I’m sorry I haven’t been here for awhile but the last week has sucked really bad, we had to put one of our horses down, and if Becky had told us the truth about how much grain our horse had actually eaten then we would have been able to save him. And now we’re dealing with Animal Control, plus I haven’t had the desire to be on the internet nor blog lately, so this is probably all you are going to get for awhile.

Plus a new skin, Model made by Vinny.


I’m gonna start making some more themes for my message board:) Weeee…and possibliy have another contest for the board, that you have to change the images etc…it’s all good. Anyway, I’ve been completly bored lately. Thanks for all the wonderful comment:) DANG IT! I forgot to upload the new layout to add to this site…see what ya guys made me do? I got into installing something and uploadin something else, I totally forgot, and I told myself I’d upload it right before I got on the internet too. Oh well, I’ll upload it today.

Anyway, I’m been very bored:) Yes oh yes I have. Weeee….The suprise still isn’t up yet, i’m just waiting for the company to hurry up, but I’ll spill it…It’s a new domain (I’m still keeping this one btw). I have the layout done, b2 installed, allt he content uploaded, just waiting for the domain to be registered…cause b86 is backed-up in orders (only cause their mergering with StarNox Communications). And the B86 Support said that my domain should be up soon. Though I got my information for the domain on Aug 2. And have been waiting since:(

THUY – Thanks for the fansigns and the comment you left on your blog:) If you ever need me to install something that you don’t know, just ask me:)

CRYSTAL – That was a lot of plugs for me…thanks.

There we have it. Errr I really want my domain to be up >< Damn Dat Phan! YOU COULD HAVE LEFT DAVE ON THERE! Grrrr….Anyway…

Yep, I haven't been really blogging lately, cause yeah…I've been working on the new domain (which I will not release the name, only a selected amount of people know the domain and have access to the server url (so I can view my site without the domain, but I can't release the url, sorry). Yeah…I also installed a quick reply hack and money hack for Thuy at her board:) I have to worry about my board now. I think I'm gonna delte all my themes are start over..though the only one I'm not going to delele it the Sarah Michelle Gellar one…cause I like that one…but oh well..

I have just made the second version of my new domain:) I just have to wait for the first version to be up…lol. Anyway, I'm completely bored like no other. I've been bored alllllll day. I've made and coded about 2 layouts, and edited one page since like ten.

Did I say I submitted that fanlisting Thuy and I are working on to theFanlistings.org:) Well we are:) And I know we will get approved:) Woot Woot! I'm happy! Excited, beyond excited, I can't wait till we get an email back from them! Then we'll be offical:) But it'll still be good. I'm bored, and it's only 12:35 pm *dies* Five more hours….Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don't know if I can wait that long…Errr..well I'm on just about all Saturday and Sunday, even then I still don't get waht I want to get done..I get distracted, by something or someone. I suppose it's okay….

I'm just really bored….really really really bored. It's only 4:13:) weeee…THe day has been going quick..:) *smiles* I feel speciall *sarcastic*. FKK!!!!! WOOOOOOOOT! FKK IS COMING AFTER YOU! OR BETTER YET KKKK I'll let ya what that means later…anyway..I'm totally bored…about another hour and half. I wish someone would create a fanlisting about me….Someone created a fanlisting for Thuy 🙁 And I feel sad…but oh well….nothing i can do, except create good layouts.

Whelp, I'm still bored and it's only 5:04 now….any time they should close, I guess that's what sucks. I don't know…anyway…I'm completely bored. I just might Remove all the content from here, and move it over. Cause I had planned to make my new domain my blog, but I'm gonna keep hyw. Anyway, I'll probably just have it maybe as like a group blog (not sure), or I don't know. If you have ANY suggestions, leave a comment there! Thankies! Whelp, better go! So I guess I'll talk to everyone later:) Byes!



I was just watching Britney and Keven: Chaotic, and let me tell you something, does anybody want to see her MOUTH talking to the screen. I should hope not, and every five seconds, sex, sex, SEX! We get it, you’re a SLUT! You don’t need to announce to the whole freakin’ world that you sleep with your fiance a couple times a day.


Another matter in my family is the fact that we are currently broke, between my mother, father, and myself we have thirty dollars, and on top of that, I owe Charter thirty something dollars because my mom used my debit card, and I didn’t have enough for a 5.00 check to go through (they still paid though). Thank you mother.


Not to mention that tomorrow I’m going to Canada and will be there until Sunday, so I guess until then nothing to talk about, so I’ll probably see you all Tuesday.