On Sunday, June 18, 2006, I called into work, and talked to Sherri Burton, the manager of Kroger, when I told her I didn’t feel good, then she said I HAD to come in, there were too many people who had called in, then proceeded to repeat over and over again, “Don’t Lie to Me, Don’t You Dare Lie To Me”, and I told her we were out of town too, and didn’t know when we would get back, and she repeated, “Is that the reason your calling in? Don’t Lie to me, don’t lie to me.”

She then began to get more aggressive in her tone, until I had enough, and started to defend myself, by telling her, “I wasn’t lying, I wasn’t lying, so shut up.” Then proceeded to hang up on her.

The next day, I discovered that she had suspended me, without notification, by claiming I was insubordinate, even though I was only trying to defend myself from her.

She then told me I no longer had a job at Kroger. This is all because I decided to defend myself against her false claims, and am even a member of the Union.

What has Kroger come to, I swear that Sherri is WORSE than any manager that Kroger has EVER had. May she rot in hell. Anyway, I went to the Union, let out rept. Greg a message, and then contacted┬áChannel 6, so maybe they’ll get something done.

If this is what happens when one person defends themself from false claims, then I wonder what else happens. I even been there longer at Kroger than Sherri has.


Hey! So sorry I haven’t been here, but been working like 30 hour weeks, and been sleeping alot lately. Anyway, Graduation sucked, it was so hot in the GYM, but I got to sit by Jared for about 2 hrs. I was kind of disappointed during the slideshow because they showed all popular people, and it really made some of us mad, to the point where I submitted something to the Daily Reporter.

I can’t wait for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift to come out this week, I’ll be one of the first people in line for it, because it’ll be so awesome! I even got Friday off from work in order to go see the movie. I saw X-Men 3 for the second time the other day, not that I wanted to, I wanted to see another movie, but Amanda wanted to see X-Men.