I got the Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), but I’ve already heard some spoilers about it, but haven’t read it yet. When I got the book I hadn’t even read the series yet up to book 6, but on Sunday I started to read the series from the beginning, and am now on the fourth book, The Gobblet or Fire, and hopefully I’ll have it done soon.


My car has had improvements made to it, and thank god, it’s almost done! Otherwise there isn’t much to talk about, but I bought Enter the Matrix from ebay.


School starts on August 17, and I’m kind of wanting to go back to school, because then I’ll see all my friends and actually have something to do during the day. I already know what classes I’m taking and it should be great.


US Government
Geometry (First Semester, Study hall second)
Algebra II
Japanese 4
English 12
Biology II


And now I can’t wait because on August 10-21st the Indiana State Fair begins and of course my car will be done by then, and then in September we’re going to the Green Day concert!


This week has really sucked, I had five people mad at me at once, and I didn’t even know how I did it. The first person I made mad was Linda Bass (the manager) at Kroger because they had me working from 3:30pm-12:00am, and I flat out told her I wasn’t going to do that. I had called her at Uscan to talk to her, and told her my situation about the time, and she asked me who made it out? And of course I told her I didn’t know, because it just varies whoever is there that day, and then she asked me what day it was. I told her it was Saturday and she told me there wasn’t nothing she could do about it, and I told her she’d have to deal with my mother then, and she then asked, “well, who do you think YOU’RE dealing with?” and then hung up on me. Very professional like, huh?


The second person was Peggy (the person in charge in the front end) because she kept calling me wanting me to work, and I never called her back, because I was working on my car, and then she told me Thursday when I worked that she wasn’t going to call me in anymore, and now I probably wouldn’t get any hours, and of course I just called, and guess what? No hours next week, zip, na-na, ZERO!


Then I made my Uncle mad (the one working on my car), I honestly can’t tell you how I did that, but he was pissed off at me, and I told my parents how can he be mad at me, since there were only two days I wasn’t at the Body Shop to help on my car, but someone he is.


The next two people are obviously my parents, because they believe I go out too much, and need to stay home, which is a bunch of BS.


God this week really sucks, but on a side note I got the Harry Potter Book, but I hardly think anybody cares, oh! I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it’s a very funny movie (good too)!


Let’s all take a moment for the family and friends of the victims of the London bombings and the people who were seriously injured during the bombings. 

I think that the only reason they were “attacked” was because of the fact they were the first country to back the US in the War on Iraq. The UK said they would follow us through the end of this war, and I believe because of that, the al-Qaeda want to make all of Europe aware that if you join the US and help out with the War you are possibility open for an attack from them, when you least expect it. 

It took them what, four years to attack someplace else, how do we know that in one year something could happen like this. This wasn’t nearly as bad as the world trade centers, but I believe al-Qaeda are trying to intimate fellow countries, they wanted to do what they tried to accomplish with us, shake our foundation and attack again, but they never got the chance because we held together, just like we’re going to do for London and all of Europe.
We have a treaty with the UK and if they mess with them, they’ve messed with us (vice versa).
But we’ve already proven to the world, we’re stronger, let burnings fall because of them, they killed people, and we have stopped at nothing to settle the score against the al-Qaeda. I believe they are in for a rude awakening, they should have never targeted us, and should have never bombed the UK.
Car Update: The frame on the car has been fixed and we just receieved some of the parts today! That’s exactly how my car’s going to look (see picture) like when it’s completed (same color and everything). Tomorrow we’re going ot be sanding the parts, over the weekend my uncle is going to paint them, and then next week we’re going to start putting it back together.
I can’t go to Holiday World, my mom doesn’t want me to go because she wants an adult to drive, she says it’s too far, and now Amanda is mad at me, and I told her, it was originally suppose to be only three people before she invited two other people. Oh well, Mary can’t go now either, so we’re just going to do something on Saturday when neither of us work. Oh well, I guess there isn’t anything really I can do! And thank YOU for the comments on the last entry and the wonderful comments.



I thought I would never ever be back at this rate, but sure enough, in between friends, work, and of course looking for a brand new car, I finally finished theNEW hate your way. You better like the damn thing too, all the work that was put into this it’s not even funny.

Guess what? Over the weekend we bought a freakin’ car! Yes that’s right! I have a new (well, almost.), if you look at it through the back. We bought it for $875, and it’s a ‘99 Pontiac Grand AM SE, but it has some miles on it, but it’s still pretty good. We just deasembled it today, and won’t start putting it back together until next week. It is sooo awesome because the stereo it’s ubber cool and it’s manufactor! My cousin knew the girl who wrecked it (apparently she’s not a very good driver).

I was excited, it’s awesome, and when you turn the car on, instead of glowing green or white, the dash is RED to match the car! So cool! On top of that, it has ground effects which is ubber cool too and saves us a couple hundred dollars. I’m planning on putting lights under neath it, but I can’t use red, since it’s illegal, maybe white/black?

Friday I’m going to Santa Claus, Indiana to visit Holiday World. Personally I wanted to go to Six Flags or some where else that had a bit more roller coasters, but Mary is a little chicken. She said she hated them, and I asked her if she had ever been on one, and she said no, what the hell? You don’t like them, and yet you’ve never been on them? It’s her damn fing mother does this to her all the fing time and it pisses me off. What her mother says goes in Mary’s world.

On a happier note, there’s nothing else to talk about, but enjoy!