I’m really sorry that I haven’t been blogging that much. I’ve been very busy with other sites, ie…DDR is up now though. But anyway. I got in a fight with Crystal, but it’s resolved now. Thank god:) Mwahaha. I need to make a new layout! I have been in a very happy tried state today. Just ask my friends and they all will tell you that I’ve been very hyper and I can’t help it it’s just something I do best.

I ranted at DDG here’s the post:
Why is it you here a song in a movie but yet it’s not on the soundtrack?!?!!? I can’t seem to find a song…It’s from Charlie’s Angels, when they are like fighting and stuff. But if you see the previews of Charlie’s Angels Full Trottle on tv, it’s the song they play…and it’s really kewl, but I don’t know that name! This happens to me every time! I hate when they do that. Yuo try to find a song, and you can’t find it, or they don’t have it on kazaa!!!! I can find every other song but the one I’m looking for.

And for some reason, I can’t fall asleep at night now, b/c I keep having these dreams over and over, and it’s going to kill me one day trying to figure it out. Does it mean something? (I don’t really want to talk about the dream here). Errr…. Damn dream!

My friend’s mom is too over-protective it makes me sick. (FireIce I am talking about Rachel M.). I’m going to see The Matrix reloaded thursday and it makes me sooo mad that the only way I can get Rachel to go is if I call her mom. Urg!!!

Then I’m getting mad at my parents. It seems I just want to be left alone! Is that so hard? My god. I’m just soooo stressed out. And it’s starting to happen again, where people can’t seem to leave me alone! (not you Nikka, or FireIce, or DeathPuppet). Grrr…..Ever since DDR has come up people have been iming me like crazy…JUST BACK OFF! SEND ME AN EMAIL AND I WILL GET TO YOU! MY GOD!

(hate to rant on ya snow) I’ve been waiting for like 2-3 weeks for the admin for DDR to be installed (I know snow has been busy, people have told me, and she’s told me). Ugg…..And it’s really making it difficult when some of hte reviewers are asking me how they review (meaning do I have a form or send it to my email). that I have to tell them to send it to my email.

Lastly, spam! I get like 50 emails day! Grrr! STOP SENDING ME CRAPPY PORN EMAILS!! I’m starting to confuse them with regular mail, like they have no subject, or they have a subject saying that I would usually open!!!! Grr….I’m afraid to turn my filter on high, cause i might use emails that i really need! Crappy email. I even get spam at >< I think I'm done ranting!

But that was about it. I'm wondering if someone can help me figure that out. Btw…I'm from Indiana:) Mwahahaha! Anyway, I'm going to go! Talk to everyone later!

~Princess Hope~


Haven’t blogged really for awhile…anywho….Immortal Tears is back up with a group blog, I need to make a new layout for it, b/c of the navigation….anywho….lifes kewl. Nothing really exciting has happened…except my sister is in deep trouble….her credit card bill was 400 dollars! And her cell phone bill was 76 dollars, and people that’s a lot….espeically when’s she’s at college.