Jeff Weise: the one single teenager in history whom could be compared to Combine, and in fact has. While silently surfing DDG, I had managed to stumble a crossed a topic titled, “This is awful…” but of course that wasn’t the worst of it. Inside the topic contain a link to a flash movie called,“Target Practice.”

I couldn’t watch the video at school, however, when I came home, I did. People commented saying it’s the most disturbing thing they’ve ever seen. Explain this to me, how can it be the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen, if we have had the War in Iraq, 911, Pearl Harbor, Combine, etc.

People on DDG believe the flash should be taken down, however, I believe it should not.

I honestly don’t think that is bad compared to a lot of other shit. Everyone has his or her own right to free speech even if it’s wrong/right. That video represents Jeff Weises’ free speech. Though if it did show a premeditated murder/suicide then how was anybody suppose to know? No one found out until AFTER the fact that he posted on a Nazi Website, and the same thing with this video.The fact is: the video should say up, no matter how many people think it’s wrong, the only people who can request it down is the parents, and legally they have to go to court (or at least come to an agreement with the website owner).

People sat there and said that the video was the worst thing they’ve ever seen: get a life, look around, and get your head out of your goddamn ass. I’m surprised people haven’t compared to Hitler or better yet, Joseph Stalin who was actually WORSE than Hitler.

I think people are incredibly…dumb on this topic. We had no way of knowing for sure whether it was premeditated or not, he didn’t leave us a note two weeks in advance telling us he was going to kill people. Get it together and start worrying about the bigger picture.


Isn’t school just a wonderful time? While most other schools in the surrounding area were having a normal day, we were evacuated. We already had the suspicion about a bomb threat but we weren’t really sure, since even with past bomb threats they have not evacuated us. During 2nd period they come on saying to remain calm and not to panic, that we are evacuating the building and walking to the Middle/elementary School.

If that wasn’t to top it off, try walking when it’s not freezing, but cool outside, AND being inside a gym with almost a thousand students. It just doesn’t work. Don’t forget to add a killer Migraine, a loud, obnoxious girl who just happens to sit behind you, yelling “f**k this, f**k that” EVERY five seconds, just makes you want to kill yourself, and hope no body notices.

School sucks.


Can you finally believe it? I finally have the new site up, not a lot of content, but more than I originally had. Plus I placed all the new skins back up, and if you couldn’t tell, the #1 skin (You Are the One) is a BRAND new layout featuring the movie poster from The Matrix.

It’s very exciting and I can’t help, but to be happy. My grandfather convinced my mother to let me have a mustang; I just have to find one before she changes her mind. I have to work tonight (4-11) then work from (7:30am-2:30pm). How dumb is that? I’ll be extremely tired.

Mary got a new car finally; well it’s not new. It’s rusting through, I personality would have never gotten it, her dad just checked the oil, didn’t even take it to a mechanic. If something happens, I’m not going to say I told you so. I told Jared, and he’s like, “what? You mean she did not take it to a mechanic.” Not only that, but Jared had offered Mary a BETTER Mercury Sable that was newer, in better shape, AND for less.

But Mary being the idiot, said no, and then what did she do? Went out a bought this piece of crap Mercury Sable. Jeez.

Anyway, enjoy the brand new hate your way, that I FINALLY found the time to fix up and put up!


Have you ever listened to people sitting next to you in various classes creating a melodramatic situation? Lauren Fuller likes to do exactly that, “F*** her, that f***ing slut, I’m f***ing pissed,” to the point where you just want them to shut up.

It’s the same thing over and over; if you know your boyfriend is cheating on you, instead of getting pissed, cussing and all this dumb crap break the hell up with him. You’re dragging it on longer than you should, and it’s pissing me off. The whole class doesn’t need to know they fingered each other, or that they had sex on the first night they met. Or how your boyfriend lied about having a girlfriend. If you don’t like it, then BREAK up, it’s as simple as that. Wow, that’s hard.

Or how Lauren goes on and on about how she’s hate’s one of her ex-friends so much she can’t stand to look at them. Or they’re a shank/whore and nobody likes them. Well, obviously YOU had to like them at one time to have been friends with them, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite? I’m sick and tired of hearing about people complaining because their boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating, it’s as simple as BREAKING up.


Japanese Students came today to the high school from Kakuda, Japan (where I went last Summer). The Japanese 3 Class got to take some of the students to class; I got Masaki Meguro, and she was very hyper. We did a lab with them, then took them back to Physics and talked to them. Masaki liked Justin Fletcher a lot, and we asked a bunch of questions. It was a pretty good time, plus I got out of Speech, and most of Physics.

Nothing much has happened, I’m going to Hisago with Mary & Sarah tonight and I have to right a 3-5 page research paper by tomorrow, I’ll probably just print stuff out and write it out tonight or tomorrow. Plus I have a Speech to give on the Meiji Period on Thursday, but again, I have to work Wednesday.


Cassidy & I got into another fight, this one about our friendship. I feel like I’m not being met half way, and it pisses me off. Friday a bunch of people went to the movies & I had invited Rachel & Cassidy, but Cassidy said she was too tired, from doing errands and having someone ELSE change her oil in her car. I asked if Rachel was still coming over and she told me yes, that doesn’t make sense does it? She’s tired, but she’d rather have Rachel over.

Cassidy said she’d like to hang out with Rachel was much as she could since she was going to Seattle next year for her Senior year, but what really pisses me off, is that she’d rather spend ALL of her time with Rachel and not with me. I asked her what about me; maybe I’d like to spend some time with Cassidy.

She sat there and told me that everytime she was free to do something I was working, if she could just let me know for ONCE in advance, I would get someone to trade shifts with me or take my hours, it’s as possible as that. Some simple words in advanced would be nice.



Thank you for no one caring that two people in this world died. Oh that’s right, you don’t care, your theory? If you don’t know them, hey, what do you care? Here I thought people had some common sense or passionate, caring sides, but you people taught me otherwise. I’m sick of people goddamn judging people because of their mistakes in the past and/or what they look like.

If you can’t get past that, you’re a hypocrite and YOU don’t deserve to live. Louisa was anything but that, she told it how it was, and it pisses me off, that a lot of people visited here in between the time that was posted and no one bothered to say anything. Pathetic. If you look at it, it’s very ironic; the popular people get publicized, but if it’s someone like Louisa, oh no, who cares?

I’ve been very pissed off the last few days and I have no clue why. The littlest thing sets me off, mostly just the Louisa thing. I just want to smack morons, especially Anna Roberts. She was talking about Louisa and said the meanest freaking things about Louisa, and she didn’t even know her.

On that topic: Bite Me.

I’ve seen Jared around; a lot actually, but I haven’t said anything to him. I’m afraid I may go off on him, and we’ve already exited the “weird” zone, I’d prefer to stay out of it. I’ve been extremely busy with working, school, and friends. Hasn’t left a lot of time for the Internet, plus when I have been, I’m been working on other things.

We are currently reading The Last of the Mohicans in English, but no one understands it. I’m completely lost and I read all the time. Sometimes I just feel like kicking her ass (teacher) and kicking her out, and tell her to get a new job. Every other class is doing the same thing, except us.

We’re selling my El Camino this summer and my uncle may get the Camaro body that our next door neighboor has. If he does get the Camaro he’s going to drop hiscorvette engine and put it in the Camaro, then I’d get it! How awesome is that?

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