I have some to a new conclusion, whether you realize it or not, is your own choice, people are idiots & I <3 Two-Legged Giraffe’s! I’ve been completely random lately, so please excuse me, I may burst out laughing at any given time due to Jared & Mary.

Last Saturday, I believe, I read the paper about this beingReggie Miller’s last season (Indiana Pacers). I’m very disappointed considering I was looking forward to watching him next year with my FREE season pass tickets (<3). Oh well, at least I’ll be able to see other Pacer players that I love. Only have to wait till September!

I think I said that dumbest thing I’ve ever said awhile ago. Kurt & I were talking and he said something knew something, and my words were:

Well, at least you know, that she knows, that you know, that you know, that she knows.

I felt like a complete moron afterwards. Kurt & Jared made fun of me, but it’s all right, that was a very dumb comment to say anyway. In a way I kind of deserves to be made fun of. I’m kind of pissed off at Jared again, he cocerced me into “breaking” up with Charles and he sat there and make comments, like, “5 more minutes [till she leaves],” and it was rathering embarassing considering I had customers in line at the time.

I went over to Mary’s house yesterday and we couldn’t stop laughing. Lisa (Mary’s mother) thought we were both on crack, and I sat there telling her about the three-legged elephant (on Thack-Attack’s test), and how the three-legged giraffe came about, but instead of saying three-legged, I said two-legged and we had a good laugh about that. It was another one of those dumb things that you said, but don’t even realize you say it until it’s too late to take it back.

I’ve been buying Pepsi like crazy to receive the iTunes free songs, I’ve gotten probably about nine free songs from it (<3).

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Yesterday in case you didn’t know, I went to Chicago with the Japanese Club. I had to work Friday night from 5-11, and then had to get up at 5 am on Saturday. From there I took a shower, finished getting ready, and went over to Mary’s house at 6 (am) where we had breakfast. Then we drove to the High School and got on the Carter Bus. It took us probably a good four solid hours to get to Chicago.

We went to Mitsuwa (Arlington Heights, IL) and we shopped (I got some Ramune) in the Supermarket, and then we went and had lunch there (everyone, but me), it made me want to puke from the smell. Everything has shrimp in it and I don’t like shrimp. My favorite stored had moved, taking the only thing I had gone for, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), which ironically made me sad.

I went to the bookstore there and got Ayumi Hamasaki – Rainbow (cd), which was about $40. Japanese cd’s are in fact VERY expensive no matter where you go. Even in actual Japan they were expensive (they were actually more expensive). They were $30 for a SINGLE cd (with 3 songs on it or less). I also got a Japanese magazine with Johnny Depp on it (<3) & Toppo (candy).

Afterwards, we then got back onto the bus and drove to Chinatown in Chicago, which is rather scary looking place. Most of it are restaurants, and oh my god, the food there is good, AND cheap! I went there and shopped. I got three replicas of swords (with a little holder) for Alex (Ashley’s cousin), since he couldn’t go. Then I got myself a Dragon calendar.

After we were done shopping we headed home, and stopped somewhere here in Indiana and ate. Mary and I had got on each other’s nerves until we couldn’t take it anymore. The first thing I said to her was for her to lower her voice (she was loud at Mitsuwa and people were staring). I think we were just cranky because we were both tired.

Mary read on the way home and I slept for probably about an hour or so. We then watched The Grudge in Japanese (well, it’s technically the Japanese version of the grudge). Obviously that was it, nothing else has happened. Mitsuwa was kind of a disappointment this year, not as compared to freshman year. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. Oh, by the way, I’ll post some pictures later.


In case you’re wondering, yes, in fact, I am back. I’m decicded not to even bother with content, why should I? I love my site the way it is. I’m also pleased to great you with this new layout, which is unusually bright for my personality. If you can’t read the text or find errors, let me know. I’m sure I haven’t worked all of it out.

FUNNY.. It’s extremely funny how somebody gets sued for anything these days. Especially just for delivery cookies, something as harmless as that. It’s basically like suing the government for tripping over your own feet on a city road; it’s just completely ludicrous.

HOW’S THIS? Bush is cutting/tightening the budget and it will cut almost 7.5 million dollars a year to keep teenagers off the streets and for vocational programs. Let me tell you, Bush is doing a great job. How many more kids are going to be killed a year now, because Bush was trying to save about 400 million dollars on a program. Oh hell, what does he even care?

The ‘Leave No Child Behind’ program is doing just fabulous. I haven’t even heard anything about this program, it’s just like it went “poof.” Which with Bush it probably did. Isn’t the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, doing a wonderful job? Yes, I do believe that was sarcasm.

SICK CHICK. Why for the love of all humanity, would you want to SKIN a cat? What kind of sick twisted mind do you people have these days? Are you incapable of releasing your anger, to take it out on a CAT? It’s sick, and morally/ethically wrong. This woman should definitely get reported. She’s some sick weird-o who probably thinks it’s fun to skin cats. Let’s skin her.

SCREWED. I work at Kroger and they are part of the Union which means basically everyone has something called seniority rights. If someone who is below you has more hours than you do, then you can take his or her hours.

I was scheduled to work no hours during the week of 02/06/05-02/12/05, but someone below me was scheduled for 14 hours. I asked whom I must speak to in order to “bump” their hours. I went and talked to our new manger, Linda, who asked me if I was available for those hours. I told her yes, I could do those hours and she said she’d had the schedule changed.

Well, when I went into work on Saturday the 5th, the supervisor/accountant, Peggy, told me I couldn’t bump Hannah because of my availability form. But yet, the MANGAER said it was all right as long as I could work those hours. I got screwed out of hours for a week, so I now have to call the union. I read the book and this is what it says about hours:

Section 8.4 Claiming of Hours: If a less senior employee is scheduled hours that a more senior employee is entitled to, the more senior employee must notify the manager within twenty-four (24) hours after the posting of the schedule and the schedule will be changed accordingly.

In the event the Employer refuses to change the schedule, employee(s) involved shall be paid straight time for all hours lost, provided it is a valid claim.

Basically what that is saying even though Peggy screwed me, when I contact the Union, I will get paid for those 14 hours that I lost. Not only that, but I was told that I wouldn’t take just ONE day, that I had to take the entire week, but my friend was allowed to take one day. I’m going to report Kroger for that. I guess the Union does pay off (literally).

Apparently they went ahead and bumped Hannah, so I was suppose to come in to work today, and didn’t even know it. It sucks, because Saturday when I looked at the schedule, it hadn’t been changed, but they had printed out a new one, and then forgot to get rid of the old one (which was the one I looked at). Now Jenni (Amanda Brown’s sister) is pissed off at me. It’s not my fault that the new schedule wasn’t posted in the back, nor did I get the right one up front.


Hi, you’ve reached HATEYOURWAY. I decided to go on hiatus to try and make this website even better than it already is. Meaning? I’m adding content. I’ve got some content done, but I honestly don’t think I have nearly enough. I will also be using WORDPRESS when I come back, mostly just for customizable features I can obtain.

Not only that, but I will come back with an entire different look and feel. This hiatus I hope will not be long, but I do not know how exactly long it will take. Please visit SILENCE HURTS (the brushes used on this layout are from there). Please, please come back again at an later time for future updates (and some possible rants).