Goal: Pay off debts
Current Debt: $609

Today has been a good and bad today together. Let’s start with the bad! Because the good is so much better than the bad!

Cat kept pissing me off because she kept asking me to do stuff while I was trying to make a change order because we were out of one’s, and we had to get change soon! It was super busy, and Asst. Brian kept putting me on a register even though I had the board, which if Todd had been there, there would have been hell to pay.

Then Noel broke up with her boyfriend, Rick and Rick kept harassing her. I thought Rick at one point was going to hit her, but he didn’t. Thank god, I would have had to kick his ass. Which would have sucked, but would have been good at the same time.

Then Jessica Huston started shit with me and I was like bullshit we aren’t starting this. So I put an end to that pretty quickly.

Onto the good news! Woot Woot! Well Corey worked today, and he was up front for a little bit talking to Noel and I just about random shit. Then on lunch Corey and I talked a bit, which was good. He said that I have one of the best looking cars out there (in the parking lot), which made me happy.

Then he offered to help me modify my car should I choose too. He told me he could get a Viper alarm system, install a stereo system, and tint my windows. Which was cool because I do need the alarm, stereo and tint. Probably though the tint & stereo will come first. I bought a sub for it but I’ve still have to buy some more things to install the subwoofer.

Anyway, back on track! Later, probably about 6:30 or so, he was up front and he stopped and was talking to Patty and I, and he told me about the alarm system, and we were basically just talking about ourselves, like he lives in Shelbyville with his parents. Well, he said he’s kind of stressed out because his parents are planning on moving and they want him to come with them, but he doesn’t want too.

Plus he mentioned his girlfriend, Joanie, who works back in photolab. He says he likes her, but he’s not really sure where they are going because he said she’s turning 25 and acts like a 16 year old. I was good and didn’t say anything bad, but I told him he had to do what was best for him.

I know how that is, and trust me it is stressful. I know exactly what he’s going through because I just got out of it. But I think a friendship might be coming along !


/Edit/ Fucking Skin scipt is breaking again, I don’t know what the hell is wrong so fuck it. I had to completely replace the skin script with another one. However, I’m just glad this one actually workes correctly. With a minor code adjustment. /Edit/

So I basically broke all my coding on this website, and had to go through each individual file to find out what I did. I accidentally updated a file that was suppose to be in another directory and it broke everything. I wasn’t exactly pleased and I was starting to get pissed off but oh well. It’s fixed and everything is back up now.

New Skin, just features a bunch of brushes that I had. I honestly couldn’t tell you where I got the brushes from, but if you know, please let me know. I’ve had that layout for awhile, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use it plus I was too lazy to code it. Mwahahaha.

Song’s have been updated. Added about 5-10 songs to download. Links have also been updated, and will continue to be updated.

Nothing really much has happened lately, been working mostly. I still have to go drop my class tomorrow, which is what I’ll do. Blah. My sister is going to Kentucky to visit Kelly and I wish I could go, but I have to work Saturday so I can’t. Which honestly sucks a lot, because I’d love too, and see her baby!

But I think I’m going to go Fourth of July weekend with my sister down there. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XII like crazy, so obviously expect a layout featuring the game pretty soon. It’s fun, but challenging at times.

Leah & I at work danced and got “Low” which was weird, but fun. We were laughing so hard, we couldn’t stop. Our legs hurt now because we went low and used muscles we didn’t even know we had.

Oh and I stopped being friends with Mary & Amanda. It’s hard, I’ll admit that, but I needed to do it anyway.

Every time we’d get together somehow one of them would start bitching about the other, and I felt like I was trying to be “turned” against the other one, and I don’t need that. Yes, they are my best friends, but even if they aren’t friends they can at least not bitch about each other and respect that.

I didn’t realize what was going on until recently so I told them I wanted to stop being friends. They both said they were hurt and didn’t understand why even after I explained it to them.

Basically, I went and talked to a therapist and sorted a lot of my issues out (yay!). Which includes the friend thing, I need people around me right now that will put me in a better mood not ready to kill someone.

Oh! Hot guy at work, his name is Corey, totally smokin’ hot! He’s dating one of the girl’s in Photo Lab which apparently she’s psycho and if she text’s or calls Corey he’s suppose to respond back ASAP and if not, she goes off on him.

He gave me a compliment about my toaster the other way! He asked me if that was my car and I told him yes, and he said he liked it, it looked good. I was like SWEET! ACTUALLY, it was more like, Oh thanks, I really like your car too. He has a Mitsubishi Ecplise and it’s a really nice looking car. I’d love to drive it, maybe I’ll ask him one day. Hmmm, who knows?


So I’ve decided to drop a class because I’m too stressed out from work and school alike. I’ve decided however, when I get my bills paid off that I’ll drop my hours and pick up more school. I feel like this is personally the only way to ensure the grades that I want to receive. So tomorrow I have to go drop a class (because I’m pretty sure I’m failing it).

But look at it this way; I already have the books for when I do take it, so that’s always a plus. Work has been extremely stressful especially with Easter and a huge problem at work.

One of the cashiers did a huge screw up which almost cost them their job and a csm’s job (not me), oh well. It was taken care of. So yeah, not much to talk about. Oh I bought Final Fantasy XII and I’ve been playing it like non-stop (when I haven’t been sleeping). So I guess more to come later.


So basically, I’ve been gone for awhile, here and there, and I’m excited because I’ve actually gotten money lately to buy stuff for my car (Scion xB). Here are some pictures of my car and then what I still/want to have done to it:

Here’s what I’ve already done to it:
01. Tail lights
02. Hello Kitty TRD Emblem

What I want to do to it:
01. Interior LED Light Kit – so basically I’ll have colored lights underneath my dash displaying on the floorboard of the car. In red of course. Here’s the light kit.

02. Spoiler/Wing – I’ve found the one I want, this one. I love the design of it.

03. Seat Covers – To protect my seats obviously, in red.

04. Floor mats – to protect my carpet (I already have some, but not in the color I want). These are the ones I’m going to get.

05. Upgrade Stereo – Install new cd player, replace all speakers, and get two subs and a 1000watt amp.

06. Tint Windows – Tint the windows darker.

07. Fog Lights – install fog lights in bumper

08. Change/upgrade lightbulb in headlights. This is the lightbulbs.

09. Carbon Fiber dash kit in red – to accent the dash with rest of the car. Here’s the kit.

10. Have dvd player installed in headrests (this is goin to be expensive).

11. Switch out pedals with colored pedals.

12. External LED light kit to display underneath the body of the car.

13. Install arm rest.

14. Buy new wheels/rims.

15. Possible body graphics?

Hmm, that’s all I can seem to think of right now. It seems like a lot but here’s what I’m going to buy this week:

1. Seat Covers
2. Floor mats
3. Fog Lights
4. Lightbulbs for headlights Bought It.
5. Carbon fiber dash kit. Bought it.

So probably looking about 100-200 dollars worth of stuff there. I can’t wait! Eeeek! Oh and here’s some pictures of my tail lights installed. Click the image to see the larger version.

Oh look…huh. My plates expire this year! NOOOOO!


This is funny, because you think the government, who takes million’s of dollars from tax payers would be able to keep a grip on all equipment that is behind closed doors.

Are we so incapable of making sure these $400,000 government property is not stolen? I could probably hire a kid for $10 bucks to do a better job. Hell, I’d do it for 9 dollars!

I received my tail lights for my car today and they have been installed! Yay! I’m excited! Anyway, not really much to talk about, so yeah…

Oh yeah, check out this site, if you are looking for good Photoshop brushes. They are awesome!

Edit Graphics has been updated.


I saw Vantage Point tonight and it was good, it surprised you because you saw the movie from different points (obviously). Each character had a different view and you followed them through what happened. Especially the double agent, which you never expected or saw coming until you saw his point-of-view.

Let’s just say I’ll probably be buying the movie now. Next movie to watch? 10,000 BC! It looks really good, and I just have to say the woman in the trailer, is absolutely beautiful. I think it’s her eyes and really draw your attention.

That’s one of the things that draw me to a guy, are their eyes. Especially blue, or green, I could stare into them forever and ever, BUT reality has a different take and it likes to bitchslap me.

If I could date one guy right now, it’d probably be Dustin. He’s weird, just like me, and we like a lot of the same stuff, but I won’t say anything more about this, because if word got out via my store, hell would break loose. And that’s another story within itself.

I’ve been watching this new TV Show on FOX called New Amsterdam and let’s just say it’s different, but very enjoyable. I think I could probably really get into the series, as long there is more than four episdodes (Thank YOU FOX for canceling, DRIVE! *mumbles* bastards).

Oh, and I’m better by the way, just thought I’d point that out. I was basically puking my guts out and I’m still a little iffy about smelling or seeing certain foods, but I think I’m good for the most part. I absolutely HATE seafood, and just the thought or smell makes it gag. It’s not pretty, it’s really not.

I’m excited! I’ve been working on Collective Designs, and I think I’m a step closer to being done. All I have to do is code the layout and finish the css, and I think we’ll be done and almost ready to launch other than updating the previous old information.

So Ciao!


Bah . I think I am sick (I think) Basically I’m pretty sure I have the flu (or at least the beginning of it). I have a HUGE migraine, I’ve been getting sick all day, I’m running a low grade fever (so far), which was actually kind of funny because earlier I couldn’t get my temp to go above 97 degree’s. But anywho, I feel like I’m dying .

So yeah, if you don’t see me for the next couple of days it’s def because of that . So I’ve been seeing a therapist (for personal reasons), and I’ve been talking to her about some of the stuff going on and she was amazed by me because she said some of the stuff I have or am currently going through, people don’t normally go through until they are about forty.

It was mostly about my family, and my friends that we talked about. Mary has pissed me off lately because apparently she’s been telling Amanda that she’s upset because I haven’t been getting help. Amanda was like wtf? She didn’t respond to Mary, but if Mary reads this oh well! I have been trying to get help and Mary was involved in the process but apparently Mary isn’t as good of a friend as I thought.

She told me she doesn’t know how much more she can take (of me). I told Susan (my therapist) that apparently Mary wasn’t as good of a friend as I was lead to believe, and I don’t need the added stress in my life. And she totally agreed.

Well, Susan told me to take some “mini” vacations, like weekend trips away and she said that should help me out a bit. Well, on top of planning some of those mini vacations, I’ve decided to take a vacation in December to Colorado, maybe for Christmas, haven’t decided yet.

Screw the beach, I love the mountains! THe fresh air, the breath-taking view’s, what’s not to love? I don’t mind the cold, I would totally suffer for that, because it’s a different scene. Granted that I can see snow here in Indiana, but it’s flat. Corn field after corn field and the occasion green bean field .

So yep, now you all know what’s going on, so don’t be surprised if I’m “gone” for awhile. Probably mostly due to me being sick.