Half Way Done!

YOWSERS! The past several weeks months have been absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, AMAZING! I honestly think I’ve never been happier than I am now; and that I owe to my beautiful, beautiful niece, Rylee, and my pretty amazing boyfriend, Dan!

Where to begin? Haha, I have no idea where I even left off, which is pretty sad. Should start with the website, and state the new design is coming alone fairly well. Thinking about changing some stuff and recoding it to be easier. Apparently I decided to set it up in the most complex way possible (figures). So the footer doesn’t stay at the bottom if there isn’t enough content to push it down, which annoys me.

Could be worse, I guess. I could still not have a design.

OH! So, he’s totally wanting me to go to Michigan for Christmas to meet his parents and I’m super nervous. It’s completely different him spending and meeting everyone on Thanksgiving because in the end he could leave. I will be there for an untold amount of time (depends on work) and I’m extremely nervous.

I seriously hope his parents like me; never been worried about parents really liking me before. He makes me happy, and I’ll do whatever I can to make him happy.

Totally going to Circle Centre tonight to see the Christmas lights and (hopefully) shop for his parents, since I want to get them a gift.


I really hope this (between Dan and I) lasts’ a long time.  =D

[Edit] We went to Circle Centre and had the brillant idea of climbing the Monument Circle to the observation deck using the stairs. 300+ steps = near passing out.

Lack of Visitors

So due to lack of visitors actually coming to my website, I have created how I want my design to look, and the next test is to code it for wordpress, along with creating, finishing and uploading all of my content (downloads, resources, etc). But until then, I guess a sneak peak will just have to suffice for now.



Hopefully you will enjoy it, and also if you do visit this site, leave a comment if you have advertising because I’ll most definitely be interested in buying/applying for it!

Oh, and Dan and I are a-okay! =D

Sweet Diggity Batman!

I don’t want anyone to think I have forgotten about blogging or this website. I’m secretly working in the background!

I am putting together some idea’s as far as themes and how I want it to look (which is a lot more difficult then I originally thought), and have been working on some of my other sites as well. Don’t worry, the new design will be up and operational pretty soon.


I have also combined my Archives with this blog so everything from 2003-2008 are now merged with my current posts.