Can I say that I hate customers? I honestly REALLY do. People who have never had to work in Customer Service are just plain assholes. That’s it, and nothing more. You can yell and you can bitch and do whatever you want and say whatever you want, and you are right. Even if you were to call me the c-word, or anything else, the customer is ALWAYS right.

I’m so sick and tired of customers calling in constantly upset and then getting instantly pissed by you because you do not have an answer at the moment and require some sort of research.

And what makes matters worse, internal employees. I’ve had some RUDE ASS employees call in, and it’s like, seriously? Do you talk to your fucking mother like that? Does it make you feel so damn good about yourself putting everyone else in a bad mood just because you’re a dick/bitch?

And I just LOVE it when people blow up your email/phone because all they do is sit by the damn phone and hit redial because they can’t wait an hour for an answer, despite servicing the entire country phone wise. I apologize; I didn’t realize that I was so free for the day. Want to place an order? Well, I can take it, but it will not get entered into the system simply because the next customer will have an emergency as well.

Idiots. You should never, ever, ever, work in customer service if you do not have too. Being in customer service is the worse choice you could possibly ever make. They honestly do not care, they look out for one person and that is them. They do not care if you take 50-60 calls a day, roughly about 15-20 minutes a call, doesn’t matter if you have emails or information you are trying to track down, doesn’t matter if you feel like you need a breather because of dipshits. Nope, you are right. Your time is more fucking valuable you fucking pig.

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