Royally Fed Up

I have been for quite some time with my job. Mostly because of the manager and the direction of the company is headed. Basically it’s not someplace I would want to be for much longer. Like how our performance reviews are usually based on the job that you are performing and how well you are performing it. In a couple months…that will not be the case. It will be based on how much product of the month you sell to customers. What’s the point? What is going to happen is that they are going to hire a bunch of people who never learn their job or perform like they should be but still get credited and get raises because they are selling Product of the Month. It completely defeats the purpose of it and I plan on not sticking around to see it happen.

Plus, I have been planning on leaving for some time anyways, mainly because of the amount of stress that job gives me. Plus they are wanting us to do three people worth of work with only one person. Currently our store is down about 3-4 people. We are missing a production coordinator, a retail/self-serve person, a lead project coordinator (which is what I am) and a signs and graphics specialist. So today is the last day of my vacation (had the past week off) which had been planned since way earlier this year and I must say I am absolutely dreading going back to work tomorrow. I’ve heard horror stories since I’ve been off that it’s pretty bad in the store.

I applied to three jobs before I went on vacation (the weekend before) and received a call from one of the jobs and went in for an interview Tuesday (the first day of my vacation). I thought it went really well so well, that after I left I knew they would offer me the position. Of course, I was correct. I was offered a position with them yesterday and they said I should be receiving a package in the mail with information about the position regarding my background check, drug test etc.

The second company that I applied for was Verizon, which I just received an email today from them regarding about wanting to set up an interview for the position I applied for in Noblesville. Needless to say, as I like the benefits for Verizon (because they start on day one). My benefits with the company that offered me the position would start September 1st and I would start on August 13th. I am pretty excited, its better pay and a better schedule when what I am working now.

I have pretty much have done nothing all week on my vacation, and its been nice. Dan has noticed a huge change since I haven’t been stressed out to the extreme.


I discovered that song while browsing youtube yesterday searching for vocal trance. <3 I would definitely recommend listening to it.

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