Some good news?

So, I found my very first “real” site that I did while searching in google (using my name of course), and I stumpled upon it. I’m excited, and trying to get access to my account on angelfires, and will be posting examples on how my graphic skins and coding skills have advanced.

Finally saw Dan last night, and I will admit, at first I was a little scared, especially since it was the first day since I asked him if he had a girlfriend. However, apparently there was a mix-up, and he thought I was asking for Molly (the Assistant Manager), which was most definitely not true. Which of course this “problem” was clarified last night when I talked to him a little bit.

It was some interesting conversation last night/this morning, mostly about American porn VS Japanese porn, and why some Japanese porn is censored and how it relates to World War II. I didn’t know there was a connection, but his co-worker assured us that the American government said that to Japan. Which is weird that I’ve never heard anything like that, but then again, look at the subject. When I think WWII, I think the Holocaust, or Stalin. I mostly think of Stalin first before I think of Hitler or Hiroshima. Just to point this out so that I do not offend anyone, everything stated in this blog is my opinion, nor do I condone the actions of WWII on anyone’s part.

Anyway, back to talking about Dan, I mentioned something again about the casino, and if he wanted to go sometime just as “friends”, which is where the misunderstanding came into play. He kept exchanging looks with his co-worker, and finally I was like, “What am I missing?”. Which Dan then told me he’d only tell me if his co-worker went out to the truck (which he did, after I shooed him away), which then he clarified that he thought I was asking for Molly, and he said he now sees that it was for me. Which of course I confirmed, and he said he would love to take me up on his offer for the casino one day =D

Then I mentioned on how I was wanting to get a 2nd shift poisiton at work, and that I would be working 3-11 (which they rarely come in before 12:30 in the morning), and mentioned that I would never get to see them. Dan looked at me and was like, “Well, we’ll just have to come in earlier then.” So I’m really surprised at the turn of events, it seems like now he understands what’s going on, which is fantastic for me, maybe it’ll give me more of a shot.

Right after his co-worker went out to the truck, Dan told me that he’s not used to girls having an interest in him. Hopefully he’ll rethink his current situation (from what I understand he’s having problems with his current girlfriend, which is a complete assumption mind you, but an educated guess…what that an oxymoron?) and once he goes out to the casino with me (as friendsĀ  ;)) then he’ll see me for me. =D

Let’s all hope! By the way, I should totally be sleeping for the pure fact it is currently 4:38pm, and I work 3rd shift (and have to work tonight from 11 to 6:15). So yeah, I’m going to leave you guys be and head on out to bed.

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