[Edit]¬†Dude, last night was totally awesome. Amanada and I went out to dinner with Charles, and then we decided to hit Indy’s Wal-Mart. Well, while driving there, some chick kept trying to pass me, but I wouldn’t let her. She would try to go around, and I’d speed up so she was forced to get behind me again. Well, we were at a shop light, and she drove up in the other lane. I was like, watch this, and as soon as the light turned green we both slammed on our gas pedals, and I totally kicked her ass!

It was awesome, I was winning, but then we passed a cop and I started freaking out, I slowed down though, but the other chick waited, and then I pulled off at Meijer and waited a few minutes, but I totally kicked the girl’s ass. Amanada and Charles were totally freaking out because they couldn’t believe I did that.

I told Amanda not to mention it to anybody except Kurt or Jared. Woo-Hoo! Go Megan! [/Edit]

It’s already 2007 and nothing has happened. Except, we’re having problems with our laptop (the one I’m on now), and it’s going to cost two-hundred dollars to fix it. We just decided to buy a brand new laptop and keep this one, until it goes kaboom!

I’m been downloading some songs on iTunes, and one of the songs that I downloaded was Runaway (Serenity Mix) by iiO. It’s a really good song, I’m surprised, because I haven’t heard many songs by iiO except Rapture, and At the End.

Work has been killer, it took me forty-five minutes to talk to my supervisor and get my hours changed because they had me working hours I couldn’t because I’d be in school. Oh, my schedule has been confirmed by the school, and here’s my classes:


However, I’m not sure if speech is the same thing I took in High School, because my HS speech teacher, bought college speech books and though us with that. I don’t know, I always hated speech because you have to get up in front of people, and it’s hard, but I can do it.

Christmas sucked, I got a Hello Kitty toaster, and two gift cards. My Christmas present from my grandfather was getting my car back, and that was like $1000. Oh, and I saw Dream girls New Years Eve and it was really good. I’m not a huge fan of some of the actors in it, but it really did surprise me. I’d recommend the soundtrack to anyone. My favorite song is One Night Only.

I think I shall change the layout later, this one is boring me. Gundam Wing rocks!