So there’s this guy, he’s amazing, wonderful, and caring. Patrick Meeks, he’s amazing, and everyday he’ll do something more to prove it to me. I think he might be the one, but it’s too early since we are both so young. I love being around him and talking to him.

I even love his family, even though he hasn’t met all of mine yet, including my parents (). He treats everyone in my family with respect that he’s met so far, and they all like him. Everyone keeps telling me I need to “train” him, there isn’t anything to train. He tells his opinion like he should, loves me and laughs with/at me (lol). I thought I’d never find someone who feels so greatly about me, but I did, and I feel the same way about him.

We have different opinions on a lot of stuff, but we work through whatever the problem is and I’d like to think it makes us both better. At the beginning it was a hell of a bumpy ride cause I wasn’t use to a lot of things, but he helped me adjust, and he was always willing to talk about it. <3

He's always there for other people no matter what he wants. I'm really not into all this mushy stuff, but with him it's different, and I love him.

Patrick's best friend, Rick is dating my best friend, Noel, and there was a incident, where Rick hit Noel (not hard, but enough she busted her lip), and even though Patrick and Noel don't like each other, Patrick went to her defense (and yes I was there). Patrick pulled Rick off of Noel and threw him into another room, and I dealt with Noel.

Patrick hates seeing women cry, he feels bad, he despises men who hit women, and he hates cheaters.