//EDIT Guess what happened? One of the cashiers got fired and arrested. Last night one of the employees came in saying she’d lost all her money and her credit card here, well, Chris (the guy who got fired) went back to look for it, and came up with the credit card, but no cash.

Brian and Carrie looked at the videotapes, and saw him stealing it, and they had him arrested and fired. He was going to get fired anyway because he’d lied on his application if he’d have worked at Kroger before. He did, twice, and got fired twice. The first time I don’t remember what it was, but the second time, he was caught masturbating in the break room.

He even hit on me Friday, I should have told Brian or Carrie right there and done something.

New Skin added (Paris Hilton). Just thought I might want to point that out while I’m editing stuff, so enjoy and don’t forget to comment!//EDIT//

I read Hikaru No Go (which is Manga) and it was very good. Quite different from what I originally expected out of it. I went to the mall yesterday after I got my paycheck and spent about forty bucks there buying a Barnes & Noble gift card for my friend (which I’m currently spending) and then the Manga.

I decided to use the gift I got my friend, and just get another one next week when I get paid. I went online and ordered Red River, Volume 1, and I can’t wait for it to come! I’m hoping I get a lot of money this year for Christmas, and maybe Battle Royale, Volume 1 from my friendI got Battle Boyale, Volume 1!.

I got in some extra hours at Kroger. They needed someone to cover another cashier, and I told him I didn’t think I’d want to do it, because Friday was suppose to be my only day off. After I went shopping I went back and told them I could work, so I worked 4-9pm. I work today 3:30-8:30pm, so I’m looking at probably about $145 next week as my paycheck. Go Holidays!

I kind of have a crush on one of my managers, Brian. He’s probably in his early twenties, but cute looking. I’d rather have him for a boss than Carrie. Brian is this laid back kind of guy, but you still have to do your work. Carrie’s like you have to be working at all times no matter what. I think Brian approves of us doing things that keep us entertain, but as long as we do our main goal, talk to the customer, and ring up their items, then we can pretty much do whatever.

Thanksgiving sucked here, I mean really sucked. Apparently my Aunt (J.J) thought the dumb idea to send troops/soldiers stuff, instead of getting people gifts. I don’t know about them, but they are sure getting paid a lot for one weekend a month out of OUR money. I’m barely surviving here with that I was working on at Marsh, and I’m getting paid more at Kroger, but they are taking more taxes out of it. Sometimes I just feel like, if I work fewer hours I’ll get to keep more money.

Apparently everyone told my Aunt no with the soldier thing, and my grandmother got pissed (like that’s new, huh?). They are still sending the troops stuff, but I don’t know. They’re extremely weird, which is why I’m thankful I missed Thanksgiving. Except my mother was suppose to save me some deviled eggs, but didn’t, so what was I doing last night, making myself deviled eggs. It was sad.

The other day I went and bought Underworld, which is an extremely good movie. I had been wanting it for awhile, but Marsh never had it on DVD to buy until recently, and I made sure I got the Full screen edition, not the wide screen where you have to squint to read stuff.

I haven’t worked on Project XL for a while, because well, I just don’t really have the time, I’ve been so busy working. I’ve still got make-up homework to do, that should tell you how busy I am.

I got kind of pissed at my geometry teacher (Mr. Fortuna) and started to yell at him. He told me I was getting behind, and I told him what more did he want me to do? I was doing everything I could. It really pissed me off, he just expected me to pick-up where we left off, and it’s just not going to happen. I missed one day, and I had to go to his room before school for a freaking week to even get remotely caught up, even then it still doesn’t help. I probably lost all of my credits for not being at school so much.

I’m currently trying to fix up my LJ to look a lot better, but so far it isn’t working out. I can’t find any body that’s LJ looks good, which would be willing to customize mine for 3700vv. I guess that’s pretty much my week. Enjoy the weekend (I know I won’t).


//EDIT I’ve decided to join Project XL, and this years theme is Imagination. Project XL you can win scholorships and money (up to $2000). You compete against fellow students across your state (I’d be competing with Indiana students). I’m creating a short story for my entry, and hopefully it’ll turn out good. If you notice I’m not on or haven’t been, then you obviously know what I’ve been working on, plus make-up work.

//EDIT New Skin featuring Linkin Park.

I called into work Sunday because I was still sick; they are still giving me my eight hours though (thank god), and so it’ll still bring me to twenty-three hours! I’ll probably make more than $125 this week (I get paid more for working holidays).

I couldn’t sleep due to my coughing (I’m still sick), so about 1 A.M. my mom was driving me to the ER because I was coughing so much it was really starting to hurt. We get there and the doctor asks’ us what can’t wait till tomorrow. She was real bitchy, and she told me my antibiotics (Keflex) weren’t doing anything except getting rid of my fever.

She then put me on a knock-off drug that still costs’ $80. The real thing would have cost $112, and we can’t afford that. I also got prescribed some cough medicine, and it has codeine in it (Weeeeeeee!). It works wonders, except it doesn’t really help my cough, I was still up last night coughing and hacking. I thought I was going to die (it was worse than usual).

I came to school today and found my gift from Cassidy hanging in my locker, and it was a notebook and a book. There was a funny note with it:

A Christmas Gift from Me to You
The holidays have come a little bit early with my present to you. You may hate me after you get it for the frustrations of receiving this joy a month early. But do not despair, the gift will open, just remember to write down how you wish to kill me in the complimentary notebook from me to you.

Remember the friendship that we have and do no kill me for my Christmas gift to you.

My sister comes home from college today, for her Thanksgiving vacation (I believe it’s two weeks). Unfortunately, I have to work Thanksgiving from 10:30-3:30 so I’m looking at scraps from rest of the family. Gee, wonderful. I guess nothing else to talk about. I’ve only got one more day of school left before Thanksgiving, and I have to work, tonight, tomorrow, and thanksgiving, along with Saturday. Busy, Busy Week. Everyone enjoy!


It’s some how official, I am dumb, but yet, I’m not. I scored a 720 on the SATs, but how can a test really tell how smart you are? I can make intelligent points, and write intelligent things. No test can show your intelligence in the way you do in how you act, or write something.

I may not be the smartest or most intelligent person, but I do believe I know more than what a “720” score can show. I never was a good test taker, which is why I fail half of all the tests’ I’ve ever taken.

I’m sick and tired of tests’ telling me how smart or dumb I may be. I am not dumb, I just don’t apply myself like I should. Plus another factor, I have/had strep thoart, and I still had to work last night at Kroger, which kind of made me mad. I’ve missed a lot of days of school, and I can’t afford to miss any more, but if I could, I wouldn’t be at school today.

I swear my computer apps teacher is an idiot, I missed one day of that class and that no clue what was going on, and she expected me to just know. Well, you idiot, I don’t know.

Guess what comes out today? SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS: THE MOVIE!


//edit New Skin, featuring Delta Goodrem!
I’m taking a great big break from phpBB. I’m sick, I’m tired, and everything in between, or at least I believe so.

Thursday after I got off the internet, I found out that my grandmother and my Aunt Rinky (she’s really not my aunt, but that’s what we call her) got home from the airport. Well, considering my mother was sick, and my father had to get up early, and the only other person who could drive our big truck, yes you’re right, me. So what was I doing ten-thirty at night? I believe I was driving to the airport.

I didn’t get home until about one-thirty and it sucked. I went to bed, then got up, and didn’t exactly feel like doing anything, so my dad called me into school, and I slept in till three-thirty, then had to run a bunch of errands, I was in town for probably about three to four hours doing errands.

Saturday, I had to work at eleven, and I finally saw my friend (whom I work with) who hasn’t been as school for probably four days at least, and we worked together, and we even had a lunch break together. We were suppose to get off at six, but managment asked me first if I’d stay till seven-thirty, and of course I did, then Mary said no, then found out I was going to, and then told them yes.

So for about eight and a half hours I talked and talked to customers, and my thoart is killing me! It hurts so much to talk, and I have to work five-thirty to ten pm tonight. I’m tired and my thoart is killing me.


Snap. Snap. That would be the sound of me going off on people. Snap. Snap. It’s all I’ve wanted to do lately, people seem to piss me off and annoy right and me left. I’m ready to start suing (seriously) host affect and steadfast networks. Both have given me problems, and I’ve given them nothing but time. Akiraka was up for probably about a week, before yet again, it is down.

Apparently host affect owners aren’t cooperating steadfast owners, and I don’t care what the hell they have to do, but if it’s not up soon, all hell is going to break loose. I’m sick and tired of being second priority with hosting companies, and I’m getting ready to snap, and if I snap, it won’t be pretty. I would have gotten akiraka up soon, but I didn’t have mysql, which is what I wanted, so I let that by, and just left it like it was.

Then Shinku went down, and I got an IM from Cassidy and Sarah about it being down. By that time, I just felt like screaming my frustration to the world, but of course I didn’t, I wouldn’t want to offend people (that’s what I’d end up doing). The owner’s of host affect, and steadfast are complete and utter idiots. I cannot deal with idiots right now. I’m tired, pissed off, annoyed, angry, any freaking emotion you could possibly feel, and I’m feeling.

I’m pissed off, because they lied to me, I’m pissed off, because I haven’t gotten a good month’s worth of hosting in about FOURmonths, I’m pissed off that my site(s) even had to go down in the first place. I’m ready to kill.

Not to mention this idiotic, ignorant, hypocrite at school, who thought to open her goddamn freaking big mouth, and say the following:


“I’m going to hang those niggers, with my white friends.”Some people at VortexMB are taking it as a joke, and talking with the “N” word. You have no idea how that offends me, and some of my friends (who are black). It’s being hypocritical, ignorant, idiotic, and dumb, just about anything I’m capable of typing or saying out loud. I have a few choice words for me, but this is a public blog.

I stand by: People are idiots.


I’d just like to say, new skin featuring Britney Spears.
Again, I’d like to thank the following people: Thuy, Bush2004, John, Tara, Cassidy, Megan, Jessica, Brandy, Echo, Megan, Jerica, Brian, Megan, Megan, Bush2004, WooBush!, Megan, & Cassidy, for respecting my opinion about Bush, and stately nicely (one of you cussed, even though I asked you not to) for your opinion whether or not you agreed or disagreed. Thank you!

Nothing much has happened since the election, I was sick a day, because I caught whatever is going around right now, and boy did I ever miss a crap load of homework. I’m way behind in Geometry now, which isn’t good, since I’m already struggling through it.

I took the SAT’s yesterday, and it wasn’t long, it was just time consuming. Parts of it were extremely hard, but parts where just okay, what’s next? I found out my schedule at work Friday, and I work today from 6 to 10 pm. My mom was kind of mad when she heard that I worked to 10pm on a school night. Not even Marsh worked me that late, the latest they worked me was nine. I guess there isn’t much else to talk about, so I guess I’ll see everyone tomorrow.

//edit I went to The Blaze, a roller rink, and I used roller blades, which ended up killing my feet, plus I have a huge blister on the heel of my foot, and I have to work today.