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Did I get an iPod for Christmas? No, why would anybody want to get me something that I actually want for Christmas? They seem to believe that I wanted things that I never even wanted. Here’s EVERYTHING I got for Christmas:

1) Tires (for truck)
2) Colored Ink
3) Linkin Park: Live in Texas (cd)
4) Hair Dryer
5) Cow watch
6) $50

That’s all I received for Christmas. The tires for my truck and the LP cd are the only two things that I HAD to have. If other people in my family would have pitched in at least $30 you know what I could have gotten? An iPod. The one and only thing I wanted for Christmas (beside the tires, and the cd).

It’ll take me five years to get that from my family, or at least it took me five years to get my current computer. It’s like trying to pry something away from them, they have a fear of actually getting people wanted they wanted for Christmas.

So what do I have to do now? I have to save MY money and buy MY own iPod. Then I’ll have to borrow money to pay for gas, then my mother will get pissed, then I’ll just give up trying to get an iPod. Some of the visitors don’t realize how lucky they are to have a good Christmas. The biggest thing I got was my tire(s), and I had to have those anyway, so my uncle just went ahead and bought them for me.

Last week positively sucked. Not only did I get almost nothing that I wanted for Christmas, but I was in two accidents IN THE SAME DAY on Christmas Eve. One, I hit a truck, but nothing was wrong with either vehicles, but we went ahead and reported it, the next accident, was a hit and run. Some guy hit my truck (I didn’t see him, I was parked) and dented my truck, plus took off the paint.

My parents and my uncle refuse to fix it until AFTER winter. I stand by my opinion: I hate holidays and everything that comes with them.


//edit The new skin does work, it’s just when you get to the skins on the navigation it screws up. I’ll fix that later. Oh, and yeah, well, I failed the final on geometry, so I failed geometry. I hope I don’t have to quit my job, I demanded less hours so…edit//
I thought I’d leave you with another skin, it use to be on akiraka, but I changed that name, considering akiraka may not be back. In case your wondering what’s going on, I’ve decided to take a short hiatus, how long? Probably this entire week or so.

I’m working 18.25 hours this week, and I cannot afford the luxury of sitting on the computer. I have several grades in school that all depend on my final whether or not I pass. I’m pissed for a number of reasons including they are not working me an full eight hours so by law they are not required to give me two breaks nor a lunch, tonight (fifteen minutes short of 8 hours). Monday and Tuesday are the only two days I have off this week. I work, Tonight, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and obviously everyone is closed on Christmas.

I will talk to everyone later.


Look what I have finally added! New Skin and also I changed it to the default layout when you visit my site. I also added three more not too long ago either, but those were layouts that had been previously up. Anyway, enjoy the new skin!
I went and saw Ocean’s Twelve yesterday and it was funny. If people say it’s stupid, then obviously they don’t know a good movie if one bit them in the ass. Yesterday was Amanda’s birthday party and we went out to eat at some fake Mexican place where the food was disgusting, and then we went to Best Buys, Disc Reply, then to Morristown to bowl, then we went to Mozzi’s and had some more food. Then to Legacy to go see Ocean’s Twelve. That’s pretty much my day yesterday.

Sorry, but I’ve been a little crammed with work and school work.


Toyota Supra
Me Want.
Me Can’t Afford.OFFLINE:
01. Getting haircut, trimmed, thinned, and highlighted tomorrow!
02. Today is my father’s birthday.
03. 10 days till Christmas.
04. Got new tires from my uncle for Christmas.
05. 47 days till my 17th birthday.
06. Friday (17th of Dec) going out with friends for a b-day party.
07. Finals are starting FRIDAY!
08. I am 99.9% sure I failed Geometry!
09. Joined the Kroger Union.
10. Passed ISTEP with over 100 more points than before!
11. My Cousin got some awesome wicked subs!


I had an entry typed up, but obviously at school it didn’t like me and decided to refresh. Anyway, Myself and some other people got reported by one of the Cashiers, Kelly, that we weren’t doing anything to help her out when she had customer’s who needed things to bag.

She told Carrie that we weren’t helping her bag, Jared was standing over with us away from UScan, and we were loud. It just really pisses me off that someone like her thinks she can do that to us. Nathan, Kurt, & Jared will say the same exact thing that I’m going to tell Carrie today. That’s complete BS! I did not hire on to Kroger who put up with the same shit I did at Marsh.

Nathan was doing carts, trash, taking back cold items, and of course BAGGING! Kurt was running a register till Peggy told him to help Special Foods and then he went and did go-backs (which take a long time), afterwards he came back to his register (after Kelly left). Jared ran Uscan, and when somebody wasn’t there he’d come over to our register’s to help bag, and if there weren’t anyone to bag for, we’d talk. I’d admit we did talk.

She also said we were leaning on the register counters, and the only time I remember leaning on the counters were to get “Thanks for Shopping at Kroger” stickers.

Mary told me not to worry about it, that Carrie would probably just be watching me. I am going to worry about it, because it’s my reputation on the line, not hers. I just told Nathan in the hall, his exact words were, “I did something,” I swear I’m hating Kelly just from being so idiotic and for nothing.

I overslept yesterday till about 10:30, and I didn’t even mean too. I guess not really much else has happened. LJ is completed (it was done awhile ago).


What’s going on? I’m not exactly sure, but I don’t want to quit web designing altogether, considering it’s partly what I’m going into. I just feel like everything I make and everything I do on the internet is wrong. Having a private journal doesn’t help, nor a public one.

I will continue to own hate your way, and continue to renew it, however, I will not renew this domain. I will not even continue to design, and if I do, it’ll be for my own personal use, meaning it’ll stay on my computer, and won’t be put up publically.

I’m sick and tired of trying to please everyone, and the only person I should be pleasing is myself, which just isn’t happening. I can honestly tell you I don’t know when I’ll be back, but it won’t be for the rest of the year. I’ve come to far just to up and quit and too many break downs to let it get to me.

PLUS, I’m so packed with homework and completely behind in all of my classes. I only have one more full week of school left before finals, and I need to get caught up, and caught up now!

I won’t be on during the weekdays, only the weekends. I’m going to focus on school right now, because well, it’s more important than the internet. These last two years of high school are some of the most important days and probably could decide what colleges I get into. Please come back later, and visit hate your way.