Well, I pulled a double yesterday at Wal-Mart, and it really killed me. They even had the balls to ask if I wanted to come in early today, I was like hell no. The store closed at six and management got us out of the store by 6:20 which is really good for them. Not a lot has been happening lately, I’ve been working which is just about it.

I saw Eragon last week, and it SUCKED monkey balls. The book is so much better than the movie, first of all, the movie was too short. Then it left out and altered a bunch of things that I felt were important to the movie. Trust me, it’s not a movie I’d buy any time soon, I’ll stick with the books. However, Ed Speelers, is hot, but that was the only good thing about the movie.

Anyway, in case you haven’t read any previous entries, my sister and I went to┬áRadio Now 93.1┬áSanta Slam, and our seats were where the VIP box was, and we were basically out of seats. So, anyway, we kept getting moved, so my sister emailed radio now and complained to them.

They told us they would investigate it, and then they finally emailed us back, told us a “care” package would be available for us to pick up. So my sister finally picked up it up, and they gave us two dvds, and eight cds, including, Pink, Nelly Furtado, Hinder, Chris Brown and so forth.

Happy freaking Holiday.


I have no idea what I did with one of my layouts that features Eragon, and I’m really mad at myself now. Anyway, yes I’m back, and with a new layout featuring Sailor Moon (you’ll get over it). A lot has happened since I’ve been gone from the world of the internet. A couple weeks ago I went to the doctors and was told if I didn’t lose weight, I’d have chronic back problems. Almost sounds like a drug! So I lost five pounds and now am gaining some of it back because I love food.

I had my last college final today so I’m officially on break now until January! Woot! I did really good too on my Final English paper, I scored a 93/100 which I think is really good. It was based on computer/mysql databases, it was kind of boring, but he thought it was interesting. On top of that if you haven’t been following I’ll re-explain everything.

My aunt (Dora) and my uncle (Rick) are getting a divorce. Last Spring Break before they went to Flordia my aunt asked to borrow a prepaid cell phone so in case she got seperated from everyone, she can get a hold of them, but Tommy told Rick, that Dora had an affair with some guy she use to date in High School, but there was a group of people there, and were only there for 20 minutes. Anyway, Rick took the cell phone smashed it into pieces.

Long story short, Rick kept hitting her, sent her to the hospital already once, and then kept showing up at their house (he moved out). Well, Dora had Tommy and Josh (my cousins) and one day Dora was picking up Tommy’s stuff, and picked up one of his jackets and guess what fell out? ALL of my aunts jewelry. She was so pissed off, and took Tommy’s car away. Well, the went to court yesterday and Dora was forced to give Tommy’s car back, but Rick is being forced to pay Dora half for everything, even though he’s no longer living in their house.

Instead Rick is living in my sister’s Apartment (it’s a spare), and she finally told him, he’s got to find somewhere else to live. Whelp, that’s all that’s been happening lately!

Eragon comes out December 15! Go see it, but don’t spoil anything for me (already read the book)!