People Need to Mind Their Own

What I hate more than anything is how people think they can offer some kind of input in my relationship with Dan. Which most definitely is not the case? What I want to hear is people being supportive of me; despite any misgivings they have, but when it comes from my own sister that just pisses me off.

Apparently my sister implied that I was a bad girlfriend because I had Dan cook one night and made him clean up (which he didn’t, I did). Also she bitched about the fact that we were always over there at her apartment.

Then several weeks before that incident, my Aunt had said something about how I always spent all my time with Dan and never did anything else. For those family members who may or may not have access to this blog:

First off, Dan and I rarely see each other apart from maybe 30-60 minutes a week. The only time I actually get to hang out with him, is when I’m over at my sisters and he comes over (once a week if that), or when he’s working at a specific site and I can go up and see him, but it’s never for long because he’s working.

Second, my sister is living RENT FREE in an apartment owned by my grandparents. Never mind the fact all that I’ve done for Dan that he’s even told me that him cooking dinner is the least he can do for me.

Everyone wants to be critical of my relationship; but in fact, instead of looking at mine and critiquing it, you should look at yours because there’s nothing wrong with mine.

It just aggravates me that people want to stick their noses in when it doesn’t concern them. I’m happy with Dan. Just because you aren’t in your relationship doesn’t mean you can try to ruin mine.

Get over yourself and grow up.