Some Great Things

There are some great things in works for both this website and my other websites. This site has been and will continue to be my blog rather than a twenty-something-in-one website.

Pretty Senshi will be a screen shot website of anime and some tv shows to be used in designs for personal use.

Until Morning will be for my story, titled Until Morning and possibily later on to house all of my writings.

Soul Echo will be a content domain with graphics and designs for wordpress.

Please keep an eye out for those, and don’t miss the new Hate Your Way design coming soon.

Its Been Awhile

when you know the depths of depression; you know there is never a cure, only a tipping scale balancing on the edges of light and complete utter darkness. It has been and will always be a constant struggle and reminder the pain that you carry around will forever be there. And all you want is someone to hold you, and tell you that everything will be okay, that it’ll stop hurting eventually…