He went back to her.

After everything…he went back. After everything, everything I did, and everyone else did for him. He went back to her, because she claims she’ll “change.” This hurts more than anything because Thursday I had told him that I liked him, and the next day he wants to make it work with her. How am I suppose to deal with that?

He knows how much I like him, and who was there for him when no one else would be? Me. Who did he call when he was upset? Me. He acts like it doesn’t even matter now, and that’s what upsets me. I put my ass on the line for him. I was the one who convinced Co-Erik not to fire him after he walked out (cause of her), I owe Erik huge for that, and now repaying us both back by getting back with her.

One of his friends said everything was his fault, that wasn’t true then, but it’s certainly true now because he know’s what she is capable of. I give them two weeks before the crap starts back up, but let me tell you what, no body wants to hear it now. He better not call or come crying to me because I won’t listen this time. He better not go to Paul or Matt, because they won’t listen either.

I’m just upset because he knows how much I like him, and he threw that away the next fucking day. How am I suppose to feel? Betrayed, angry, upset… They deserve each other now, he screwed himself.

I just can’t understand, why? Is the sex good or something because she lack’s everything else especially personality wise. She’s a spoiled little brat, and HE even said that, so why is he going back?

Is this what I get for pouring my heart out? Telling him everything? I feel so…betrayed and hurt…


I’m extremely sorry for the downtime that was experienced, I just did not have the money at the time to pay my bill (and I have paid it now). Anyway, a lot has happened since the last entry (obviously), but I’m really hurt.

I really really like Corey, like I’ve never liked anyone before, and he’s thinking about going back to Joanie! After all the shit she pulled all the trouble she put him through, and he’s thinking about going back. So, I have to make a decision. Tell him I like him and wait for the rejection, or sit by and do nothing while he gets back with Joanie.

I feel like crying because he’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve any of that shit, what’s going to stop her from doing everything again? I told him it’s only a matter of time before her old ways come back, and she’ll never change. She apparently said she’s willing to do anything to get back with him, and I guess has stopped talking to Trey and shit.

Why? Why dammit? Why does this shit have to happen to me, and especially since I know EVERYTHING in their relationship that has happened since the get-go. Does he really like her that much? Even after all the torment, making him sick, endless sleepless nights, almost making him quit and if it wasn’t for me, he would have! I fucking talked him out of it!

God, this just really sucks alot. And if I do tell him, I’ll be frank, simply, telling him that before I start I’m just going to walk away afterwards and not wait for a response and just tell him and walk away.

Dammit. He doesn’t deserve a bitch who follows him and harasses him at work, purposely waits till he goes to lunch so she can upset him so he can’t eat. Why the fuck would he want to go back to that?

[Edit] So Corey now knows that I like him, I mean really like him. I told him it hurts me to see what Joanie has done to him and him thinking about getting back with her. He understands, and he said he was really sorry for hurting me during the whole thing, and it wasn’t fair. But He didn’t say anything about me saying that I liked him, which I didn’t want him too so yay.

He’s still unsure of what he wants to do. I told him it just seems a little weird that she was being so evil to him and then a few days later will do anything for him. I told him it sounds like something is going on that neither of us know about, but I told him the decision was obviously up to him. I told him he was a genuine guy, and didn’t deserve that crap from her. So I guess we’ll see later what happens…. At least I didn’t get rejection [/Edit]


So I honestly have no idea where to even start talking about what is currently going on in my life right now. Cat and Crystal at work pissed me off because they made it seem like it was a bad thing that I was still a virgin, they kept asking me questions and making comments about it.

Is our society so corrupt that to be a virgin is a bad thing or surprising to someone? People need to rethink their morals and values, I AM a virgin, and I proud of it damn it! I don’t want to hear about what I could be missing out on or such, because I have the rest of my fucking life to worry about that. I haven’t worried about it now, and I’m not going to start worrying now.

Oh and Trey is a fucking hypocrite. He claims he wants people to keep his name out of his mouth because he doesn’t want drama, but yet, he fucking goes and starts it himself. I should probably explain about it though.

Basically, I was on lunch and Corey was on break so we were sitting out in our cars, and he got out, and came over to my car and was talking to me about random shit, such as Joanie, our cars, our lives. Well, Trey, Adam, & Jon were standing by Adam’s car (probably bout 50-60 ft away), and so Corey finally said he’d better get back to work.

Well, about twenty minutes later I went back in to clock-in for work, and went around work like normal. So Corey’s going to lunc probably bout four or so, and he comes up to me and says he needs to talk to me. Apparently Trey fucking texted Joanie and said that Corey & I were dating, and so Joanie called Corey and BITCHED him out. That little bitch had the NERVE to even call him about it. I should also mention that Joanie and Corey broke up last week, so he’s NOT dating anyone. She fucking grilled him and finally he told her what does it matter? We aren’t dating!

Corey thought it was funny, but we had actually talked about it earlier, and he had wanted to avoid shit like this. He’s currently looking for a new job just so he doesn’t have to deal with Joanie and her shit. Man, what the hell was Trey thinking? Man, he doesn’t even know both sides of the story, yet he’ll go and start shit even though he wants when he’s involved.

Oh, and he came in later after Corey told me what happened, and I told him I wanted to talk to him, I think he knew I was pissed because I was. I was so mad I was shaking. I probably shouldn’t let myself get that bad though. Dammit. ><.

Corey is a nice guy, Joanie, so go fuck Trey.