Work hasn’t been as stressful as previously posted in the last post with Stephen. I don’t necessarily try to avoid him, but I don’t make it a habit to run into him while we’re working. He worked yesterday, but I only saw him once, and I was mad (not at him), so I didn’t talk to him.

Yesterday they tried to blame me for $400 going missing where we keep the money saying it was my fault. By saying, Megan was the last person in it, she took money to Lawn & Garden. So they did spot checks on the registers I gave money to, and they came out perfect. So they figured out it wasn’t me, it was another CSM and a assistant manager.

So I signed up for summer classes at Ivy Tech, I’ve got to pay for it, and plus I have to go to court on the 17th for one of my tickets (I’m not being forced too, I’m fighting it). The cop was a complete jackass and was very rude to me, even threatening me with two tickets, saying he didn’t believe me.

Another thing, is my external hard drive quit working on me, yes, two-hundred dollars down the drain (for the stuff on it). So I’m having Cassidy’sfather look at it, and I hope he can fix it. I’m also not sure if anyone else knows this, but we bought me a new car, it’s a Scion XB. However, it’s wrecked in the front in, here’s a picture, the decal on the side isn’t there anymore (it’s silver underneath).

It needs a lot of work still, the frame has to be fixed, the motor reset up in the car, remounted, the intake manifold still has to be replaced, and then the body work. I’m excited though, I have a lot of plans for it, a lot of extra features I want to add to it when it gets done. Well, I shall see you later.