Sense of Dread?

So I’ve been sick these past couple days, and have been sleeping quite a bit, so it would figure that when I really needed the sleep (as in pulling a double tomorrow) that I couldn’t. All of it has to do with me having a nightmare that literally woke me up from almost a dead sleep (or the 1st stage of sleeping thats in between of course). I dreamt that it was Friday night and I was with Dan, and in my nightmare, I had already had a nightmare and he was comforting me and we fell asleep.

In the dream, I woke up in it to my sister calling me, barely audible, saying that she was hurt and that she was at the Hamilton movie theater (Noblesville IMAX theater), which then Dan & I rushed there to find half the building collapsed, which my sister had told me she was in the 9-whatever which goes to the right (which was the worst part). Firefighters kept trying to stop me from entering the building but I went in anyways and quickly found my sister, lifting freaking heavy ass concrete to get her out. I asked her where Rylee was, but she said she had no idea. She told me to find Brian but then a flash popped into my mind showing him crushed and his lifeless eyes beating towards us.

I quickly got my sister out of the building before heading back into the building to look for Rylee (my niece), which I quickly found her…but she wasn’t breathing. In that moment asleep or not, never has there been shear panic or a sense of dread in my entire life. The paramedics couldn’t save her, and I held her in my arms one last time while Dan held me.

What kind of crap is that? Now I have a sense of dread that I can’t quite get rid of, what could this possibly mean?

First WordPress App Post

This is my first wordpress post ever from the wordpress app for android and its interesting, does in a pinch I guess though. So i apologize in advance if something is not capitalized or misspelled. A lot of stuff, emotionally, has happened since I last blogged mainly about Dan.

In the short time that we’ve been together, I’ve come to care for him deeply to the point that I know that I am in love with him and that it is different this time. We have shared some rough and emotional moments but everything has worked out so far and will hopefully continue to do so.

I should mention that as i write this…I can look over to the bed and watch him sleep (I can’t sleep). He and I are almost exactly alike, we share so many different things but most importantly the personal stuff is what we have in common. I wish though I had just met him before, but nonetheless I can hold him at night and talk to him.

I know he feels the same way and won’t admit it (right now at least), but I am okay with holding off as well. =]

Enough about him, I could go on for awhile but I won’t. Modern warfare 3 came out today but I have not had a chance to play it as I actually have to work on my “first” day of vacation which sucks. I’ll play afterwards in which Dan will be coming to see me in my MW3 induced haze =D. Then I had planned on going to Bloomington to see Rachel but it depends financially, should force it and go,  haven’t seen her in about a week =[ sad day. Oh well…what a great way to start vacation.