Some good news?

So, I found my very first “real” site that I did while searching in google (using my name of course), and I stumpled upon it. I’m excited, and trying to get access to my account on angelfires, and will be posting examples on how my graphic skins and coding skills have advanced.

Finally saw Dan last night, and I will admit, at first I was a little scared, especially since it was the first day since I asked him if he had a girlfriend. However, apparently there was a mix-up, and he thought I was asking for Molly (the Assistant Manager), which was most definitely not true. Which of course this “problem” was clarified last night when I talked to him a little bit.

It was some interesting conversation last night/this morning, mostly about American porn VS Japanese porn, and why some Japanese porn is censored and how it relates to World War II. I didn’t know there was a connection, but his co-worker assured us that the American government said that to Japan. Which is weird that I’ve never heard anything like that, but then again, look at the subject. When I think WWII, I think the Holocaust, or Stalin. I mostly think of Stalin first before I think of Hitler or Hiroshima. Just to point this out so that I do not offend anyone, everything stated in this blog is my opinion, nor do I condone the actions of WWII on anyone’s part.

Anyway, back to talking about Dan, I mentioned something again about the casino, and if he wanted to go sometime just as “friends”, which is where the misunderstanding came into play. He kept exchanging looks with his co-worker, and finally I was like, “What am I missing?”. Which Dan then told me he’d only tell me if his co-worker went out to the truck (which he did, after I shooed him away), which then he clarified that he thought I was asking for Molly, and he said he now sees that it was for me. Which of course I confirmed, and he said he would love to take me up on his offer for the casino one day =D

Then I mentioned on how I was wanting to get a 2nd shift poisiton at work, and that I would be working 3-11 (which they rarely come in before 12:30 in the morning), and mentioned that I would never get to see them. Dan looked at me and was like, “Well, we’ll just have to come in earlier then.” So I’m really surprised at the turn of events, it seems like now he understands what’s going on, which is fantastic for me, maybe it’ll give me more of a shot.

Right after his co-worker went out to the truck, Dan told me that he’s not used to girls having an interest in him. Hopefully he’ll rethink his current situation (from what I understand he’s having problems with his current girlfriend, which is a complete assumption mind you, but an educated guess…what that an oxymoron?) and once he goes out to the casino with me (as friends  ;)) then he’ll see me for me. =D

Let’s all hope! By the way, I should totally be sleeping for the pure fact it is currently 4:38pm, and I work 3rd shift (and have to work tonight from 11 to 6:15). So yeah, I’m going to leave you guys be and head on out to bed.

My Niece

EDIT So I spent all this time working and editing this wordpress theme I downloaded to my liking, only to find out, it doesn’t work on quite a few browsers as it relies on CSS. Therefore, I will be looking for a new one (even though I really liked this one), and pushing up the creation and eventual release of my design for hateyourway. /EDIT

I have determined that I have the best niece ever! She’s so adorable and loves her Tia (Spanish for Aunt) Meggie! I :heart: Rylee! Just yesterday we were at Home Depot with my family, and I had her and the cart. I’ve been attempting (unsuccessfully) to get her to say Tia (she can already say Mama, Dada, Nana), so yesterday I kept telling her, Tia, Tiiiiiia, TIA! And every time I did so, she started talking to me, “Aaaaaahhhh!”

Needless to say, she did not say Tia, but she kept talking to me, and when my sister would hold her, and Rylee would see me, she kept trying to grab for her Tia :heart:. She’s so adorable, and so freaking smart! She’s always a good baby!

I finally bought a blu-ray player, after wanting one for months. I used the remaining balance on my best buy gift cards that I got from buying my Macbook Pro. I like it so far, but i think that I need to get a new one, mine makes quite a bit of noise when it’s loading up. So far I’ve watched, Matrix, The Proposal, and now I’m currently watching Avatar. Can’t beat that, I think I’ll raid my sister’s stash again on movies. I did actually spend about 6 dollars and bought Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. If you haven’t seen the movie, you totally should. It’s absolutely amazing and NOTHING like the games.

Just beware at the end, its sad. Though probably the must own for me would have to be, Serenity, it’s one of those movies I can watch dozens of times and not get tired of it. Would recommend it to anyone, especially if you’ve seen any of the Firefly series by Joss Whedon.

So I haven’t seen Dan (since the entry, Since Yesterday), which makes me kind of sad, but it gives me time to think. I know he’s never been to any of the casino’s here (he’s from Michigan), so I was going to see if he wanted to go one day, you know…just as friends ;). Haha, I wouldn’t be that other girl for sure, but I most definitely know’s that he likes me, a lot. Enough to talk to me for about two and a half hours when he’s dead sick (he called in the night before into his job).

And he’s made it some point to say that he “cares” about me (to a certain degree). I hope that is true, and I can’t wait to either be extremely excited or extremely disappointed. We will see!


Legal Issues

If you haven’t noticed,, was taken offline today since the fact it apparently violated a trademark (the domain name), as I was referring myself as the Heart Glow network (which is completely different), but it doesn’t matter, I took it off because I didn’t want to have to deal with going to the court (Federal) and having to justify myself, which after all it is just a domain name. With that being said, Hate Your Way, is now my main domain, with Until Morning as an add-on domain.

Please understand that this site is at the moment the bare minimal (the design was not created by me), and within the next several months will undergo a vast and dramatic change. Please take a look at my past entries and don’t forget to comment! I have collected as many past entries (from a long time ago) that I could through various sites.

Since Yesterday…

It’s like my entire day turned around in less than 24 hours! So I asked the guy (from the previous entry) if he had a girlfriend, and he made it very, VERY, clear to me that yes, he does, but he was going to break up with her (and should have done it months ago). Which now he also knows that I am interested in him (obviously), and I really think he’s interested in me. =]. Things are starting to finally look up, and I’m in the process of creating a design for hateyourway, and hopefully that will be up soon.

Good day to you sir/madam. =]

Never Realized

How depressing my life is. After reflecting for only about 20 minutes, I realized something, I really have no friends, no social life, no boyfriend. All I do is live and breathe my work, dog, and sleep. So with that being said, I never go out on the weekends which leads back to how can I have a social life is A) no one wants to go out with me, B) if I don’t go out, how can I meet someone and C) I’m just plain boring.

Now with all that stated, I think tomorrow night or the night afterwards (hopefully tomorrow night) I’ll take a risk and throw myself out there. Specifically to a guy that I like, that comes into work quite a bit shipping stuff for his work. I have no idea if he has a girlfriend (we are friends on facebook), so there’s no status stating that, no cutsy comments from him to a girl, but there are comments (back at the beginning of September from a girl though). Which leads me to think that they are on the rocks (and he’s thinking about breaking up with her) or he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Just like Friday, he came in with a damaged box and had to go back to work and repack it, then he came back to drop it off, and when he did, he ended staying here for almost two hours talking to me. He’s gotta have some sort of interest in me, right? This is the problem, I’m not very good with guys at all, and I’m not the most attractive (body wise).

I have low self-esteem and hate everything that goes through my mind debating whether or not he has a girlfriend and trying to place all these clues together, but instead of wondering, I will just ask him, and like normal get disappointed.

I am dead to the world of love, even though I like him, and think that we have quite a bit in common, I’m not giddy, or super-excited like I used to get over guys, now it’s kind of just like, oh yeah…if he doesn’t have a girlfriend, woo! If he does, then oh well, continue being friends with him.

Life certainly sucks sometimes. I only have one friend that I really talk to other than people at work, how sad is that? But at the same time I put myself in that position. My social life includes the following: xbox with some people online that I’ve never met in person, netflix (watching movies), sleeping, or designing on the computer.

I am starting back to college in January and am looking forward to it, maybe I’ll meet some cool people there, and maybe I’ll just keep to myself like I normally do. =[