I don’t want to be back, but I’m so mad that I had to bring back my website just to rant and rave about this. Several weeks ago a woman I worked told management that I had something going on with one of the stock men. Well, I’m the guy’s supervisor, so it’s off limits, and everyone has been making fun of us and crap like that. Well, I kept getting people coming up to me, saying Stephen likes me and all that shit, so I was like whatever.

Anyway, I asked Stephen if he liked me, and he told me, “maybe, you’ll have to wait till Wednesday.” Okay, whatever, that’s fine, so I was up at work yesterday and Stephen was working, and I asked him if he had an answer yet, and he told me he just liked me as a friend. *looks around*

I’m so pissed off because he lead me on, and made me believe that he liked me, by flirting with me, saying maybe he liked me (several times). I swear all freaking guys are jerks, ahem, dicks. I don’t know, because I mean I do like him, but I think he might just be afraid if management found out, they would fire both of us (if it interfered in work). How am I suppose to work with him now? I want to deck him for leading me on, giving me the impression that he liked me. And I know I’m going to get made fun of at work because Stephen and I are friends.

I walked into Wal-Mart yesterday, and got stopped THREE fucking times to get made fun of, “Where’s your boyfriend? How’s he doing?” I have fourwords for you people:

Shut the fuck up.