Since You’ve Been Gone…

Yes, I did just use a Kelly Clarkson song for my blog title.  A lot has happened in the past week days, and I mean a lot, first starting off with work. I had seen myself going up to an LPC (Lead Project Coordinator) position and that was basically as far as I was wanting to go with FedEx. There were a few problems though with me becoming an LPC at my store, probably because most of the positions posted were posted before I was eligible, which means I could technically apply, but I would not be able to move into the position until my six months were up. I mean…com’on, that’s a really, really really long time to wait for one position. Needless to say I have waited almost a year to be able to move up to that position, and with that being said, I have finally, achieved such said desire for the LPC. Starting October 17th, I will be a Lead Project Coordinator and be moving off of 3rd shift (thank god) and will be able to head back to 2nd shift.

Now before I go any further, I thought that 3rd shift would be the perfect position for me because I was a night owl. Nope…No…Completely wrong, I found out pretty freaking quickly that I was not a night owl. Granted, I stuck it out even after looking and interviewing for other jobs (and being offered a job with Apple). Which brings me back to my second shift position, I will basically be working 3-11 (which I’m usually used to working like 12-9:30, or something along those lines), which also means that I can go back to working out. FINALLY. After almost a year of wanting to head back into the gym to lose some weight, I can finally go back again. I usually work out straight after work then am up usually for a few hours before I head to bed.

Random tidbit… I am SO glad for the auto save feature in wordpress. Thank you.

Back to working out, I miss it, so much, I felt a lot better, had more energy, and I was, go, go, go. But I am glad everything is finally working out in my favor after my hell in Ohio. I can finally lose the weight again that I’ve been wanting to lose. Meep.  =]

Anyways, now onto my second important thing on this blog, and I should mention as I try to write this, my cat attempts such features as to lay on my laptop. Shoo kitty. Shoo. OH! My second important thing to talk about, Dan! I unfortunately cannot post anymore than this due to issues that could possibly arise; however, as soon as something is “official” then I will write to my hearts content!

I also went to Riley Festival (it will forever be known as, Riley Days, to me), and it was freaking fun, I had such a blast, but part of it was the company I was with, needless to say, walked around Riley Days for awhile, then eventually went to iHop and ate, then went back to Rachel’s house and played Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64, played Nazi Zombies, and eventually ended the night with a movie, From Paris with Love, featuring John Travolta, and Jonathan Rhys-Myers, which was an ok movie, nothing steller by any means.

I am exhausted, and really, really, really want to talk about a certain person, but I can’t and it makes me angry. Damn you Google for showing my site on the 6st page underneath my name. Damn you Google for showing my website name on the 1st page! *shakes fist*

Also, when did CSS3 become so popular and where the hell was I? Geeeez, I perfected quite a bit of html/divs/photoshop and now I must learn how to master CSS3 because it does what I want in photoshop without all those freaking images. I am also working on a fansite for Andy Whitfield (that was approved by the, and it will be my first website created in entirely in divs and css3. Boo-yah. Still trying to grasp the concept, and I know I’ll get there eventually. Caio!

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