Die Hard

I really should learn to blog more, it helps me to get out what I want without going overboard and GAAAAHHH on someone ;). Anywho, I would like to take this time to plug my fanlisting for actor, Andy Whitfield. It’s my first site in complete CSS and divs (minus the header). I think it turned out quite well, and should work in all IE (as it was designed in IE6 and Chrome).

Moving away from that, if you noticed my title, Die Hard,  Alan-f**king-Rickman  plays the main bad guy in it (think Snape from Harry Potter), it goes back to when I was watching a movie yesterday (or was it two days ago? Damn you third shift *shakes fist*),  I saw him (didn’t realize he played in it), and I was pretty excited.

Me: OMG!
Dan: What?
Me: That’s Alan Rickman!
Dan: Who?
Me: Alan Rickman! Snape — Harry Potter? Alan-Fucking-Rickman! *drools*
Dan: *Weird Stare*
Me: He ages so well… *sigh*

Oh man…was I ever excited! Needless to say, about half way through the movie though (back with Bruce Willis still had hair…) I fell asleep. Yep…fell asleep. And woke up about 30 minutes later. Geez, stupid 3rd shift. By the way, back to the comment about Bruce Willis’ hair…he looks so much better now than he did before. Much more attractive. Rawr. 😉 And I think the last Die Hard was the best (Live Free or Die Hard). Such a badass movie, plus I mean, com’on, it has freaking Justin Long in it! Are you kidding me?! What’s not to love about it?

With all that out of the way now =D , Dan has finally ended his relationship (though a somewhat sad/bitter end), I know he was with her for at least two years, but knew her a lot longer than that. Needless to say, the night it ended, I spent that night with him (just hanging out as FRIENDS) and we talked most of the time, got something to eat, moved his stuff and watched a movie (Die Hard…where I fell asleep in the middle of the freaking movie) and just laid there for awhile.

Mind you we were in a hotel room (because he had been living with her). I am a little worried (we’ve grown very close in a short amount of time) about him even though he would never admit it (even though it’s so transparent). Pretty much did my damnest to make sure he kept a smile on his face Saturday/Sunday night/morning. I think I successed (at least I hope) until I left anyways.

Something else happened as well…we kissed. I know, I know! It should have never happened and I stopped it before anything else happened, told him I wouldn’t feel like the rebound girl and it was way to close for him and I to the end of his relationship (you think?!). And what did he do? He stopped…and apologized and said I was right. Wait…WHAT?! Wow…I’m seriously not used to that (sad, I know), a guy who stops when you tell him too and doesn’t try to pressure you…Still boggles my mind. Hard to believe, but it happened.

I wouldn’t say that Dan is different because I don’t know that, and I’ve used that word to describe every guy I’ve ever dated..

Me: Oh, He’s Different. (Patrick)
Me: Oh, He’s different! (Rob)
Me: I love him so much, he’s different. (Jordan)

Bullshit. I don’t know if Dan is “different” and I’m not going to use that word to describe him, ever. The thing I like the most about him, is how comfortable I am around him, and how he makes me smile just by looking at him.

I’ve said this before, that I’m dead to the world of love, and some part of that is true. While I value the time I spend with Dan, and the eventual relationship that we will enter, I still have doubts. Which are mostly on my part due to my past history of losers, cheaters & liars. With that being said I’m trying to take things super slow, not only for Dan but for myself as well to help myself adjust.

I guess given time…we will see.

Edit: So, I talked to Dan about this a little bit earlier regarding his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, and he made it clear the relationship ended for him awhile ago and he had already prepared himself for basically (almost) what happened that completely ended the relationship. With that being said, one of the people he works with is still friends with her on facebook and apparently she mentioned something on there about already having another guy lined up or something like that. Which is pretty bad, and I know it probably upsets him just a little bit, but he also made it clear he never wanted to talk to her ever again. So…I don’t know.

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