Warning: Contains graphic language.

How the hell can people do this? I’m appalled, sickened and sadden. The cruelty that was displayed was unnecessary, and caused pain and suffering to these poor innocent creatures

Seriously, what the fuck does it take for the United States of fucking American to get off their lazy fucking ass and do something?

I’m talking about this video released by CNN showing how Cows are being abused in slaughter houses. I love cows (as you read in my profile bout me), and the thought that people have the fucking nerve to do this just pisses me off.

YOU people eat the meat, you don’t even think about the fucking creatures that have to die for YOU. DO something, make a petition or anything, because I guarantee that the FDA will fucking do something now, and then let it lapse later, it’s the way of the US-fucking-A.

People fucking sicken me.


Woot Woot! I get to go to the OneRepublic concert here in Indiana! I’m so excited! It’s Feb. 24, 2008 and I can’t wait because I <3 OneRepublic!

So if you haven’t noticed, the new music hack is installed and rearing to go. I’m excited because I think this is probably the first actual hack that I’ve done myself, and it only took me an hour and a half! I feel so proud of myself. This is at least something I’m good at, and it just makes me happy.

I didn’t even wake up until probably around 1 pm today, but I’m not feeling good, so I don’t think I’m going anywhere except to get food today.

I went to the apple store the other day, and the guy who helped us (Patrick) was hot. Plus it didn’t help that my aunt was asking stupid questions about the laptop, and wanting to know if the Oregon Trail would work on it, since the new operating system just came out not too long ago. Of course the guy humored her, and looked it up, apparently the 5th edition of it does support the new OS.

She’s planning on buying a laptop there, which no offense to Mac users, I wouldn’t buy one. One of the main things for me is the software issue, because most of the software is eligible for Windows and SOME Mac OS. Why would I go out and buy a hundred dollar software (if I owned a Mac), and then turn around and can’t use it because it’s not capable of being used.

Also, I just have to plug this (opens in new window) website, because I love the design a lot. Especially since I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan, it’s just awesome looking with no other words to describe it.

I’ve been doing a lot with my websites lately too! I’m proud of myself because I haven’t been motivated like this for months, so I better not jinx myself. I’m going to start working on Collective Designs soon, with a new layout.

Trey and I still aren’t talking, and I’m not really sure if I even care or not anymore. I told him his drinking has gotten out of control and he didn’t like that. Oh well, the truth hurts, and he’s going to find out one of these days just what I’m talking about when he either gets arrested or kills himself or someone else.

Apparently Amanda also thinks that if she doesn’t hear from me for awhile that something is wrong, which I mean, is good because she’s showing she’s a good friend, BUT it just pisses me off sometimes. I don’t know, I’m just randomly complaining now.

Oh oh! I really want to play the Wii which I have yet to do. I guess it’s suppose to be really fun, but I wouldn’t know. I was planning on buying one with my bonus check from work, but that isn’t going to happen, I think I’m just going to buy a new iPod (an 80 GB), and sell my old one (30gb).

Yesterday at work, I totally got pissed off at Toni (read previous entry), and I started to get even with her. I had the board and she wouldn’t answer the palm pilot, so I told her, I’ve got the request, don’t even worry about the palm pilot over the walkie so everyone in management heard what I said (even the store manager). Nobody said anything to me about it. She wanted me to put a cashier on a certain register as “punishment” and I told her N-O, no.

By the way, tomorrow is my birthday! I’ll be 20 years old! I’m excited I’m going to be spending it with my family!

Ha ha. I’m so evil.


[edit] HELL YEAH! I totally just made a hack for fanupdate, which will allow you to share with the world what music you are playing.

Just thought I’d inform you, if you notice any errors from my blog, SORRY! I’m working on several plug-in’s for FanUpdate, which will be available for download at a later unknown date.[edit]

Hello! I’m back, well, for now at least. I haven’t added all the content I want to yet, but I’m working on it, and have some of it up, so take a look around and enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to test the skins!

I’ve been hating work recently and I just want to blow the store up and be like, YES, it’s gone. BUT, I can’t, because that’s a federal offense (damn you feds! damn you! *shakes fist*). Toni came back from LOA (Leave of Absence) and believe she totally runs the front end again, yet we have to continually break it to her, that she doesn’t.

I mean, seriously, we were fine when she left, no, we weren’t fine, we were HAPPY when she left because we were ACTUALLY aloud to do our jobs without somebody blowing crap out of proportion. Just like one day I had the board (the breaks/lunches for cashiers), and she was forced to do the palm pilot (the cashier requests’) because the person with the board is not allowed to have a palm pilot, and Toni got pissed off, came out, and threw a palm pilot at me.

Oh well, let’s just say I hung it on the clothes rack and didn’t answer it. Ha. Take that. Then she bitched to Bobbie Jo that Melissa and I were incapable of running the board. I was like, eh, wrong, we are some of the most capable people there. Sure, everyonce in awhile we’ll skip someone’s break, by pure accident, but we don’t get behind 30-40 minutes on breaks and lunches, when we’re not even that busy. Hmm, who does that? TONI! She just pisses me off, and management won’t do a damn thing and it’s really pissing me off because WE have to bust our asses to cover hers.

And Cat is just as bad, she doesn’t want to do anything except stand there. We’re here to work, not to just stand around and get paid for it. If that was the case, I don’t know about you, but I’d be flippin’ rich.

School started on the 14th and has been stressful since. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing in one of my classes so I must go seek help at the tutor center Friday. I guess it didn’t help that I didn’t receive my book until today (I had to order it online). Man, I could use some extra money. Our bonus check in February is going to be nada, because of the TLE (Tire Lube Express) accident resulting in an associate driving through one of the bay doors (*cough* five THOUSAND dollars for the door). We were doing so good too. Damnit.



Me: Ahola!
Cassidy: how are ya?
Me: i’m good, you?
Cassidy: pretty decent
Me: that’s good
Me: ha ha. clay aiken didn’t know what monty python
Me: was
Cassidy: . . . .you are kidding
Cassidy: not knowing who monty python is!!!
Cassidy: That’s horrible.
Me: god, man. I just can’t believe there are people out there who don’t know bout monty python. it’s just wrong. it’s CULTURE!
Cassidy: I know!
Me: geez. people.
Cassidy: I know, it’s sad
Me: I just thought it was kind of funny too
Cassidy: lol, it really is
Me: ha. we’re such nerds.
Me: NERD ALERT! Code Red. Code Red. Nerds have been spotted.
Cassidy: we are totally nerds
Cassidy: lol
Cassidy: do we have to be red
Me: well, we can be whatever we want.
Cassidy: I think we’d be some obscure colour
Me: lol
Cassidy: to show our nerdiness
Me: uh, I was thinking tiedye
Cassidy: oooo, colours of the rainbow “Code Rainbow”
Me: Code Rainbow. Code Rainbow. Either that or they’ll think we’re gay or lesbians.
Me: damn it. http://mayoke.net what comes up
Me: *bangs head* I know what I did. GOD! what a freaking genius.
Cassidy: its says no entries found
Me: ok, that’s what I want it to say
Cassidy: no layout
Me: i know. I’m working on it.
Me: moo.
Cassidy: kk
Cassidy: lol
Me: lol
Me: damn. I can’t find the website on how to skin your site.
Me: found it.
Me: lol
Cassidy: awww, I’m sorry
Cassidy: well, that’s good
Me: I like how you did that. aww. that’s good.
Me: lol
Cassidy: lol
Me: oh well, it’s not working…idc.
Cassidy: awwww, I sorry
Me: I got it. lol I’m doing good. admit I didn’t get it. less than 2 nanoseconds later. GET IT! woot.
Me: megan you sexy beast.
Me: rawr.
Cassidy: lol
Cassidy: you are just so fun to let talk and read
Me: ha. am I really? I just am so proud of myself. *tear, tear*. I can’t believe I accomplished it…almost. moo.
Cassidy: lol
Cassidy: is it supposed tohave red gaps in it?
Cassidy: also, who is that?
Me: what?
Me: huh?
Me: red gaps?
Me: who is that?
Me: I’m fuzzled.
Cassidy: on the layout
Cassidy: in the pics its got red gaps
Cassidy: like the background color int he pics
Cassidy: like jail bars
Me: oh, no it’s not. lol Cause I forgot to put the footer
Me: lol
Cassidy: ah, okay
Cassidy: lol
Me: and it’s amy lee from evanescence.
Me: damn that word for being so hard to spell
Cassidy: kk
Me: damn you! *shakes fist*
Me: http://mayoke.net/?newskin=2
Me: there. so you don’t have to look at the Fugly one.
Cassidy: that shows up find
Cassidy: the fugly one?
Cassidy: what if I liked the fugly one
Cassidy: lol
Me: well, okay then. keep the fugly one. at least let me fix it.
Me: which idk how.
Me: lol
Cassidy: lol
Cassidy: good times
Me: grr. arg.
Cassidy: ARGGGG!
Cassidy: *shows hook hand* ARRG!
Me: it’s got a freaking mind of its own.
Me: god. I hate you amy! i hate you!
Me: bitch.
Cassidy: lol
Me: lol
Me: I probably could have a conversation with myself. and you know how amused I would be?
Me: pretty damn amused.
Me: AH HA! That’s why you aren’t showing up…cause your BLANK!
Cassidy: lol
Cassidy: you are so hilarious
Me: i don’t understand tho…*slaps forehead* i know what i did. GOD! I’m so retarded.
Cassidy: lol
Me: too many damn windows and codes open.
Me: grr you all.
Me: *claws the windows* damnit die bitch die!
Cassidy: eat
Me: I shall turn the monitor off to silence you!
Me: lol
Cassidy: but then you cannot see me commentating it
Me: yeah…that’s true.
Me: can’t touch this!
Me: what the fuck am I listening too? *RIPS EARS OFF*
Me: sexy beast wentworth miller is drooling over him.
Cassidy: lol
Me: oh only cause I’ve still got that layout of him and it’s a possible skin #4 fyi.
Me: http://mayoke.net/?newskin=4
Me: don’t mind the errors. I’ll just leave me up there for next year. I’ve had my fill of working on my site this year x.x
Cassidy: lol
Cassidy: you are so hilarious
Me: Holy Heifer! It’s only January 14. god. I can’t quit. I’ve still got 11 and a half freaking months to go >< damn.
Me: I know. I think I’ll shall post this conversation on my website
Cassidy: lol
Cassidy: It will be quite amusing
Me: yes. yes it will
Me: moo.
Me: I saw you skin script. trying to screw me over. but bitch, please. I’m from Indiana.
Cassidy: lol
Me: OH GOD! I just realized something.
Me: Now I have to edit the template for the blog script! NOOOOOOOOO!
Cassidy: hahahaha
Me: I can’t do it! I CAN’T DO IT DAMNIT!
Me: *runs around pulling hair out*
Me: OMG!
Me: OMG!
Me: moo.
Me: you know. you are getting your own category for the entries, lol. Convos w/Cassidy
Me: oh well. I guess it’s not going to be that hard to edit it. they made it simple. I guess I just over reacted. damn.
Me: Yep. It’s official. I’m crazy.
Cassidy: Awesome
Cassidy: you are.
Cassidy: but its fun to read and experiece
Cassidy: or experience as well
Me: I am quite an experience. I know *wink, wink*
Me: so yeah. editing the template took like 4 nanoseconds.
Me: gives me shivers down my back. YOW!
Cassidy: shivers down the spine
Cassidy: shivers up the nose
Cassidy: whoot whoo!
Me: Woot woot!
Me: ha ha.
Me: who’s a sexy sexy beast? ME!
Cassidy: Who’s to sexy for their shirt to sexy for their shirt to sexy it hurts
Me: ME! darn tootin’.
Me: ain’t nobody gonna be hatin’
Cassidy: lol
Me: ha ha. on my site. I put fanupdate powers me.
Me: lol