I feel completely degraded by some of the 5/3 bank employees. And believe me, it’s not only myself who’s feeling as we’re being frowned upon. While working one day I was stressed out it was extremely busy and I had to get cash. I went to Chrystal but she didn’t have any cash out yet, so I went to fifth third, and I had to go there a couple times to get dollar bills.

Well, if you have ever cashiered before, then you know when your till gets up to an certain amount you have to do what is called a “cash drop” and get rid of all your large bills. Now let me remind you before I needed cash (dollars) I had preformed a cash drop, so I was kind of limited on what I would use, and was basically getting change when I had enough money to get it.

The woman yelled at me, and told me to get something larger, I told her “Sorry, I don’t have something larger. I did something called a cash drop.” Of course she was probably just pissed of because I actually made her work. She doesn’t even work; she just sits there and looks at all the whole entire time. It’s not the men at 5/3 it’s the women I’m having problems with, there is another woman and she is bitch, she treats you like you are a little cockroach and she’s going to step on you.

I went to cash my check one day and she gave me attitude, which is why I usually try to go to Dallas or one of the guys to prevent this from happening. If they have a problem with me, I wish they would at least tell me so.

Spring Break wasn’t very interesting, or at least until the very end. I worked, March 25 (Friday), 26, 27, 29, 30th, April 1, 2 and 3rd. Spring break I had about 40 hours in, and it really sucked though because I was tired and didn’t really have anything to do.

Logan Edon and his family was in an car accident on their way back from Florida; they were about 5 hours behind my aunt when it happened, and the hospital called my aunt, but my aunt didn’t even turn around, yet she’s friend’s with the Edon family. Terry (Logan’s father) broke his back and his legs, and Logan only got 27 stitches (he was asleep, when you are asleep, your muscles are relaxed). Some woman crossed the line and hit head on, and killed her boyfriend.

Then my English teacher, Mrs. Parker’s son killed himself in their front yard with a shotgun. It’s been an interesting ending of Spring Break; I’d have to say this is probably the most dangerous Spring Break I’ve ever heard about in my life. Anyway nothing else has happened really, just working mostly; I haven’t had the time to do anything else.

Mary quit from Kroger and is working at Frosty Mug in during the summer, which I think is pretty dumb. She didn’t even give a two weeks notice I hounded her for that. When winter comes around and Frosty Mug closes for it, she’s going to be screwed out of a job. She said she’s going to save all her money, she does that anyway, her parent’s pay for EVERYTHING she gets, all she does is sit back and enjoy the ride. I had to pay for my ticket, the difference in my insurance, my lunch, my gas, and anything else I want to do.

Did you know that El Camino’s are considered a sport’s car since most have V8’s? My mother called to see how much it would be for a Mustang on our insurance since that’s a sport car, it’d be the same thing as my El Camino. Woot Woot! My mom was pissed when she heard that, she doesn’t want me to get a Mustang, but I do, or a Camaro.