer pressure, people wanted her to get us out and get candy), but it was still really fun. I think that’s about it for my day!


Lets not forget today is September 11, the day we got screwed over and a bunch of people paid for it. Then it ended up in a search, then a war, and well, we’re still where we were three years ago. [sarcasm] I guess Bush is the best President we’ve ever had. [/sarcasm]

I feel like I’m being left out of things that include my friends. A lot of my friends are doing things on Saturday or Friday nights when sometimes I’m unable to, and it really annoys me. Sometimes they don’t even ask me to go, but they talk about going to someplace right in front of me.

My friend invited my other friend (naming no names) to the mall, and they kept mentioning it in front of me, and it hurts my feelings, because it seems like they don’t want to include me or like me. This isn’t the first time I’ve had friends who haven’t invited me to do things.

Maybe I have no friends; because that’s what I’m starting to think, some of my friends I hardly even talk to them anymore and its really making me sad, I just want to be included in things more. Some of my friends talk about going to the movies in front of me, but never invite me, or wait until that day to invite me, and guess what? I can’t, because I have things to do, or have to work, if they would have left me know in advance, that would be a different story.

I also feel like I’m being ignored, I asked one of my friends last night if they wanted to go to the movies, and she said she’d have to check with our other friend, and she’d get back to me. Before I know it, her away message is up, and I can’t get a hold of her; she never got back to me. Well, gee, thanks for telling me. I feel so loved by my ‘friends’.

I won’t be able to do anything this weekend and probably not next weekend. I’ve got work, school, family, and it all makes me tired, where I just don’t want to do anything. I’m sick and tired of feeling like a third wheel when my friends are talking about something that’s happen to them we’re they were together.



You’re right. I am a slacker, but if you couldn’t tell, akiraka is still down, so I still have no blog except here. I was in the Home Coming Parade yesterday it was really interesting. We got to ride in a truck (for Japanese Club), and throw candy to little kids.

Some of the floats were interesting, I didn’t get to see the junior float, only the sophomore float, but it was still pretty cool. One of the floats had Mario Brother’s, they had green trashcans, and every once in awhile you’d hear the little ‘ding’ when they get coins. It was pretty cool. I was behind French/Spanish club. There are a lot of people in Japanese club its not even funny, some of the people had to walk.

I skipped out part of the day at school. Today is Homecoming and well, I don’t want to sit through a three-hour pep session, do you? I’ve been extremely busy with school I haven’t had much time for the Internet. I’ve still got to design the Japanese Club Website that probably isn’t going to happen for a while, and I have to do it soon, because well we’ve done our second activity already, and I believe next week is our third.


I’m quitting at work, I put my two-weeks notice in on Sunday, my Geometry grade is already slipping and I have to get that back up, its just one of those classes that you get homework in all of the time. School is kind of fun, depending in what class you’re in. I love Japanese, Accounting II and Psychology. Those are some awesome classes, I think everyone should take those, but that’s just me.


Did anyone hear about Genesis? I think its part of NASA, but I’m not sure about that, but it was sent out to retrieve pieces of the sun and bring them back to earth. Its really interesting, go to cnn.com and check it out. I have some pictures with my digital camera that I took, I have to load them on my computer, but as soon as I do that, I’ll post them here.