Disappointment in the form of a sister

I want to say that I have mentioned I was going to be taking my niece, Rylee, to the children’s museum here in Indianapolis. I had told my sister about it weeks ago (July 9th to be exact) and had asked her multiple times if I could take her. After her saying no many times, and after my Dad finally talking to her, she decided to let me take her, Wednesday night. The Museum was sponsored by Roche (where Dan works) and we had already picked up our tickets for the three of us. The outing was supposed to be yesterday, July 28th, so I thought I had given her ample time to let her know about it.

She sends me a text, Friday (the 27th), letting me know she “forgot” that Rylee had a birthday party for her cousin (Brian’s brothers kid) even though he had already had a birthday party earlier this year. Needless to say, it was at the time we were supposed to leave to go to the Museum, and needless to say, my sister texted me this morning at 927am, to let me know that I could not take Rylee and that she was sorry, but she was going to the birthday party.

I was devastated. I started crying and went and got Dan explaining to him what my sister had done. I couldn’t believe her, the betrayal and the disappointment that followed was heart-breaking.

Needless to say, I will stop talking to her until she understands that she severely hurt myself, and the possibility of Rylee having an awesome time with her Tia.

Who would’ve thought

Who would have thought that after everything I’ve been through in my life from the pain of being an outcast, trying to find a place in this word, or from trying and believing in the wrong person that I found love, that after all of that, I would find it in the least expected place?

I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises tonight and after spending some time with my best friend, Rachel, Dan, Molly, Christie and her sister, Ann, that I would be reflecting on how much I truly care and love Dan. Dan and I got home about 330 or so and we just went and laid down (which is where I’m at right now, lying next to him as he sleeps).

We have this look, that we give each other allowing us for a big glimpse inside of how we feel about each other that means more than ‘I love you’. We had been joking before dinner and the movies about getting married and how since there was a pool at my work when we’d get engaged that he would buy a ring and sit on it until I least expected it. And it made me realize that my fear of marriage, and unwavering commitment was unfounded and unjust.

I realized that Dan is the person I feel so deeply and strongly about that my chest aches at the emotions that I strain to hold back. I realize, that I want to marry him, that I want to spend my life growing old with him, enjoying life like I never could before.

He tells me from time to time, that I’m the love of his life. And looks at me, like his world revolves around me and he couldn’t imagine or want it any other way. I have been lucky. And sometimes I take us for granted. Arguments and snapping at each other here and there. But that’s to be expected in any relationship I guess. I mean we moved in with each other only about 7 months in.

I left him a note on the fridge where he would see it earlier this week, explaining how he is so intertwined in my life, my family, and my soul that I couldn’t imagine a time before this, before us without him. And that I am thankful for his support, his humor and his caring nature. It’s a wonder why I can’t sleep right now. Maybe in light of the batman massacre that I’m reflecting a bit. Realizing life is short and that I have everything I need in my life to be happy. And maybe thinking that I don’t know what I would do with Daniel. What I would do without my niece, and my friends and family.

I have no regrets anymore. Because every misstep, every bad decision has lead me to this very point in time, with my beautiful niece and the love of my life. My worlds.

It’s done…

The new theme is finally done! Woo-hoo! Hopefully everything is working alright so far. It has been tested in Safari and Chrome so it should hopefully work for everyone else. Sorry if you use Internet Explorer; I am not sure if it looks alright. Where to even begin about what has been going on.

In case you didn’t read the previous entries, the house is done and Dan and I have been in here since April. We’ve had our moments so far but I like to think everything is working out just fine. The house still needs a lot of work done to it to make it the way we want but we’ll get there.

Work has been extremely nuts lately, I’ve been stressing out quite a bit about it especially Signs and Graphics because it seems like only certain people do anything in there; but I’ve come to the point where it doesn’t even matter anymore. I clock in, do my work and leave when I’m supposed too.

4th of July is in a week which means in SIX days, my vacation starts. I am really excited because I am hoping to be able to accomplish quite a bit on the house and maybe do some yard work as well. I am supposed to be having a cookout too which should be fun. My niece had an accident with her Tia (me) and ended up fracturing her Tibia. =( I feel like a horrible Aunt even though I know it was an accident. She has a bright pink cast on that she’ll have for about 4-5 more weeks.

Past my class last semester with an A in Logic, Design and Programming. Now I have been trying to get with my advisor to see what classes I need to take in the fall. Hopefully I’ll be taking 3 classes like I hope.

I totally got my xbox 360 hooked back up and I’m excited. Been playing it when I can…or when Dan hasn’t taken it over. *glares*

My mom called out someone in heating and cooling because the big furniture here in the new house wasn’t kicking out anymore. Come to find out there was a mouse in the A/C unit which luckily only cost 100 dollars to get fixed. =D I also have been on birth control for some time (Azurette) and have been having horrible side effects just in general with it (and other kinds). I believe this is my 5th of 6th kind. I think I cannot do well with hormones so therefore I am going to my doctor on Thursday to discuss other options that do not contain any kind of hormones, such as IUDs, which ironically are covered 100% by my insurance company. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that because these hormones are driving both Dan and I crazy!

Guess that will be it for now. Getting kind of tired.