[Edit – April 28, 2006] I’ve started to make a new layout, it’s a lot better than this one, maybe I’ll keep it for awhile, it features Yuna from Final Fantasy. [/Edit – April 28, 2006]

Sorry about not blogging, I haven’t really been feeling good for awhile, but I’ll have some stuff to put on (including the actual domain, mayoke), so keep looking for that.


So anyway, Jared Thomas was arrested last week, he was jumped by two black guys who were trying to rob him, and I guess he refused to give him the money and one of the guys pulled out a gun on him. Still I believe he refused to give them the money, so the guy with the gun hit Jared in the head with it, and he has a gash on his head. Then I guess still Jared refused, and so the guy fired the gun, and barely missed him, and hit another guy in the neck, Cortni Hopkins (18) and killed him before they got to Wishard, and so the black guys are trying to blame it on Jared, even though he didn’t do anything.

Then Lauren a friend of Jared’s Girlfriend told her that I was saying that Jared should be put in jail he had the gun and just didn’t want to admit it. I was so pissed off, I honestly thought I was going to deck her today, but I can’t because I’m 18 and she’s not. But it got around to Jared, and I asked him if he was mad, but he said he didn’t really care, that a bunch of people were saying crap. So of course, I go to the library, and who else do I see there? Jared, his girlfriend, and bitch-fucking-liar Lauren. I’m so pissed!


Friday when I saw Ice Age, Amanda had invited Heather, but she was on a date with Thomas (of course) and they didn’t want to go to the movies. So about 20 minutes before the movie started, guess who shows up? Heather! Amanda was po’d and so was I. Then I confronted her about it yesterday and as I was yelling at her, she didn’t say anything just sat there, when I told her, we are tired of her blowing us off and she constantly does it, and needs to get out of his ass.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X (yes I’m a little late) and it’s been frustarting, It seems like I keep battling boss after boss. I had a lot of trouble with Evrae, and now I’m going against Evrae Altana, I have this guide that tells me what to do in order to beat them, because I need it. It usually takes forever, but we are doing good now!

Anyway, I work for rest of the week, so I don’t know when I’ll blog again, so don’t expect anything any time soon.


Yes, it does look like I am back. Finally after several months of not doing anything really internet related, I have bought a brand new domain and am back for the time being! This week was our spring break, and it sucked, Amanda was being a dick through the course of the TN trip.

We left probably about nine or so in the morning and I slept most of the way there, so it wasn’t that bad. We got there at the Watson’s (they use to be neighbors) at six p.m. Anyway, it was boring until we left, then I felt like slamming Amanda’s head against the freaking door and driving myself. I seriously thought I was going to die on the mountains with her, she took the roads like 70 MPH, on the freaking mountains!

We finally came home, we drove overnight and got back into Indiana by 6:30 after taking a wrong turn because of Amanda. Apparently she didn’t like taking directions from me, because I told her, take I-74 and it’ll dump us right into Shellbyville, but no, she decided to take a wrong turn at a different exit, and I didn’t talk to her for rest of the trip. Then the balls of her, to not even bother to help me get my crap out of her car, she just sits and waits until I get all my crap out.

Then the next day after we came back, I found out my sister’s bestfriend (Mary Rihm) mother died, so I’m not sure if I’m going to the funeral Monday or not. Not only that but it stormed last night, and a Tornado ripped through Fountaintown (in Shellyville) where our horse barn is (we keep horses there), and then we figured out, that it missed our barn by a quarter of a mile. It demolished barns, houses, and anything else.

Then Amanda and I went and saw Ice Age 2: Meltdown and it was freaking funny. I swear I love that movie, I even bought the first one. Anyway, I better let everyone else go! Please be sure to comment!