Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear Megan
Happy Birthday to me!

I’m officially 17!

I’d like to also mention I am on an official hiatus, and do not know when I will come back. I hope to come back with content and new designs. So please look back, and don’t forget to comment.


A new skin featuring AYUMI HAMASAKI, this is now the 18th skin of Hate Your Way.

Jared & myself haven’t been the same since everything went down. Though I’ve seen him driving, and I know he’s seen me driving, I’m always driving even when I’m sick. I was suppose to work with him on Saturday, but I called in sick. I got sick over the weekend, so I didn’t work Saturday, Sunday nor did I go to school today.

Saturday after I called in sick, we went to the Indiana State Fair Grounds with the big garage sale, and I bought two shirts, they both have monkey’s on them, a hoodie that says ‘whatever’, hair dye, and a dvd. Then we had to leave early because I wasn’t feeling good, and we hit snow on the way back to Greenfield. It got really bad, so I’m kind of happy I called in anyway. Afterwards I got on the computer for a little bit, then went home and watched my dvd.

Sunday I slept in (till 9 AM), then played on the computer and downloaded java and LimeWire. I also downloaded three songs yesterday, afterwards I had to go online and buy tickets for my grandmother(s) to go to California, and that took probably about two hours only because of the fact that the site was going extremely slow.

Then this morning I woke up, and I sat there and said I couldn’t do this, and then my mom told me to go back to bed which I did. I went and got me something to eat in town and then came back and got on the computer, and downloaded one song. Which now is where I’m currently at.

Can you believe it? January 30 is my 17th birthday, and it’s getting nearer and nearer. I’m trying to get Jared, Kurt, Ben, and Alex to come, but it doesn’t look good. Right now what it stands at is we’re going bowling (regular/cosmic), out to eat, and then to the movies. Which reminds me to see what movies are playing. Otherwise nothing much in my life has happened.


We won SEASON 2005-2006 Indiana Pacer tickets!

It’s been a very bad/good week, and it all includes Jared. I’ll start completely from the beginning to help you get an understanding of what actually happened. Last Thursday I told Mary that I liked Jared, well, and then Friday night when I was there with Mary and Kroger, Alex found out.

Alex and Mary had both said they’d keep it under secret and not tell anyone. When I went into work Sunday somebody (I’m not sure who) said something, and Jared started to bug me what I was keeping from him, well, I was going to tell him I liked him, but it got to the point where he said he didn’t want to know. Even Alex tried, but he still refused.

Monday I went to Kroger and annoyed Jared & Mary (because it’s fun). Well eventually I left. Then I came back to Kroger later that night, and Mary took me aside and told me that Jared doesn’t like me at all, not even as a friend and a group of people were “bashing” me. Well, I got pissed, not because Jared didn’t like me, but because he said it behind my back.

So was ranting and raving on Tuesday trying to decide what I should do, and on Wednesday I worked with Jared and we completely ignored each other. Well, right before he got off, I asked him if I could talk to him, and told him if he had anything to say it better be to my face. His reply was, “You never told me that you liked me.” I started to get hostile with him, and I told him I tried, and even Alex tried (multiple times) and I couldn’t do more than that.

Thursday I was all bummed out because I thought I was being a little too harsh on him. When I got to work, later, Ben (one of the guy’s who in the group) told me that nothing bad was said about me, that Jared just thought it’d be awkward working with me now. After Ben explained what had happened, I thought it’d be best if I got Jared’s view on what happened. Of course, for the rest of Thursday night and Friday I was really feeling guilty for being hard on Jared.

So after school on Friday (yesterday) I went and talked to Jared. I asked him what happened Monday, and he told me that he said he didn’t like me, I asked him in what way, and he said as boyfriend/girlfriend way, and that I had just came in and tried to tell him that I liked him. After he said that, I got really guilty because he DID like me as a friend, just not in the boyfriend/girlfriend type way. So I apologized to him, and we’re okay now.

Everything isn’t going to be the same, but I can try to make him comfortable and not awkward when we talk. I just didn’t want to be mad at him or him to be mad at me.

Sorry Jared.


I’m extremely tired right now; school and work have both worn me down. I was late to school today, probably about twenty-minutes late. Anyway, nothing has been going on much, except in about nineteen days it’s my seventeenth birthday. I’ve got it all/or mostly planned out.

First we’ll go to Blockbuster and rent movies, then afterwards we’ll go to Morristown Lanes to Bowl (Regular/Cosmic), then we’ll head back to my grandmother’s house, order pizza, and watch the movies. It’ll be a very fun night (well, hopefully).

I’m inviting people, like, Mary, Cassidy, Johanna, Rachel, Heather, Amanda, and hopefully Heather Moline, Ashley Filson, and hopefully I can get Alex Filson (Ashley’s cousin) to come over. Or, I’ll just do it where Alex can come to Morristown Lanes. I’ll probably invite people like Kurt, Jared, Ben, and Alex.

Oh yes. Charles and I are not going to work out, but I found out I like someone else. Yes, you guessed right, it’s Jared. Alex knew and blackmailed me into getting him gum, that little worm. Jared wanted to know all last night, but Alex and I refused to tell him, and thankfully he let it go. I was going to tell him anyway, just in case someone “accidentally” said something he wouldn’t be surprised, but that didn’t pan out. Come to find out Jared is kind of afraid to know what it is.

I went into Kroger’s today because I knew both Jared & Mary worked today. I went in and bugged Jared on UScan. I think I was annoying him, not really sure though. Oh, who am I kidding, I was annoying the hell out of him. It was fun, I told him (just in a playful manner) that I love him; he just put his head down and started to snicker. Earlier Mary had told me to go down to see my “lover boy” whom he really isn’t, but I’ll get her back for that tomorrow.

Last night I was a little hyper and I guess I was scaring Jared & Kurt, but it’s all right. Kurt wanted to know what Alex and I knew, that they didn’t, but they didn’t get it out of either one of us, which leds me back to the point, where I was going to tell him anyway, but he left early yesterday, and I didn’t have enough time to tell him.

I gave my first speech last Friday in speech, and it wasn’t that hard. I was the second person to go because no one else has the guts to actually go, but after I went we started to get some more volunteers. In case you are wondering, here’s my new schedule (The schedule follows every other day. Like Blue was January 7, and today is Gold.):

Japanese III
3rd Lunch

Computer Apps. ADV.
Accounting II
2nd Lunch
U.S. History


School starts back up tomorrow, and it’ll be a very long day considering, well, I have to work till 10 PM right after school. It makes me a little angry, considering I made a request saying that I could no longer work till 10 PM starting January 5th, 2005, and what happened? I’m working till 10 PM ON January 5th, 2005.
Not only that, but it means I’ll miss the Alias two-hour season premiere, but I guess that’s what a VCR is for. This has been officially the worst Christmas yet.